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Isis W.
on Yelp
Dec, 07, 2018
5 / 5 stars
Very happy with everlast we had a kitchen upgraded and there craftsmanship shows in the work 100% . Everyone was a pleasure to deal with and very professional from when we started the project to the very last detail. Was defaintly a good experience and worth writing a review.
Daunte M.
on Home Advisor
Dec, 05, 2018
When it comes to the job Everlast did my family and I only have good things to say. They changed our home. Remodeled the whole thing, and it turned out so beautiful. Thanks to them, my family and I love our newly remodeled home and the compliments we have been getting! I recommend Everlast construction for any type of projects you may have. I have used them previously to just remodel 2 of my bathrooms and now we have decided to use them for a bigger project, since we were satisfied with the results beforehand. We have now used them to redo my master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. I have been wanting to redo it for a while now and finally have a little downtime so i decided to give them a call and take advantage of this down time. Thank you again for all of your hard work.
Scott F.
on Home Advisor
Dec, 03, 2018
We couldn't be happier with Everlast Construction. We bought an 80+ year-old Spanish revival home that was in need of extensive renovations. We started with a local architect and were soon disappointed as the project stalled and expenses soared. The owner Ariel stepped in with kindness and compassion and quickly helped us to regroup. The office staff is kind and courteous. Any concern you have will be promptly addressed and taken care of to your satisfaction. Your voice is always heard and your preferences are the number one priority. The designer is amazingly talented and so much fun to work with. Our Project Design Consultant and project coordinator were a pleasure to get to know and were exceptionally knowledgeable, attentive and communicative throughout the entire process. Ariel is an ace at helping to choose your appliances and plumbing fixtures without breaking the bank. From the big picture to the small details, Everlast has it covered. You will not be disappointed. Our old house presented many challenges and is now safe, aesthetically beautiful and functional. The final product is spectacular. I would go with Everlast again in a heartbeat.
Joanne G.
on Yelp
Dec, 01, 2018
5 / 5 stars
I had a amazing experience using this contractors during my bathroom and kitchen remodel , specially working with the project manager Itay snof . They are greatly experienced , And wore able to finish everything on time. They are a excellent company that strives fully satisfy, they made sure to explain all possible options that I had through out the project . Itay was really profesional, responsible and show the best quality of detailed work I would definitely recommended them to anyone and would use them again . Thank you very much for everything
Matt P.
on Home Advisor
Nov, 28, 2018
When we tell people that we had a contractor who completed a major house remodel on time and on budget, they do not believe us. Everlast really delivered for us. In six months, almost to the day, they completed our major remodel: kitchen, pantry, powder room, dining and family room, and a master suite addition. Everlast were a pleasure to work with for several reasons. They displayed ownership of the work and pride in its execution. Ariel frequently said, "It's your house and it's our project." They were really committed to make all parties excited about the work's execution. They were always helpful with suggestions, but never pushy. Minor changes (e.g., the placement of a door or junction box) were accommodated without extra charges.The artisanship was superior. The tiling was fantastic, the drywalls are smooth, the hardwood floors are a fine match with the remainder of the house, and the cabinetry is sturdy. There were no construction shortcuts. Remodeling is not for the faint of heart, and the Everlast Construction crew were ethical and honest partners to work with throughout the process. We enjoyed working with them very much and we would highly recommend them to everyone!
Isaac R.
on Home Advisor
Nov, 25, 2018
If I could give 10 stars I would!! Let me tell you guys, this company hands down are the most professional I've yet to see. My wife and I purchased a home, the home needed a lot of work before we could move in. I met with 5 different construction companies, the other companies were too expensive, or just didn't seem right for me. I can't tell you how thankful we were to have stumbled upon the Everlast team.The new design they presented included all the features that we wanted to have and the total price was near the budget that we set for the first meeting. Whatever we needed / wanted, they worked hard to provide. We could not be happier with the finished product and the company. Aside from the fact that they were on time and highly professional, on top of extremely friendly listened to our ideas and It was very evident the design was willing to work to provide exactly what we where looking for.
Gabe V.
on Home Advisor
Nov, 23, 2018
We had our master bathroom completely redone as well as have some work done in our kitchen that definitely needed an upgrade and Everlast Construction was the best, they took care of us and guide us through all the options because let me tell you it's overwhelming, every question and design criteria answered through and through every step of the way until we have our idea come reality and its absolutely everything we wanted! As a result, we needed plumbing and electrical work done. In addition, tiling for the floor and a completely new shower. Everlast came through with competitive prices and has made our place into a home. I especially wanted a little breakfast nook and they took care of that! thank you again couldn't recommend them more!
Ani Z.
on Yelp
Nov, 13, 2018
5 / 5 stars
We worked with Project Manager Itay Snof at Everlast Construction to completely remodel our kitchen (needed structural changes), living room, dining room, and Den, as well as redo the foundation.

We were pleasantly surprised that our project was completed on time and within budget! There were only a few unexpected issues found which Itay worked hard to fix at the lowest cost possible to us. We were very impressed with how quickly his crew worked. Not only that, Itay was an excellent communicator and really cared about our family and our needs. We have two small kids and he knew how important it was to have the project done quickly and safely.

My brother in Kensington and my Mom in Walnut Creek are both working with Itay on their home remodel projects as well. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Itay in the future or recommend him to my close friends and family.

I trust that he will do the best job possible in our budget and time frame!
Alex S.
on Home Advisor
Nov, 12, 2018
me and my wife In search of a contractor for my complete kitchen and bath remodeling I asked everyone I knew for references and not a single person would recommend the contractor they'd used. I turned to Yelp and Everlast Construction was there.about the process.it was painless, the end result was beautiful. david is generous with his time even before on-site work begins, planning the project and laying the foundation for success. Ariel and his equally experienced and skilled crew take pride in their craftsmanship and it shows in the finished product. The inevitable bumps along the way are handled promptly and without complaint. When I pointed out some minor thing that wasn't quite as expected, but that only I would notice so I could live with it, Ariel's response was, "You don't have to live with it. It has to be right."Communication: phone, text, or email is a breeze. Pricing is fair and comprehensive. The entire crew is pleasant, respectful, responsive, and trustworthy. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, professional group. I will call them again when it's time to make the rest of my condo look as good as my kitchen and bath now do, and I recommend them without hesitation. I would skip dealing with any other company.
Odin J.
on Home Advisor
Nov, 09, 2018
Everlast just completed a garage remodel into an art studio space. I must preface this by saying that I have built two homes from the ground up and this was the first time that a contractor and their subs, said what they were going to do, did it on time and stayed within the fixed price contract. Gideon was the construction manager, and he is on top of it, always stayed in contact to let me know the next step, easy to get a hold of with a question, their was not one glitch with Everlast construction. We both work full time and they did a great job of keeping things covered, cleaning daily, and locking back up properly when they left. The only evidence of them being there was a daily change in the bathroom!I plan on doing a master bath remodel this fall, and I will hire them again and insist him again as my construction manager. Thanks to the crew and Gideon, you are really good at what you do.
Jacob B.
on Home Advisor
Nov, 07, 2018
This year I had my kitchen remodeled and the process was so easy with the EC team. I originally met with them to have a smaller closet project done in our bedroom. Once I met with the project manager, we started discussing the possibility of getting our completely wrecked old 2nd bath and Landry room redone. At the time I wasn't expecting being able to accomplish that big project anytime soon. However he came up with really smart solutions to cut costs and still have the amazing result I wanted. They were so great at working with in our budget and finding way to get the project done beautifully.They always stayed with in the time they quoted to get the project done as well as helped through any unexpected issues that may arise. Both Ariel and the crew have the patience and resolve of a saint for the amount of weekend texts they got from this confused house wife standing in a Home Depot. Never complained once and made the process so so much easier for me.Sometimes I thought they were more concern about the end result than I was! There was never a moment where they weren't available to help me or answer my questions. I'm so very happy about the whole process. I will definitely be a client for life.
Tiffany N.
on Yelp
Nov, 04, 2018
5 / 5 stars
My family have lived in our current home for as long as I can remember, and we have never needed to get any remodeling done before. Our kitchen was definitely outdated from all the home cooking (and burning), and we decided we needed a change. We are so lucky that we found a reliable and friendly company!! Ariel walked us every step of the way, and explained all the details of the process for us (quote, kitchen layout, materials, etc). Overall, a very efficient, friendly, and reliable company. :) Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to revamp their house!
Shane W.
on Home Advisor
Oct, 31, 2018
My wife and I could not be happier with Ariel and Everlast. We have been considering an extensive remodel of our kitchen since purchasing the home in 2015 but could not find the right contractor. After 3 years we were finally recommended to Everlast. After just a few short minutes of talking with Ariel we knew this was the right contractor. This was going to be a huge remodel and we were always given unrealistic timeframes and crazy high project valuations exceeding $100k. Ariel gave us a very realistic and still totally reasonable timeframe that he ACTUALLY STUCK TO and a valuation about $20k below the others that he ACTUALLY STUCK TO. We could not be happier with his stellar communication throughout and their impeccable work. Our kitchen is better than what we had expected going into it.
Eric Z.
on Yelp
Oct, 28, 2018
5 / 5 stars
I used to live in San Jose two years back. Had a house with 2 other guys and let me tell you, sometimes our "kickbacks" would get a little crazy. One night some idiot decided to stand on our bathroom sink and managed to not only break it in half but punched a hole through the wall of the place! We were in a bind. So I started browsing Yelp to see who I could find. And that's when I contacted Everlast construction.

I called and talked to Itay who was super friendly and understanding of our situation. They scheduled to have one of their project managers come out the next day and do an estimate. Next day Ariel came out and immediately began looking at the bathroom like it was his house that had been damaged. Dude was super thorough. He asked us what we wanted fix, did we want to remodel, what things needed to be the same and what needed to be different. Ended up decided to take out the bathtub so we would have more room.

3 days later we had their team of craftsmen come over and get to work. They were super professional, punctual, and competent. They even told us to put in a double towel rack to leave room for the door to swing freely.

Needless to say these guys are legit. If you have parties or kickbacks that end up with your bathroom demolished, I would recommend you hit up these folks as they will be able to help you put it all back together. 10/10!!!
Monica M.
on Yelp
Oct, 28, 2018
5 / 5 stars
So thankful for Ariel & Everlast! I live with my mom & our kitchen was WAY overdue for a makeover & they brought it back to life! We were kind of nervous about finding a reliable company for this job considering we know nothing about construction & prices, Ariel helped us with every question & concern we had, after speaking with him about everything he reassured us that everything will turn out exactly how we've gone over. He did just that, our kitchen turned out amazing, from the layout all the way to the very last little detail, not to mention all the compliments we've gotten from family & friends! We will definitely be returning our business for any future work we may need done around house, if anyone needs work done Everlast Construction is the place to call!
Johnny D.
on Yelp
Oct, 26, 2018
5 / 5 stars
I want to thank Ariel and Everlast Construction for remodeling my aunts kitchen. They were very accommodating and patient to the requests made. He was very professional and quick on the job. He recommended a few things and it turned out great.

My aunt loves how the layout, colors, and materials used. The kitchen matched up well with the rest of the house as well. Ariel did a fantastic job and I'm planning to refer him to my other friends and families for any house remodeling.
Robert J.
on Home Advisor
Oct, 24, 2018
Back again for 2 projects!We had used Everlast last year in early 2017 to remodel 2 bathrooms: a master and a guest bathroom. This year, we were scheduled to do the kitchen and hardwood flooring in July at our primary residence, but also had to add our rental property master bathroom as well due to 30 years of wear and tear. Ariel was accommodating and adjusted their schedule to accommodate the additional work. The thing that I like about EC is that they are willing to explore options. The design also incorporated additional backer board and tiles to minimize the opportunity for water damage through the floor or walls.As for the kitchen, we asked for an open floor plan, more functionality, and more storage. They delivered with minimal modification to the original floor plan. More so, they were able to deliver despite the fact that the open space and storage requirements tend to be conflicting.We thank Everlast Construction for excellent customer service!! We are extremely happy with how both projects turned out. We had gone through numerous modification and ideas with project manager prior to the start of the work. The team is very methodical in his work and does an amazing job.
Naomi B.
on Home Advisor
Oct, 22, 2018
We used Everlast Construction for a complete remodel of our house. We did everything from the floors up, including renovating the kitchen and 3 bathrooms. The finished product EXCEEDED our expectations and we couldn't believe it was our kitchen. The crew was very professional, courteous and trustworthy. I've never had any concerns about leaving them unattended at my home while I was at work. Everything included a complete kitchen remodel (cabinets, appliances and counters, along with some work on lighting and plumbing) a downstairs bath remodel, including fixing some bad patch work done by a plumber, and all new floors and baseboards throughout our downstairs. My first thought was "yeah, it'll be four weeks." Two weeks to the day after they started, I was cooking in my new kitchen We rave about Everlast and recommend them to all our friends and neighbors. We will certainly be using them for our fireplace refacing and our upstairs bathroom remodels
Shane A.
on Yelp
Oct, 21, 2018
5 / 5 stars
Ariel and Everlast are the best in the industry. My fiancé and I have been considering a remodel on our home in studio city for years but never followed through with it. We spoke with dozens of construction and remodel companies and just never felt that we had found the right company. After speaking with Ariel we knew after a few short minutes that we had found our contractor. Ariel was incredibly helpful and made everything easy to understand. We had some ideas but Ariel really helped us form them and make them a reality. The team and Everlast are so professional and truly made our remodel experience a dream. I have heard some horror stories and was too scared to follow through in the past. We absolutely love our face lift and owe it all to Everlast. Please give them a call. Quick response, skilled subs, and all around professionalism. Oh, and they came it at an amazing price!
Jean L.
on Home Advisor
Oct, 18, 2018
This review is very overdue! With help from Ariel and his crew, we transformed our 1980s kitchen and living room into a beautiful space. This was our first remodel project, but the entire process went smoothly, and the end result is even more beautiful than expected!We contracted Everlast earlier this summer for a guest bath and bedroom remodel (wall resurface and paint, new flooring). The process was quick and easy and overall quite painless. I work from home so I especially appreciated the friendliness of the guys doing the work (thanks Ariel!). That bathroom came out exactly as I envisioned it and our home is now complete on the inside!We have some more work to do on the exterior of the home and look forward to working with Everlast Construction again!
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