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Tips for getting great kitchen remodelers

No matter how beautiful, great or unique your idea for a kitchen renovation, how well your idea is executed will make or break it hence, the importance of your kitchen remodelers. On the other hand, good kitchen remodelers can turn your mediocre idea into something exceptional. Hence, any kitchen remodeling project will benefit from a good kitchen contractor.


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Tips for getting great kitchen remodelers

No matter how beautiful, great or unique your idea for a kitchen renovation, how well your idea is executed will make or break it hence, the importance of your kitchen remodelers.  On the other hand, good kitchen remodelers can turn your mediocre idea into something exceptional.  Hence, any kitchen remodeling project will benefit from a good kitchen contractor.  

Now, looking for that great contractor for a kitchen remodel may appear difficult but that doesn’t have to be the case. While it may involve a little homework, following these simple steps can create a big difference in your remodeling project if you find a good kitchen contractor to do the job.

Ask for Referrals. While there are tons of available kitchen remodelers you can choose from by simply checking the internet, asking for referrals is the best way to get the most qualified, trustworthy and dependable workers to do your job.  This is because it is a proven fact that kitchen remodelers win jobs based on their known credibility and reputation from their former clients. While there can be many contractors that are good, their quality of work would change if they subcontract their work to mediocre laborers.  Hence, asking for references from relatives, friends and neighbor still remain the best way to find a good contractor.  The greatness of a contractor is not only measured on how well and fast they finished the job but how well the contractor dealt with problems that have arose in the course of their work. 

Check and verify credentials. Once you have found your prospective kitchen remodelers, it is important to verify their credentials.  While feedback from your referrers is important, it is still vital that you yourself check out and confirm these feedbacks and qualifications.  This can be achieved by simply visiting the website of the kitchen remodeler and browsing through their information and past accomplishments.  It is also important to check if your kitchen contractor possesses the required licenses to perform work.  It is advisable to also check their affiliation or membership to professional association and organizations i.e. the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) or National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), etc. Any professional contractor would have invested to gain a level certification to their credit. 

Aside from checking their past completed projects, it may be worthwhile to also check out their works in progress.  In this way, you can have a glimpse if said prospective kitchen remodeler are tidy in their work, carefully follow safety procedures and fast and dedicated in their work.  Note that the mess and clutter that you see in their work in progress will also happen in your home once you hire them.  A kitchen contractor that is fully committed would showcase a clean worksite. 

Check References. While the work projects of a contractor can be easily seen and verified by actual visit, there are some unseen things that you need to check with their former clients as part of your assessment. This included their work commitment and habits such as if they come to work on time, they work without the need of being monitored, they stick to deadlines, they clean up every after the end of the workday, they make unapproved changes of materials, they stick to the budget or they always go overboard, they delay work, or other issues that they have possibly encountered and how the contractor resolved issues. 

Meet and interview prospective contractors. Reduce your list of prospects to at least two then meet up with said contractors for an interview or dialogue.  Personally meeting contractors before hiring them allows you to know their personality and attitude better.  One of the most important considerations that you should do in talking to them is to determine if they are good listeners.  Good kitchen remodeling contractors are customer centric which means they listen to their clients and don’t just do work on their own. They always consult their clients especially for any adjustments, changes, problems that arise and make recommendations on how to address these problems.  In this way, you can immediately determine which among your prospective contractor are you most comfortable dealing with. 

In this regard, note that good kitchen remodelers are starting with your design.  A good contractor does not simply do things on their own but always involve the idea, recommendation or opinion of the owner unless everything was left for them to decide. Remember that your kitchen must meet your personal goals and objective on which your remodeling project should be patterned or directed.

Put everything on Writing. After finally deciding which kitchen remodelers you will hire, all your dealings you be properly and clearly laid down in a contract, which includes agreement on price and payment schedule, work schedule and scope, and a site plan, among others. In line with this, it is advisable to get a warranty from the contractor so that any problems that may arise from their finished work could be remedied by a repair or back job that is free of charge.  The contract should that outline all costs upfront and any possible changes and corresponding cost should be properly stipulated. A clear and comprehensive contract is an important component of a kitchen remodeling project.

Keep workers happy. While the workers are paid to do their job, you as the homeowner must always make your fair share in making rapport with the workers so that they will enjoy working for you and remain committed to do a good job.  You can do so by offering them refreshments while at work.  This does not necessarily have been heavy expensive snacks, but small things to show your token of appreciation. After all, they are in your home.

As a homeowner, you should also be responsible in helping them ease their work and allow them to work more efficiently.  For instance, you should keep your children and pets out of the work site so that they won’t obstruct or bother workers while at work.  

Finally, you should also bestow respect to the workers as human beings.  Not because they are working for you, you will act like a bitchy boss.  You cannot just give orders to them but course your request through their supervisor.   Moreover, you should try to be as courteous to them by greeting them appropriately or have brief chats with them but not in such a way that you may get in the way of their work.  

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Approaching Style on Bathroom Design

Bathroom design refers to the process of imagining and planning the creation of a bathroom based on the perspective, needs and preferences of its user. At the heart of every design is functionality, which means that the bathroom must be developed to serve its purpose according to its users. This is especially important for bathrooms which have limited space. To avoid clutter, every design element in the bathroom must have a function or purpose.
The style also forms an essential component of design which pertains to the aesthetic elements of the bathroom including color, type, texture, shape, trends, and character among others. In fact, the design has always been synonymous to style. Since the function is a given aspect of design, we shall focus on style as an ingredient of design, which can be approached in different ways.
Basic design styles. While there are quite thousands of different bathroom types, these design styles can generally be classified into three basic designs, which can also be combined.
The Natural/ Organic bathroom. As its name implies, a natural organic bathroom essentially flows from natural forms and features a balance between nature and artificial or man-made design. It features the natural forms and texture of the materials instead of employing artificial means to create complex and near perfect geometric shapes that require intricate human intervention. It involves the use of natural materials such as timbers, bamboo, stones in order to simulate a nature like an ambiance. It would often incorporate a touch of greenery like placing indoor plants in terracotta vases to link the indoor and natural outdoor environment. It also features ornamental hints that resemble a natural haven including rustic wooden cabinets and walls, among others.
The Minimalist Bathroom. Following the principle that there is beauty and elegance in simplicity, the minimalist design in bathroom focuses on the basic and plain form, color, shape and texture of materials from a visual standpoint. This means that structure and things in the bathroom are stripped off exaggerated, superfluous and unnecessary qualities to create a calming, unadulterated and chaste ambiance of the room. This is achieved in many ways such as using a plain or single color of tiles (e.g. white), incorporating plain cabinets to hide unwanted things to be seen, not using fancy lighting, holders and other fixtures and creating a total transparent space that creates an extraordinarily neat room.
The Luxurious Bathroom. This bathroom design, which is normally seen in five-star hotels as well as the houses of the rich and famous essentially, screams indulgence in every aspect. The essence of the luxurious bathroom lies on the extravagance or lavishness of the materials and elements of the bathroom. In most case, this bathroom would be relatively larger than those of average people. It may feature the use of expensive or pricey materials such as bronze or gold, which can also be used as inflections to showcase sophistication and classiness. It can feature the outright use of fancy lighting and other expensive decorations to highlight the superiority of its owner.
Theme based bathroom designs. Design can be approached in terms of themes, which essentially is a subject that dictates the setting or ambience to of a bathroom. In most cases, the theme adapted reflects the preference, interest or personality of the bathroom owner. Following are example common themes used in bathrooms.
Tropical theme. Because bathrooms are a place for freshening up yourself, the tropical theme is a common bathroom design. This design basically aims to stimulate a tropical island paradise which is somehow akin to the organic/ natural design as it features the use of wood and plants.
Aquatic theme. Because the bathroom is often associated with water, another popular theme used for bathrooms is the aquatic theme. This theme aims to create an underwater-like scene in the bathroom, by using decorations that reflect things under the sea such as fishes, corals, and clams among others. It also often used shades of blue and green, which reflect the color of the ocean.
Floral Theme. Capitalizing on the natural beauty, exquisiteness and freshness associated with flowers, the floral theme is also typically used as a bathroom design theme. In which case, the use of floral designs in the components of the bathroom will be highly visible. For instance, it features floral designed tiles, curtains, pictures, light brackets or holders, vases, pictures, etc. The floral theme is especially popular among women to reflect the feminine elegance of the owner.
Artistic theme. While all bathroom themes are technical artistic, the artistic bathroom design normally refers to a theme that features abstract or an assortment of pattern, colors, texture and shapes in the bathroom. Since art is essentially limitless, an artistic theme allows virtually anything that conveys what is beautiful or stunning to the owner. This may include the use of decorative tiles, uniquely shaped or designed vanities, faucets, sinks, bathtubs and showers that have personal aesthetic appeal to the bathroom owner.
Design Components. Designing the bathroom does not necessarily entail remodeling the whole bathroom or following a specific theme or style. It can be achieved by simply adding well-designed components or accessories in the bathroom.
Use expensive Fixtures. You can glamorize your bathroom by focusing on installing expensive fixtures to make your bathroom look fancy. For instance, you can opt to simply add fancy lighting fixtures to create an elegant ambiance to your bathroom. You may also add fancy towel racks or replace your toilet bowl with the modern floating style or just install a seamless glass shower door to separate and accentuate your shower room, among others.
Add design components. Another way to approach design is by using enhancing components to your bathroom. For instance, you can opt to use mirrors or glasses instead of a wall which help in creating an illusion of space in the bathroom. You can accent your plain-colored bathroom with contrasting colors such as black. You can add a beautiful plant or hang a painting for decoration.
Change the tiles. Since a great portion of a bathroom is usually covered by tiles, changing the tiles alone will have a great impact in changing the design of the bathroom. Aside from the selecting a new tile design, color, size, shape, pattern or texture as a replacement, you can opt to use alternatives to tiles such as paint, laminated and PVC panels, nuance boards or wood among others.

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