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Basics of Customer Service for Upholstery Repair & Cleaning Services

Great customer service produces loyal clients for life. These people can refer your business to family members and peers. It begins with the service provider’s honest desire to make homeowners happy. Think further than performing excellent repair and cleaning for different kinds of upholstery. This is called taking an extra step forward.


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Basics of Customer Service for Upholstery Repair & Cleaning Services

Selectedly can provide some tips when it comes to customer relationships. 

Upholstery cleaners must know their service well such as removing obstinate stains; cleaning special fabrics that don’t respond to ordinary techniques and products; and, chemicals that contain dangerous compounds.

Contractors need to instill in the minds of homeowners the efficacy of using specific cleaning agents for all types of furnishings which include shampoos, pre-sprays, detergents, and protectors.

Cleaners must provide answers to questions like intricate procedures in removing dirt from corners as well as chemicals that are safe for people, pets and the environment. They need to provide details on fixing frames; replacement of springs; manual or machine re-stitching; and, changing sagging cushions or other materials.

Upholstery repair technicians and cleaners must be trained to do their work properly, interact properly with households, and address possible issues that affect furniture covers. Training for employees must be ongoing so they can offer valuable customer service for the work’s entire duration.

Have high regards for clients. Customer service involves emotions. Thus, it’s crucial for workers to remain polite at all times. Service providers must not allow feelings overcome their goal to satisfy customers.

Pay attention closely to what homeowners say. This non-verbal form of communication shows you are serious in providing solutions to their problems. Watch out for indications the customer is unhappy and address the reason for dissatisfaction right away. Anticipate their requirements and wishes from the start of your engagement. Regular communication is important during the project so you are aware of probable issues that may arise. 

Respond promptly. This means you are sincere in resolving the person’s dilemma. Tell the homeowner benefits of using a particular product and procedure. If you’re not sure about the method to employ, simply say you will study the concern and come back with an answer immediately. This is better than having no response at all or feeling unsure about your recommendation. In this way, the customer does not feel disregarded or unimportant.

Ask for comments or opinions about your service, products, and business. Customer survey forms will come in handy. This is the usual practice in finding out what people think about your performance.

Use this feedback to pinpoint areas of your work that require improvement and changes. 

Don’t fail to say thank you once work is finished. A card of thanks will help convey this appreciation to families you serve. 


Customer service is not limited to pleasing clients with your tasks but the idea of working with an amiable cleaner or repair technician. This will lead to more referrals from contented homeowners.


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