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Best Landscaping Ideas Suggested By Landscape Designers

Best Landscaping Ideas Suggested By Landscape Designers Clever landscaping can completely transform your back and front yards. By incorporating elements of nature in a small space, you can make a perfect little haven for your family without breaking any sweat. You are only limited by your imagination. Although, you can break that limitation either by researching on the internet. Or perhaps the best way possible: consulting the landscape designers and contractors.


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Best Landscaping Ideas Suggested By Landscape Designers

Best Landscaping Ideas Suggested By Landscape Designers

Clever landscaping can completely transform your back and front yards. By incorporating elements of nature in a small space, you can make a perfect little haven for your family without breaking any sweat. You are only limited by your imagination. Although, you can break that limitation either by researching on the internet. Or perhaps the best way possible: consulting the landscape designers and contractors.

Why Consult Landscape Designers?

Other than common sense? Landscape contractors and designers have extensive experience in these types of projects. They can easily suggest as many ideas as possible in just a couple of minutes. However, that is not why you contact them. The thing is, only landscape designers or architects can realize the true potential of your home's outdoor space. Additionally, they can give you individualized concepts and designs for your home's back or front yard.

So if you're thinking of remodeling your outdoor space, contact a reliable landscape contractor, and schedule a survey. They will check the whole area and propose a landscaping design that is most suitable for your home.


So without further ado, let's jump into the list of best landscaping ideas suggested by landscape contractors/ designers.

Japanese Gardens:

If you want a change from all the typical landscapes you are surrounded by; perhaps you would like to think about Japanese gardens. These spiritual heavens are flexible in designs, a perfect mixture of greenery, stones, water, and woodwork. In fact, this flexibility is what makes them so great. If you want to be minimalistic, a stone river coupled with bamboo, bonsai, and traditional flowers will look good. If you have more space, the addition of some woodwork or a koi pond will look fantastic. The addition of a bridge will make it look more beautiful. Ornaments can also be added.

However, if you are a stickler to the principles, you need to pay attention to symmetry, balance, and symbolism when designing. In that case, you will use all the traditional elements of the Japanese garden; water, wood, rocks, and plants.

Stone Rivers/Rock Gardens:

As we have mentioned above, rocks are one of the essential elements of Japanese gardens. However, no one is forcing you to create a full scale Japanese garden. You can just use the concept of rock gardens from the traditional ideas. You can create stone rivers in your backyard, coupled with some beautiful plants and a simple bridge. 

The stone rivers are pretty common. They can create either fixtures or a walkway from the yard to the door. The reason why landscape contractors suggest stone rivers is because they are simple. They don't need as much maintenance as water fixtures or a garden. Although, the weeds have to be removed every two weeks to maintain the perfect look.

Outdoor Dining:

Another commonly suggested design is incorporating a dining place in the front and back yard. It doesn't matter if you have a garden, pond, or woodwork, creating a small outdoor dining place will complete the look. Additionally, you have a wide variety of furniture to choose from. You can either make this the focus of the whole space or just an addition to complete the design. The choice is yours.

Water Fixtures:

All landscape contractors will tell you the same thing; water fixtures need heavy maintenance. Sure, a pond with a small bridge will look great, but it will need heavy maintenance to look that good. Nevertheless, they look beautiful, and you can choose fixtures that do not need heavy maintenance and care.

You have the option of small fountains, wildlife ponds, or stone waterfalls. All of them have their own pros and cons, so do consult a landscape designer before you get to work.

Biophilic Design:

Biophilic designs are recent emerging trends; however, the idea will stay for a long time with the increasing sustainable constructions. The basic concept of the design is to increase the connectivity of the occupants with nature within the comforts of indoors. However, that does not mean that you can’t use it in the outdoor space.

You can create a perfect space through a careful blend of nature and hardscape. For instance, you can lay down grass block pavers that will incorporate both greenery and stones to give a wild yet functional vibe.


Landscaping provides you with many different choices to revamp your outdoor space. Landscape contractors suggest downscaling your wild ideas to incorporate them with other elements. For instance, we have already suggested an outdoor dining space, which can either focus or extend the space. Similarly, you can also get an outdoor kitchen or a small bar surrounded by plants to effortlessly look.

Go Tropical:

Want a tropical vibe? You don’t need to fly to some remote island to experience that. You can just recreate it in your home. All you need is palm trees coupled with lush greenery and flowers like hibiscus flowers, orchids, bougainvillea, and jasmine. If you have space, you can also add a hammock to complete the look.

According to a landscaper, the best thing about this design is that it can be used with other elements. You can use a tropical landscape with a swimming pool, fire pit, and light outdoor furniture. No matter how you use this design, you can further brighten it up with torches and stone fixtures.

Unique Topiary:

Topiary is a perfect addition to any landscape design. However, landscapers suggest using the unique idea possible regarding the topiary to make it stand out. The typical spiral or square shapes are pretty standard, so go wild. Get a fruit, animal-shaped topiary, or even a heart to create the perfect look. Topiaries perfectly reflect your personality and can't be copied easily across the neighborhood.

Topiary can also be used as a fence. In fact, this is the best thing about these shaped plants; they can be used in most landscapes.

Terraced Lawns:

Terraced landscaping is the perfect landscaping idea for people living in hilly areas. However, the use of these beautiful lawns is not just limited to the sloping backyard, and it can also be created in your front yard in a flat space. This green and lush space is the perfect space for your children and pets to run aloud without compromising nature.

Strategic Use Of Hedges And Bushes:

Hedges and bushes on their own do not look that beautiful. However, when you use them with something else, that is when their true potential shines. You can either line up your driveway with small trimmed flower bushes or create a dining space with clever placement of hedges. You can also create fences to spate areas from each other, like a swimming pool, furniture, and driveway. There are many choices you can choose from.

Rustic Lawns:

According to landscape contractors, rustic lawns are the perfect choice for owners who don’t like to mow their lawns. Rustic landscaping is all about using natural, raw elements that give a wild yet playful vibe. This is the best option for people who are tired of the old, manicured lawns. Elegance is overrated anyways.

Veggie Garden:

You have the perfect space to create your own natural produce in your backyard. You are not compelled to use only grow vegetables and fruits in the space; you can also use flower bushes strategically throughout the space.

Crawling Vines:

What screams nature more than crawling vines? They are the perfect addition to your fence. Or, if you want to hide the outer structure of your home, you can just have it covered with lush crawling vines to give off a natural look.

However, keep in mind that if you use vines to cover your home, heavy maintenance is necessary. It’s best to avoid this option if you are living in a wooden cabin, as termites are a constant danger. But if it is concrete, then go wild.


There are many landscaping ideas out there. However, the best design for your back and front yards can only be suggested by experienced landscape designers. TheThe landscape contractors will carefully survey your home, analyze your preference, and suggest a design that is perfect for you. In other words, they will give you individualized design, instead of a cookie-cutter lawn that is no different than other homes on your block. So always communicate your wishes clearly, and don’t hesitate to tell them what you want to avoid.



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Landscape Contractors and Designers Flourish on Customer Service

Contractors and designers in the landscaping business prosper due to exceptional customer service.

Selectedly has a category on customer service tips for the lawn care industry. In this trade, it is the homeowner who will determine if the designer deserves to be given more tasks. It’s not only necessary to be an expert in creating a beautiful landscape.

The contractor should also realize the needs of customers and make them happy. Customer service means several things:

It should be easy for them to call you. There are instances when customers want to reschedule the landscaping service or ask for some advice. You need to answer right away or provide solutions to their concerns. Offer value since this is a way of advertising your landscape design enterprise.

Your workers must behave accordingly while in the homeowner’s property. Avoid smoking or throw rubbish around. Don’t engage in loud talk but answer any questions from family members politely. Even neighbors will watch their actions so behave formally to create a positive impression.

Once in a while, accommodate possible requests from customers without anything in return. This is what going the extra mile means. It may not translate to immediate financial rewards but build a lasting relationship that will benefit your business.

 Adhere to a proper dress code. Landscapes must look remarkable so the designer should also project a clean and wholesome image. 

Make sure to clear the yard of all debris after finishing a project. Don’t forget to thank the owner for being given the opportunity to work with them. By doing this, you convey the message that you’re willing to do more work in the future. 

Collaborate with your Selectedly. These people will not only supply quality materials for you but will gladly refer you to possible clients. This interaction produces strategic cooperation that may lead to additional business. 

When it comes to maintenance work, deal with customer concerns even before these materialize as problems or complaints. Establish expectations at the outset and define lines of communications. Personal relations with clients mean you are upfront and alert to their demands. It is not over-familiarity. There should be teamwork between your workers if the project is extensive and extended. It will contribute a lot to the success of the landscaping task.

Set standards. This includes addressing any objections from clients promptly. Procedures must be organized to prevent miscommunications or botched jobs. Any negative outcome will damage your credibility. Communication is always important because it ensures smooth and efficient operations.

Take ownership for the work you do. In other words, responsibility for everything that happens while the work is ongoing is yours. Leave the door open for suggestions, comments, and inquiries. This will surely result in long-term relations. Give clear instructions to your workers. This is the right quality control technique in the best interest of both service provider and customer. 


Contractors can trust Selectedly as a source for all-important recommendations.


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