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Best reasons to remodel your bathroom

How many times do you visit your bathroom every day? Probably, you don’t keep count as you don't give it much thought for bathrooms at home are taken for granted as places to provide comfort and hygiene. Bathroom remodeling becomes an issue when bathrooms no longer perform their proper functions and cause problems in the smooth operation of a home. A bathroom at home or in hotels is utilized for personal hygiene activities with a layout containing a sink and a bathtub, a shower, or both and most always a toilet.


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Best reasons to remodel your bathroom

How many times do you visit your bathroom every day? Probably, you don’t keep count as you don't give it much thought for bathrooms at home are taken for granted as places to provide comfort and hygiene. Bathroom remodeling becomes an issue when bathrooms no longer perform their proper functions and cause problems in the smooth operation of a home. A bathroom at home or in hotels is utilized for personal hygiene activities with a layout containing a sink and a bathtub, a shower, or both and most always a toilet.

When bathroom no longer fulfills their basic function, remodeling is the best option for aside from restoring its function, it is a step to significantly increase the value of your home.

The following are important facts to consider before any renovation:

Bathroom remodeling is a not a waste of money or something that you need to do in order to keep up with the trend but it is a great investment for future monetary gain. By remodeling your bathroom, you transform the place to become the most functional and comfortable area in your home. 

Research also indicates that a cutting-edge of remodeling your bathroom is increasing the resale value of your property by over 60% and this is a very sound proposition. If you decide to renovate your bathroom, prioritize improving the lighting & its fixtures and refinish the surface since these significantly increase the value of your home.

For DIY enthusiast, bathroom remodel is a great way to utilize their passion and in feeling great pride in creating such a lovely place when it is successfully complete. Simple remodeling job can be an easy DIY project for you simply follow instructions using proper tools and materials; however, if the work is complicated and you want fabulous results, you better hire a pro.

Transform your bathroom into a well-lighted venue as it will appear bigger and no need to demolish an inch; you can simply paint the place with bright and lively colors for a spacious look or add glamour by installing brighter lights

Bathroom ventilation has great value for it enhances free circulation of air, but it also plays a vital part in ensuring the durability of a structure. Lack of proper ventilation in your bathroom invites the accumulation of mildew and mold that cause bad smell and their presence will soon weaken and damage the structure. Consider proper ventilation for your bathroom as the number one item in your bathroom remodel list.

When a bathroom remodel is needed?

A bathroom should be a place of comfort with an optimal environment conducive for relaxing, soaking or getting ready for whole day work. You should never belittle your bathroom as it is the only place at home that allows privacy, a place to relax and wash away stress & tension that accumulated during the day. Survey your bathroom and if the layout is an eyesore, lighting is dimmed and fixtures are leaking; these are tale-tell signs to make some positive changes.

Vital signs to update your bathroom.

1. It does not look photogenic

Take a photograph of your bathroom and get a better view of what you might not otherwise notice. People can overlook chaos inside the bath due to the discordant color palette and to accumulated piles of junk left on the bathroom’s vanity counter, but this unsightly vision is maximized in the photograph. 

2. Faded outdated colors

Discolored and stained hues are most noticeable signs that a bathroom is outdated and needs change; a new coat of paint is highly recommended by designers who are advocating for trendy colors of black, gray and white for they create an aura of timeless beauty as well as add space.

3. A smelly bathroom

With some bathrooms, you walk in and you are enveloped by bad odor coupled with an old bathroom stink; these are signs that bathroom remodeling must be on its way. Your bathroom must not only look clean but must smell clean and creates a comfortable and sanitize aura.

4. Outdated layout

The outdated layout is a reminiscence of the bathrooms in the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, when plumbing was newly introduced and the toilet was directly next to the bathtub. But today, this layout is passé so remodeling work is essential.

5. Leaks

Leaks are bad signs and it’s definitely time to make repairs and update the place especially when brown water stains start appearing on the ceiling just below the bathroom.

6. Poor lighting

First step on your path is to redo a bathroom is an improvement of light fixtures and brighter light bulbs; by installing brighter new light, you modernize the space.

7. Stylistic relics

Wallpaper is making a comeback and these relics are considered stylish so redo and put new wallpaper with great designs to give your bathroom a sophisticated look reminiscence of the time of Great Gatsby.

8. Low on storage

Space is a blessing and if you can’t store all the things you need in the bathroom; you need to renovate and install larger vanity or add shelves above the toilet for bigger space and knock down a wall to create a linen closet.

9. When it’s selling time

Think of the future when you want to sell your house so a fancy innovative bathroom serves the right motivation to encourage potential buyers to act that makes your bathroom remodel a huge difference.

Increase home value by bathroom remodel

Updating the space or adding a new bathroom makes bathroom remodeling the best strategy to add value to your home. Installation of a hippy Jacuzzi tub or adding a warm/cold steam shower in the master bath or setting up an innovative type of heated floors are epitomes of luxury but you can add more by adding a double sink and fancy shower seat after widening the storage. Your bathroom can be both functional and stylish by bathroom remodel making way to improve the value of your home and provide you and your family high-quality lifestyles.

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Understanding the complicity Job of Kitchen Remodelers

Giving the food preparation area a makeover is not a simple job. It’s not a hobbyist fun activity. Thus, the DIY approach is not advisable unless you’re a remodeling expert or professional contractor. Kitchen remodelers deal with the project’s entire scope. It starts with preliminary design concepts, installations (electrical and plumbing), building countertops, and painting.


Wide Coverage

Refurbishment depends on the homeowner’s needs and choices. It can involve reworking the whole room as well as changing fixtures. Or, the job will simply require installing new cabinets. For example, plumbing is a vital aspect of remodeling. You need running water continuously while preparing food or washing dishes. 

Busted pipes or leaking faucets will create plenty of problems. Some appliances must also be connected to the water system. Licensed and experienced plumbers are the only persons who can perform these tasks promptly and efficiently. The hardest part probably is to make everything work effectively from design to electricity, plumbing, and carpentry. 

Errors in makeovers will result in faulty fittings, dripping pipes, unsightly layouts, and costly repairs. To avoid this unsuccessful outcome, make sure to work with competent service providers. 



How to Proceed?

Study and understand the workflow prior to making any modifications. The first thing to avoid is rushing the reconstruction process. Look at your kitchen’s inoperative and rundown state. This will give you an idea of the appropriate arrangement to make it more functional. 

Work closely with the restoration expert. Focus on the details. Primary elements of the kitchen consist of appliances, fixtures, countertops, cupboards, and flooring. However, expect additional expenses. These will come mostly from the following:

  • Demolition/Removal
  • Rough Plumbing
  • Rough Electrical
  • Framing
  • Lighting
  • Sink Installation
  • New Furnishings
  • Painting 
  • Window Covers
  • Carpentry


Saving Money

Try to figure out how to become cost-effective. Majority of homeowners implement kitchen overhauls without the thought of saving money. Professionals can give helpful suggestions.  Replacing broken-down appliances can prove to be a money-saver in the long-term. Or else, maintain the existing layout and reuse old but still serviceable materials. Sticking to your original plan minimizes costs because you need not rewire or repeat the plumbing. 



Planning Spells the Difference 

Plan well. Take accurate measurements with the assistance of expert kitchen remodelers. Nevertheless, remain open to recommendations and last-minute modifications. The keywords are MEASURE CAREFULLY! Keep in mind that ¼ of an inch can affect the kitchen’s layout significantly. Create your plans and take measurements ahead of time. But, stay flexible. You may need to make changes any time during the project. 

Be resourceful. Make room for various recommendations,  opinions, opportunities, and possibilities. Experienced remodelers usually inform clients to allocate between 15 and 25 percent more finances than your initial estimate. It sounds impractical at first. However, that’s a good advice. The additional money will cover extras that you didn’t include in the budget.


Everything Starts with Design

Identify your desired design. The straightforward but sleek layout appeals to most homemakers. Keeping the gas range or stove as well as the kitchen sink is a cost-effective option. Moving the fixture calls for a transfer of gas lines. You’ll be forced to relocate the plumbing which means higher expenses. 

Choose a general theme like contemporary, minimalist, bucolic, or country. It helps in hassle-free selection and purchase of materials. Besides, you need to obtain other permits and put in extra time. Sit down with the designer to establish the project’s detailed scope and timelines. 


Open Communications

Communicate and work openly with the remodeling contractor. Prepare a complete listing of tasks for completion. It’s not necessary to be very technical about terminologies. Just explain to the service provider what you want to accomplish. Here are some of the priority tasks:

  • Take away all the cabinets, shelves, counters, and flooring.
  • Lay down tiles on the floor and sink area.
  • Move new appliances and furnishings.
  • Connect all plumbing pipes.
  • Install lights and electrical connections. 

As much as possible, order or buy the materials personally. Asking the contractor to purchase materials and appliances can leave you spending more. You pay extra fees aside from the original costs. Shop around for major items either from online vendors or physical retail outlets. This is an effective way of saving cash. 

Concentrate on the flooring, furnishings, and cabinets instead of lighting fixtures or paint. Refrain from changing orders. Decide on what you really want before the process of bidding out the project and signing a contract.


Choice of Products and Trademarks

Avoid selecting fixtures based on brands. Cabinets can be expensive if you look at the trademark alone. On the other hand, look for a premium quality cabinet made of robust material. Spend time to check out manufacturers and suppliers for inexpensive commodities. Yet, do not compromise quality for cost. It’s worth asking kitchen remodelers for recommendations. These people have extensive connections and a wide network in the industry. 


Get Involved in the Actual Renovation

You may have hired the most qualified remodeler. Yet, it does not prevent you from helping in the actual makeover. Doing this also gives you the chance to supervise the workers. Consider installing cabinets or painting the walls if you have the skill. Watch videos and tutorials on the world wide web. Read home improvement books and magazines for some tips. Helping the service provider also reduces labor expenses.

Examine the new cabinets, counters, and shelves. Many of these fixtures are delivered pre-assembled or pre-fabricated. Installation comes easier even for amateurs. Otherwise, furniture pieces that entail assembly may call for an expert’s flair. Kitchen remodeling is not a trouble-free process. Projects may take several weeks or months. 

Again, the timeframe depends on the scope of work. Planning the revamp will guide you through the grueling stage of finding the lowest prices and easing the stress the restoration process brings. Develop a realistic plan anchored on current market prices. Look for honest individuals to work with. At the end of the day, you can look forward to saving money, enjoying your wonderful kitchen, and adding considerable value to your abode.

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The Importance of Social Networking

Delivering feedback is not always easy. Before deciding to speak up, you might wrestle with goals versus a desire to prevent conflict of accountability. Every service supplier has needed feedback to better serve their customers. In regards to thousands of consumers through the years, I've discovered that some people prefer to quietly move on rather than use that business's services again. In those instances, everyone loses. Equipped with the advice, you might feel permitted to turn an unsatisfactory situation around and experience satisfaction and goodwill.

Approach the dialogue with a little curiosity and details. You might say something like, "My furnace is operating short cycles. I would prefer the furnace then turn off for a short time and to operate for a amount of time. What is causing short cycles and how can performance be improved?"
Speak with direction before posting on social media.
Focus on the issue, not the individual.
Timeliness averts a widening gap of battle although the facts are still fresh in the minds of everybody.

Your house is your biggest investment and probably your safe place. It's OK to recognize your requirements and ask if the service provider is ready to fulfill them within reason.
Wrong manner: "The sliding door escapes because you're in a hurry to get to another job!" This may or may not be true. There is and it has no constructive end. Proper way (focus on the facts): "As you put in my sliding door, rain has been trickling in so much that it fills a cake pan every 2 hours. I've had to set my alarm to empty the pans in an effort. This door requires your immediate attention."

Mike had a exchange using an electric technician who charged him to reverse a breaker. The technician and Mike couldn't achieve an agreement. Mike posted a lengthy narrative of his experience, after paying his bill. He also contacted Selectedly and the Better Business Bureau. Mike did not contact the company, who we'll refer to as Owen's owner. Why? Mike assumed Owen would defend his technician. The opposite was true. When Owen received word about Mike's concerns he explained a misunderstanding of business pricing policy together with the tech. Owen was also able to hear the tech's challenges in trying to provide support, according to his tech. Owen refunded Mike's disputed charge. He was able to work to assist his tech manage. Owen was thankful that this problem was brought to his attention so he could take steps to increase service and earn the trust of a customer. His only regret was he heard about it second-hand.
Deliver feedback as you want to obtain feedback. Try to deliver comments that does not come across like a personal assault by weeding out assumptions, being aware of your own body language and the tone and pitch of your voice, maintaining eye contact, and slowing down your address to provide the other side an opportunity to bring it in.

In case the problem is behavioral, then you can speak about your requirements. For instance, rather than calling a painter a slob, you may state, "The present end-of-day protocol is not fulfilling my needs for security and order around my property. In addition, I want to be considerate of my neighbors that are showing their house to potential buyers. Could you be ready to combine your supplies in a designated place at the trunk at the end of every day?"

Make sure your feedback is timely.
A growing number of customers are learning how to provide feedback. If receiver and the comments provider learn the mark of feedback, they're more likely to engage with each other today and in the future.

Rather than running with a assumption, tackle the facts. More frequently than not, the truth is both you and the company wanted the work done right the first time.

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Kitchen and Bath Remodelers: How to Strengthen Relationships with Clients

The question is how kitchen remodeling and bath refurbishment experts will impress customers so they can get more word-of-mouth referrals. 

Respond to queries from customers right away. Promptness matters a lot if someone has urgent requests. It’s not advisable to procrastinate since people are turned off by service providers who delay responses whether intentionally or not on purpose. Inform your customer immediately if it’s not possible to finish the project punctually. This enables them to come up with the right options. 

Update your customers on what’s happening at the moment. Notify them about daily or weekly accomplishments. These status updates will let homeowners know about achievements or issues that hold up completion of assignments. Inform them immediately if you see some possible problems at hand especially if these are major concerns.

You must be willing to accommodate requests even if there will not be additional earnings. Going the extra mile will make clients happy that can lead to repeat business or possible recommendations to other businesses. 

Correct your lapses. You can lose a customer forever by failing to admit your mistake and refusing to remedy that error. Strive for perfection since this demonstrates high standards and expertise. You will surely gain negative standing by refusing to be responsible for your omissions. Transparency is essential to all entrepreneurial activities. 

Listen to what customers tell you. Provide explanations if things seem unclear to them. Laymen are not familiar with technical terms so it’s important to explain these patiently. For example, they may not understand bathroom and kitchen remodeling in santa clara materials so it’s mandatory that you explain why these are needed. 

Honor your commitments. This is how professional service providers work. Otherwise, people will lose trust in you and your business can fall short of expectations. 

Place yourself in the shoes of customers. You won’t like being shortchanged or treated indifferently. In the same manner, give the highest regard to customers. Make them feel important and valued. 

Don’t lose your patience. Most customers are hard to understand especially if their preferences are not met. They could make unreasonable demands at times but there’s a saying that, “Customers are always right.” This should be your guide in how to deal with clients correctly. 

You should learn the ropes. In other words, remodeling is an expertise so there should be no alibis about not knowing how to install certain bath or kitchen fixtures, install tiles or set up lighting fixtures. There’s a risk of spoiling your reputation by showing you don’t know how to repair or work on something. 

Maintain a sense of transparency. Notify your client at once if there are things that you can’t do or problems which are difficult to resolve. Do not hide anything from households that you serve. 


Want to be an expert in kitchen remodeling in Santa Clara and learn how to address customer relations predicaments. Selectedly will help you cope with related apprehensions.


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  3. Kitchen refacing in Santa Clara
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How to Choose the Right Kitchen & Bath Remodelers in Santa Clara

How to Choose the Right Kitchen & Bath Remodelers?

Kitchen and bath remodelers are the ones handling the designs and proper functions of each of these parts of the house. It is very important that the ones experts in doing this job should consider the desired design and functions of the client’s interests. 

The flow and functions of the bathroom space is a right component to redesigning this part of the house. The materials, textures and especially the colors are an important consideration factors for this project. The lighting, finishes, cabinetries are also a factor to be consider especially when bathtub is also an option to be installed. These factors should be put into places properly and still makes a functional space for the bathroom. 

Remodeling a kitchen in Santa Clara comes from the desire to add more functional space. The cabinets, the designs and the appliances are works well in this space to maximize functions and portions for each. The client may want to install a countertop that suits best to his kitchen and that he can move around with. 

The Selectedly has recommended a list of kitchen and bath remodelers santa clara that have been proven to be one of the best in their craft. These remodelers have the license, insurance and certifications that they are the one a client is looking for. 

The Process to Choose the Right Kitchen and Bath Remodelers in Santa Clara

This project is a collaboration of the design and interest of the client and the knowledge and skills of the remodelers. They should come up to a certain design that both agree and that understanding it as the perfect fit design to the client’s space. 

Below are some of the process a client can follow to choose the right remodelers for his kitchen and bathroom. 

Space analyzing

Analyzing the space is a first thing to do. Since if the space is too crowded that everything is not in place yet the client still manage to keep it. Have a clear idea of what things to add or remove and other things to move into other spaces. A client can then also decide if he wanted to add more features or remove something to give more space.

Collect all ideas available

Adding a countertop or appliances, more organizers and other options is for the design that a client wanted to. Collecting and doing research from the internet like looking for design is a good idea so that there is a visualization of the project to be done. The ideas from the family members or friends are also another great option to gather more about the project.  

Consider cost and budget

Another process is also to consider the cost this remodeling project would have. Consider discussing it with the right kitchen and bath remodelers. They will eventually meet the right budget with the right project that will satisfy the client. 

Finding the best remodeling contractors In Santa Clara

The remodelers are the ones expert in doing this kind of project. Although it’s possible that a client does it by himself but he may fail and may cost him more. Remember that these experts are the one who have the experience to resolve issues from remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Since, this report considers the interest of the client mostly; it is much easier to find the right remodeler ideal for the client’s needs. This will help the client to consider a remodeler from this list. 


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