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Lawyers Need to Learn Customer Service

Even divorce lawyers and family law attorneys have to be adept in customer service. Their legal profession is also a business. A law office will thrive only with a steady source of clients. Selectedly can provide some helpful hints.


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Lawyers Need to Learn Customer Service

What’s the situation? Many people with legal issues often have unfortunate experiences with law offices. They call a law firm many times and fail to speak with attorneys. Besides, it takes several days to get a reply after filling out an online form. In other words, legal professionals seem to be very elusive when potential clients look for them. The bottom line is the majority of law firms are simply very bad in customer service. 

How should lawyers handle this matter?

Learn from their peers. Attorneys must be approachable and show empathy to the plight of other persons. 

Adopt a client-focused attitude. The law agency’s website, list of services, policies, and legal assistants must make it easy for the public to obtain information. For instance, Family Law must include information about divorce; marriage; child abuse and abduction; alimony; property settlement; child custody and visitation; and, others. It’s wrong for clients to get the impression that it’s difficult in getting answers to their questions. 

Understand the life and troubles of ordinary citizens. People with legal difficulties are filled with apprehensions, fearful of the justice system, find it hard to live normal lives, and struggle with their future. The family law expert must be aware of these realities. 

Know the value of mutual communications and emotional intelligence. These attributes can help them identify sentiments of clients so lawyers can respond with professionalism as well as compassion. If possible, the lawyer must spend some time to communicate with clients regarding the progress of their cases. 

Customer service begins with the initial contact which is filling out the web-based form on the company website. Legal clerks who answer phone calls must have a pleasant voice and sound affable. They should be patient and ready to make the right decisions immediately. 

Listen to clients attentively to help them become less worried. This manner of listening also shapes the lawyer-client relationship positively.

Keep your mind on the details just like in law school. These small points can impact the so-called legal analysis required to win a case. As such, the client will have more confidence in his or her attorney. 

Lawyers need to explain their course of action and company policies during the first meeting. Aside from fees and stories, discuss things like how the law firm answers calls and messages, provide spontaneous advice and conduct investigations. This helps establish expectations.

Call the client in 24 hours or less even if you don’t have a fixed answer or legal strategy yet. Keeping clients informed is already a big relief for someone hounded by legal issues. Avoid using legal terminologies. Use layman’s language instead to expound on details of the case. 

Technology is a major factor to enhance your dealings with clients. Some of these are customer relationship management software, artificial intelligence or booking apps.

Customer service will determine the success of any service provider like divorce lawyers and family law attorneys.

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