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The Right Questions To Ask From Deck Contractors

The Right Questions To Ask From Deck Contractors Decks are beautiful outdoor spaces designed for your comfort. These elevated spaces are the perfect attachment to your home and make your backyard look excellent with strategic design and furnishings. However, it would help if you had a lot of information about decks before you go out, looking for a deck contractor. Here are the questions you should ask your deck contractors.


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The Right Questions To Ask From Deck Contractors

The Right Questions To Ask From Deck Contractors

Decks are beautiful outdoor spaces designed for your comfort. These elevated spaces are the perfect attachment to your home and make your backyard look excellent with strategic design and furnishings. However, it would help if you had a lot of information about decks before you go out, looking for a deck contractor. 

Here are the questions you should ask your deck contractors.

What Is The Best Material For Decks?

For deck construction, wood is not your only option. You can use many alternatives available in the market nowadays. Here is a list of alternate materials for deck construction.

  • Pressure-treated woods: these woods are out through special treatments to adopt the best qualities of synthetic materials. These qualities are rot resistance, preservatives, weather resistance, durability, and long life. They look gorgeous due to their warm, natural hues.
  • Premium hardwoods: These are incredibly durable woods and whether resultant. Examples are teak, Brazilian species, and ipe. 
  • Aluminum: Aluminum decking is not only beautiful, it is also safe as it is durable and slip resistant. Suitable for wet locations, although it’s a bit expensive.
  • Composite decking materials: These materials are made of recycled wood fibers and plastics. A deck made out of these materials is very easy to maintain. However, it is a little bit more costly than wood.
  • PVC or plastic planks: If you are tired of rotting materials, then this is the best choice. PVC and plastic planks do not rot and can withstand harsh weather, glaring sunlight, and outdoor elements. But they are expensive and will get very hot under the sunlight.

What Is The Most Suitable Deck Design For My Backyard?

The deck will be attached to your home, so it's necessary that the architecture and design of both construction match. The style shouldn't just match; it should complement the other element. However, that is not the only reason you should ask this question to your deck contractor. The deck's design depends on other fixtures that might be in your backyard.

Does The Location Effects The Construction And Style Of Deck?

Yes, yes, it does. If you are talking about your region, then the surrounding area will heavily affect the deck construction process. Type of soil, shifting landscape, hilly area, rough ground, all of that factors in.

What Is The Purpose Of The Deck:

This is not a question that you should ask the contractor. Instead, they should ask from you. What is the purpose of your deck? Are you building it near your swimming pool or a garden? Is there any water fixture nearby? Or are you making it to create a perfect outdoor dining space? Questions like these are essential because they influence the choice of material for the deck. If your deck is near a water source, the material must be rot and slip resistant and impervious from water damage. If it is for dining space, then the material needs to be capable of bearing heavy weights.

How Much Maintenance Should I Do?

Decks made of different materials require different levels of maintenance. Ask your deck contractor to guide you through different maintenance and cleaning techniques. Also, ask them about other damage prevention techniques to minimize any damage to your deck from anything.

Ask For A Survey:

Most of the sources on the internet will tell you to figure out the basic information about the decks before the construction process starts. However, you are not an expert, no matter how many articles you read or tutorials you watch. So it's best to ask for a survey from your deck contractor. Even if you think that the data you have gathered is accurate, it won't hurt to ask for confirmation. In this way, you won't face any hurdles once the construction process starts.

Do I Need A Permit?

That is a rather important question. Although you can have your deck constructed without any permit, it is better to apply for one. So ask your deck contractors if you need a permit to build a deck in your backyard. If yes, then ask them to get it on your behalf. If they can't for some reason, then request to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can do it yourself.

How Should I Prepare For Deck Construction Process?

Normally, deck contractors will do most of the job, that is, preparing the space for deck construction. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to ask if you need to do any preparation. This includes removing and relocating all the plants, fixtures, furniture, or any other important object in that area. Also, make sure to seal off the site from your children and pets to avoid any accident. Your contractor will not only guide you but will also help you in the process.

Any Maintenance Tip? What To Avoid?

Deck Contractors have extensive experience in the dos and don'ts of deck maintenance. Thus, whenever you get the chance, ask them to give you any maintenance tips and preventive measures for the deck. Also, inquire what you should or should not do with your deck to ensure that it will function for a long time.

Can I Recycle My Old Deck?

If you have an old deck, then your concern is understandable. Of course, many materials can come out of your old deck. However, you are out of luck if it's wood because the wood has a limited life span. Using old pieces of wood can cause problems. But that does not mean that your old deck is useless. Only deck contractors can tell you how to recycle and remodel your old deck.

How Can I Ensure Privacy?

Although you can get many ideas from the internet, it never hurts to ask from the source. Deck contractors can not only give you suggestions, but they will also incorporate those elements to ensure your privacy. The best way to do that is to install a fence, but you can also invest in screens.

Why Hire Professional Deck Contractors:

For many reasons:

  • They are professional.
  • They have experience.
  • They will get you the necessary permits.
  • Professional roofing companies have all the proper tools and equipment to do maintenance and cleaning, other than initial construction.
  • They will complete the whole project in a relatively short amount of time.
  • They can suggest you individualized designs and styles for the deck style.

Summary: How To Find The Best Deck Contractors Near Me:

Follow the following steps to find the best deck contractors in your area.

  • Ask for a recommendation from your contacts, and people you know. Keep in mind that the only viable options are those companies whose services have been availed before by your friends or contacts.
  • Limit your search to the local area. You can find many reliable ones at close distances.
  • Don't be stingy. Sometimes, contractors who demand high amounts have their service quality to back them up. But that does not mean  you have to agree to unreasonable amounts.
  • Go for those who have many years of experience. The more working experience they have, the better their service will be.
  • Search for the lists of best deck contractors near me. You will find a lot of them online. Make sure your location is on when you are doing that. You can also input your location in the search tab.
  • Ask for their qualifications. You have the right to ask this, and reliable contractors and companies will be more than happy to provide you with their certifications.
  • Check if they have proper licenses and certificates to operate in your local area.
  • Ask them if they know the basic safety procedures implanted in your region.
  • Ask for their insurance policy. Negotiate who will be paying compensation for any property damage.
  • Get quotes from multiple deck contractors. Compare all the estimates, and hire the contractor who will be most suitable for your wallet.


Decks can be the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. With a little bit of effort, you can create your own private, relaxing space where you can just connect with nature. However, you need to research and hire the best deck contractors available to achieve that. With the help of experienced, qualified deck contractors, you can easily reach your goal. Additionally, the contractors will take up most of your responsibilities and will do most of the work for you. You can rest assured that you wouldn't even need to lift a finger if you make the right choice.

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Website Provides Valuable Customer Service Ideas for Deck Contractors

Website Provides Valuable Customer Service Ideas for Deck Contractors

Deck contractors should take a look at the Selectedly website at if they want to acquire some suggestions strengthening ties with current and potential clients.

Customers are hard to please. They ask too many questions and often ask for impossible demands. It’s important for service providers to communicate the right message, explain how everything works, and fulfill their commitment. This is a big challenge for deck contractors. Yet, they can look forward to growing their respective enterprises by accomplishing the above-mentioned recommendations. 

At the same time, study the following pointers in improving customer relations:

Your customers must be pleased with the results. Otherwise, these homeowners will tell other people of this unfortunate experience. The fundamental rule in any service-related business is to make clients happy with your work.

Don’t simply construct decks. Add extras such as elaborate and functional lighting fixtures; beautiful railings near the steps; and, other relevant fixtures. These are benefits for households. Add-ons can enhance safety and increase curb value to the house. 

Green is sustainable. A recent survey by Nielsen on sustainability revealed more consumers are eager to spend more for environmentally-sustainable products. Choose timber that will not cause a negative impact on surroundings. 

Be a notch above competitors by following up with clients after completion of a project. Try to send the customer a thank-you car or conduct satisfaction surveys. Emphasize possible areas that may be improved. You can also offer free minor repairs or clean every year. These efforts will keep you on top of homeowners’ lists.

Communicate with customers constantly during and after the project. This is a good way to manage their expectations. Provisions of the agreement must be 100% clear. Explain the purposes of using specific materials. Clarify all items in the warranty information. Offer the homeowner to monitor the progress of deck construction. Provide straightforward answers to any questions. Families will surely recommend you to relatives, neighbors, and peers if the work is done very well.

Pinpoint reasons for disagreement. The customer may suddenly turn out to be unreasonable. The deck builder should find out the person’s motive for such behavior. The customer can be mad, dissatisfied, or hard to appease. One possible reason is the way the deck was built. This calls for educating customers about the entire process. For example, outdoor decks are constructed to be durable, withstand harsh weather and serve as ideal outdoor living space. 

Customers will always ask for the highest level of quality. The deck must look very nice. Fix all errors outright because repairs will be more expensive. Contractors must utilize all skills, technology, tools, and equipment in finishing the job.

Customer service requires skills in human relations. Contractors must be polite, prompt, patient, and honest. 

The contractor must value workers. Your people are the best assets. Work as a team so you complete the project perfectly.

Don’t get their money and disappear. Homeowners must be happy with the outcome before they refer you to others.


 Check the website of Selectedly in this category for useful customer service ideas.

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