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Why Should You Choose Concrete Pavers

Why Should You Choose Concrete Pavers When discussing outdoor space, concrete pavers are the first thing that pops into everyone's minds. It is compatible with many areas, like a driveway, patio, or pathway. But why is it so popular? It is because it comes with a long list of benefits, giving concrete paving a distinct advantage over others options.


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We specialize in building your dream outdoor living space, starting with the custom design phase which continues through the detailed installation process. Our designs consist of both drawings and 3D walk-throughs of the project. Our goal is to ensure that your space is both beautiful and functional so you can enjoy it for years to come. The outdoor living projects we design and build often include elements such as paver patios, fire pits, fireplaces, kitchens, retaining walls, seat walls, outdoor lighting, and many other custom built features. We proudly serve homeowners in the East Bay Area.


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Why Should You Choose Concrete Pavers

Why Should You Choose Concrete Pavers

When discussing outdoor space, concrete pavers are the first thing that pops into everyone's minds. It is compatible with many areas, like a driveway, patio, or pathway. But why is it so popular? It is because it comes with a long list of benefits, giving concrete paving a distinct advantage over others options.

Concrete Paving:

Concrete paving is a solid layer of concrete poured over locations where traffic is common. This includes sidewalks, driveways, roads, walkways, playgrounds, parks, backyards, etc. Because the pavement has to bear heavy weights constantly, it has to be stiff and durable.

Advantages Of Concrete Pavement:


Concrete pavement is exceptionally durable. Not only can it handle heavyweights, but it can also withstand harsh climates without any crack to show. Even if any damage happens, like cracking or breaking off, it will take years to do so. Hence, if you use them for your driveway, you can rest assured that it will not crack for a long time.


Concrete pavements are the most affordable option out of the bunch. Poured concrete and asphalt cost much more than that concrete paving. In fact, it costs less than even other pavers like granite, sandstone, or clay. Additionally, the repairing costs are low because you only need to remove the damaged part to rest the new pavers. Most importantly, they will serve you for more than 30 years, so replacement costs will also reduce.

Easy To Install:

To installation process of concrete pavement is very easy and does not take much time. At first, the location is checked over for paving. The ground is leveled, and moisture is drained. Afterward, workers will create the shape in which concrete must be poured. Now, concrete is laid, and the screeding process starts to smoothen or flatten the pavement layer. Different tools and machines will be used for this purpose. In the meanwhile, the concrete is still settling. After the installation process is finished, a curing agent is applied for a nice finish. You would need to wait for at least 7 days before you can start using the pavement.

Requires Low Maintenance:

One of the best characteristics of concrete paving is that it does not require heavy maintenance. You only need to do regular sweeping or washing with a garden hose. The weeds are also easy to remove.

Additionally, you can add more sand to the joints if it gets rinsed.

Easy To Clean:

No particular machine, techniques, or chemicals are required to clean concrete pavements. Regular sweeping and rinsing will do the job. If that does not satisfy you, you can use pressure washing to remove all the dirt.

Easy To Repair:

First of all, concrete paving won't be damaged that easily. It is capable of handling heavy loads, so no worries on that front. But if it still gets damaged, you can easily replace the damaged parts with the new paving.

Cracking is not the only way the pavements get damaged though. Sometimes, the sand bed under the paver might shift due to heavy rain, which creates an uneven surface. But again, the problem can be easily solved by leveling and compacting the sand bed under pavers.

Suitable For Many Climates:

Concrete pavements can be used in any climate, as they are built to withstand a lot of pressure. No matter how much it is raining or snowing, you will find that it is easy to walk on the pavers due to its high friction.

In colder regions, concrete pavements are an obvious choice. They are highly resistant to slipping and avoid damage from the freezing and thawing process of the snow. In summers, they can withstand a high amount of direct sunlight before they start showing even a single crack.

Cracking Is Not An Issue:

Cracking has been a prevalent complication in many types of pavers, but not with concrete pavement. Unlike other paving materials, the concrete pavers are built to create an interlocking system that is flexible enough to allow movement. This comes in handy when facing against the earth's tendency to contract or swell over time.

Difficult To destroy:

Concrete pavements are extremely strong and durable. No matter how much weight you put on it, it won't crack. This means that you can easily shovel snow without any fear. Additionally, the concrete pavements can withstand even strong seismic movements so that it will function for a long time.

Long Life Span:

It is durable and possesses enough strength to withstand heavy pressure and force from different resources. It might take years for cracks to show up. This resilience gives the concrete paving its signature long life span.

Many Colors And Sizes:

Contrary to popular belief, concrete pavers come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. This means that you have a lot of options to choose from. Depending upon the design and architecture of your house, you can select different styles. For instance, around the swimming pool, pavers with light colors and tones would set a neutral tone. Earthy tones with stone like textures would look more natural for the garden. For the driveway, you can choose the industrial style.

Easy Customization:

Of course, as they come in many shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors, you have a lot of freedom to mix the different styles to create a customizable look. The pavement not only looks great on its own, but it also manages to complement the existing landscape.


Another obvious benefit of concrete pavers is that they can be used for different purposes. Generally, they are used for driveway, but you can use the pavers to create a walkway in your garden, backyard, and around a swimming pool. They can also be used for roof gardens, floors for patios and decks, and golf cart paths.


Concrete is, astonishingly, 100 percent recyclable. You can reuse the old pavement as an aggregate in new concrete pavements, as a base material for new roadways, or other uses, like flood prevention and erosion control.

High Light Reflectance:

Concrete is a highly reflecting material. Using concrete pavements will reduce the need to place too much lighting around your driveway or backyard.

Safe To Use:

One of the biggest fears in areas with heavy rain and snow is slipping on the floor. But concrete pavements possess a high amount of friction, it is resistant to slipping, and hence are perfect for use in rain or snow.

Why Hire Concrete Contractors And Paving Companies:

For many reasons:

  • They are professional.
  • They have experience.
  • Professional paving companies have all the proper tools and equipment to do a proper installation.
  • They will complete the whole project in a relatively short amount of time.

How To Find Best Concrete Contractors And Paving Companies:

Follow the following simple steps to find the best concrete contractors and paving companies near you.

Ask For Recommendations:

Ask for recommendations from people you know. Keep in mind that the only viable options are those companies whose services have been availed before by your friends or contacts.

Limit Your Search Radius:

Limit your search to the local area. You can find many reliable ones in close distances.

Years Of Experience:

Choose concrete contractors who have many years of experience. The more working experience they have, the better their service will be.

Certification And Qualification:

Ask for their qualifications. You have the right to ask this, and reliable contractors and companies will be more than happy to provide you with their certifications.

Online Search:

Search for the lists of best paving companies near me online. You will find a lot of them on the internet. Make sure your location is on when you are doing that. You can also input your location in the search tab.

Get Quotes:

Get quotes from different concrete contractors. Compare all the estimates, and hire the companies who will be most suitable for your wallet.


Check if they have proper licenses and certificates to operate in your local area.

Good Insurance Policy:

Ask for their insurance policy. Negotiate who will be paying compensation for any property damage.


Out of all the options, concrete pavements have proven to be the best choice. It is the recommended choice of many concrete contractors and paving companies due to its ease of installation. As the material is exceptionally strong, the pavement will be durable and will function even in harsh climates for a long time.

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How to Win Customers: Tips for Concrete Contractors and Paving Companies

How to Win Customers: Tips for Concrete Contractors and Paving Companies

Concrete Contractors and Paving Companies must play it smart. They need to win more clients so their respective businesses will prosper. One very good source is Selectedly  if you’re looking for top 10 customer service tips for multiple categories. 

The possibility of making a positive impression may only turn out once. Thus, it’s vital to satisfy clients on that first opportunity. What can help contractors stand out among the group? The answer is to deliver Selectedly customer service without fail. Here’s how you achieve this objective:

Prompt response is important. Answer the calls of potential customers for any inquiries. This makes them feel valued. If you can’t respond right away, make sure to call them back once you’re free. 

A dedicate business phone line works effectively. Answer and converse professionally since you don’t talk to friends but people who could be long-term clients.

Service should always come with a smile. This is a fundamental rule in customer service. Also, talk clearly and in a friendly tone even if you just converse through the phone.

Delivery of service must be quick and efficient. Contractors must be courteous at all times. Avoid making promises especially when it comes to completion dates. Commit what is manageable so you don’t disappoint customers. For instance, give a definite date for finishing paving works and be sure to complete the project as per the contract. Pleased customers will gladly refer you to their friends by exceeding their expectations. 

Assess your performance from time to time. Find out which areas of your practice require improvement. This will help in retaining existing clients and adding more to your network.

Promote the value of getting your service. You ought to justify the high costs of labor and materials. Customers must be convinced they get the best quality for such a high price. This is the kind of value reasonable patrons will always look for.

Professionalism is also necessary in the service industry. Your presentation for consumers must be inspiring and credible. It is the first step in encouraging people to choose you as service provider.  

Provide reliable references. Concrete contractors who are recommended by other homeowners or companies indicate several things. They are competent, truthful, and able to do an excellent job. Respectable references help build up your good standing.

It’s important to make you qualifications known. Credentials of contractors include portfolio, licenses, certifications, and insurance coverage. This will make customers feel comfortable. They are assured of transacting business with legitimate individuals. 

It’s not enough to sign an agreement, perform the job, finish it, and move on to another project. You have to get referrals. A referral means you have done the task very well since the client is willing to recommend you. This “word of mouth” endorsement is the easiest way of acquiring new business.


Customer service is something that service providers should not ignore. If you wish to learn more, revisit the Selectedly website. That could make a big difference. 


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