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Why would you need a plumbing contractor?

A tiny pipe leak that can easily and cheaply be fixed in minutes can cost thousands of dollars if left undone, interrupt your routine chores for weeks, and even damage your house structure in the long run. Thus, hiring a plumber immediately to fix the leak is very important. However, calling the first plumbing company that you see in the Yellow pages or in your Google search for a plumbing emergency is a mistake. Not all plumbers are the same. Some plumbers only provide temporary resolutions by addressing basic repairs. Plumbing contractors specialize in providing permanent solutions that may entail remodeling or revamping your piping system or making major piping upgrades to meet your new requirements. Thus, finding the right plumbing contractor entails research.


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Why would you need a plumbing contractor?

A tiny pipe leak that can easily and cheaply be fixed in minutes can cost thousands of dollars if left undone, interrupt your routine chores for weeks, and even damage your house structure in the long run.  Thus, hiring a plumber immediately to fix the leak is very important.  However, calling the first plumbing company that you see in the Yellow pages or in your Google search for a plumbing emergency is a mistake.  Not all plumbers are the same.  Some plumbers only provide temporary resolutions by addressing basic repairs.  Plumbing contractors specialize in providing permanent solutions that may entail remodeling or revamping your piping system or making major piping upgrades to meet your new requirements.  Thus, finding the right plumbing contractor entails research. 

Plumbing vs. Plumb Contracting 

For typical plumbing problems in your home such as a jammed gutter, dripping faucet, leaky pipes, clogged drains, running toilets or slow water pressure, or other basic repairs, a plumber is a person that you will most likely call to the rescue. Plumbers handle basic mending’s usually in emergency circumstances.  A plumbing contractor, on the other hand, is mostly involved in bigger plumbing projects such as those new constructions, housing renovation as well as other tasks that comprise large plumbing system including water supply, heating and septic system, among others. Plumbing contractors have a more comprehensive understanding of the plumbing system including water piping, heat piping, sewage and drainage system, among others. 

The work of plumbing contractors 

Repairing that leaky faucet or clogged drainage is the least of the things that a licensed plumbing contractor can perform.  A plumbing contractor’s job including the installation, restoration and maintenance of pipes and plumbing fixtures for ensuring the smooth transportation of water, gas, sewage, and drainage in residential, commercial and industrial edifice. In performing these functions, a plumbing contractor must have the knowledge and proficiency in understanding, analyzing and interpreting blueprints and building plans and specs to comprehend the layout of plumbing structures, water reserve grids, exhaust systems, sewage and drainage systems. In installing and repairing plumbing systems, a plumbing contractor needs to identify specific tools and equipment needed for fixing the issues as well as the type and size of piping material. This may entail the mounting of provisions for hanging, standing and laying pipes, fittings and tools.  Replacing and cutting pipes would involve clearly identifying damaged components, marking points and connective stations to ensure precision. 

In dealing with large piping systems in residential, commercial and industrial structures, a plumbing contractor must be familiar or knowledgeable about pertinent building codes, local policies and regulations relating to water networks as well as occupational safety procedures that they need to follow in the course of their work. 

The installation of piping system for water or heat should be closely coordinated with other 

Integral home systems such as electrical wiring system, architectural design and drywall construction among others as this affects the rest of the house components. 

Levels of Plumbers in Plumbing contractors

Plumbing contractors have different plumbers with different level of training.  These are the different general types of plumbers based on level. 

Master plumber. The master plumber possesses a master plumber license which one can secure by passing a state exam and rigorous vocational training.  He also holds extensive knowledge of plumbing acquired from years of practical experience.  He is the one involved in reading blue prints, in planning piping systems, ensuring compliance with pertinent local policies and regulations and general supervision of work. 

Journeyman plumber. The Journeyman plumber is the intermediate level of plumbing.  Aside from the journeyman license, this level of plumbing also have extensive practical experience on plumbing works but still lack proficiency in understanding comprehensive piping systems for gas, water and drainage.

Apprentice plumber. Apprentice plumbers are rookie plumbers who are capable of performing basic plumbing repairs and act as assistant to major installation or repair jobs to journeyman plumbers.  Being the neophytes, they are mostly involved in doing the secondary works of plumbing. 

Specializations of Plumbing contractors

While plumbing contractors generally provide complete plumbing services for all the needs a new construction or a renovation project.  Still some have expertise in specific aspects of the plumbing occupation.

Water supply systems.   Plumbing contractors specializing in water supply systems have expertise in installing hot and cold water supply in toilets, sinks, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas in the building that require clean safe tap water.  They are also experts in integrating alternative sources of energies such as solar panel systems or natural gas to provide hearing.  They also install tanks for water storage, collecting rain to be used for irrigating garden.

Sanitary and Hygiene.  Plumbing contractors specializing in sanitary plumbing have expertise in fixing pipe and fixtures such as soil pipe, ventilation and overflow pipe for transmitting water supply
for cleaning and processing systems intended for different purposes such as food processing and medical services among others.  These contractors are specially knowledgeable about compliance requirements of a building as implemented by the local or state government. 

Gasfitting. This plumbing contractor specializes in installation and repair of piping, valves, ventilation, meters and flue pipes used for transporting gas for providing heat as well as heating water. They also specialize in installing and testing heaters, cooktops, LPG and natural gas fitting lines to ensure safe and smooth conveyance of gas. 

Roof Plumbing. This contractor specializes in addressing guttering or piping issues in the roof issues. They are involved in fabricating and customizing metal roofing, grooves ditches, channels and downpipes.  They also specialize in installing casements and portholes as well as chimneys and vents in roofs. 

Drainage and Sewage. Plumbing contractors specializing in drainage are competent in installation of drain-waste-vent to eliminate sewage and dirty water from a building as well as for synchronizing air pressure in the waste-system pipes to ensure smooth outflow. Their work usually involves digging canals or trenches, cleaning and fixing underground drains as well as maintaining and operating water treatment systems.

Mechanical Services. Plumbing contractors specializing in this category are experts in air-conditioning systems to maintain your home or building comfortable regardless of season.  They are involved in installing hydronic and ducted heating as well as evaporative cooling systems among others. 

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How to find good plumbers in San Francisco

Plumbers are one of the most unappreciated workers in the world in spite of their fundamental importance.  More than just fixing leaks or replacing pipes and faucets, plumbers work on the system of pipes and its related equipment required for transporting fluids (i.e. safe water supply), disposing and removal of waste (i.e. sewage) and heating (e.g. gas piping). The work of plumbers is vital in maintaining our hygiene, health and safety or basically our basic needs for subsistence.  Thus, it is important to find good plumbers to do your plumbing problems.  Here are tips on how to find good plumbers in San Francisco. 

Sources to find a plumber

Your personal network. Knowing the sources of where to find a plumber is the first step in finding a good one.  The most common approach is by using your network especially from your family, relatives, friends, work colleagues, neighbors and other people you trust.  Getting referrals from people you trust is a good way to find a good plumber. This is because most of these people may have had experience of dealing with a recommended plumber.  If the name of a plumbing contractor has been recommended by your personal network for several times by different persons, that could also be reflect that such plumber is really great and reliable. 

Internet. Using the internet has become that standard way of finding anything.  By simply typing the right keywords in your browser, you can get a list of plumbers in San Francisco.  You can find their websites and get background information about your prospective plumber.  Since company websites would certainly provide only positive information about their respective companies, you can opt to check online reviews from third parties in order to see the reliability and trustworthiness of a plumbing contractor. There are also websites that provide lists of plumbers in San Francisco such as,,,, and  Note however that these lists are often paid advertisements with paid reviewers but at least you will be able get a list of prospects.  However, the best way to really check the background is still to check on people who have had experience with their work. 

Other sources.  Other sources of where to find plumbers in San Francisco included: Trade associations, local business listings, home depots or hardware stores as well as real estate agents.  Trade associations of plumbers such as UA Local 38, United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local, CA State Pipe Trades Council, and Plumbers Local 38, among others maintain directories of their members where you can contact professional plumbers. Local business listings (Better Business Bureau) also provide directories where your research for a plumber in your particular area. Home depots and hardware stores also deal with plumbers, who often buy to them for tools, equipment and supplies.  Finally, real estate agents also deal with plumbers with whom they might have dealt with in order to repair and improve the properties that they sell. 

Check plumber’s license 

After creating a list of prospective plumbers, it is important to verify the license of each plumber to work in the industry.  Plumbers in San Francisco and in the state of California are required to take a state licensing board to obtain a valid license to work.  Checking the license of a plumber will help ensure that one have the skills and requirements to do the job. 

How to check license? You can directly ask a plumbing contractor for one’s license, check their website or visit the Contractor's State License Board agency.  However, another convenient way to verify the license status of a professional plumber in San Francisco is via online. Simply visit the website of the Contractor's State License Board (CSLB) at  At the left side of its homepage website below its main heading is an Instant license check.  Simply enter the license number of your contractor to see if the license of a contractor is revoked, expired pending, or existing.  Furthermore, major plumbing problems not only require licensed professional plumbers but government work permits as well. Note that while a licensed plumber is important, it is not required for very minor plumbing repairs such as fixing simple leaks or changing faucets, which you can do on your own.  

Importance of license.Aside from ensuring competency of a professional plumber to do work, an owning a license can also reflect other items which are equally important in the undertaking.  First of all, most licensed professional plumbers are insured.  Considering the hazards and risk involved in their work especially in handling gas pipes, insurance is needed to provide protection for both you and the plumber in case of accidents or mishaps. Most licensed plumbers in San Francisco also have bonds and warranties to their professional work. A surety bond will protect you in case of substandard work or failure of the plumber to meet contract conditions with you.  A warranty, on the other hand, refers to a specified period of time during which your plumber will repair or refix problems arising from their previous job to ensure customer satisfaction free of charge. 

What to compare?

After you have created your list of prospective plumbers in San Francisco, you need to make a comparison in order to determine which is best for you. But what are the things that you need to consider in making a comparison?

Feedback and reviews. These pertain to the negative and positive reactions or opinions of people who have had experience dealing with said plumbing contractor.  Under this heading, it is important to check for complaints against said plumber about their work, attitude, after service, etc. the Better Business Bureau is a great source for checking complaints. 

Experience. The longer a plumber had been in the business, the more experience he had and more competent in doing work.

Expertise. Plumbing involves a wide area of work including sewage, water supply, gas piping, heating, solar panel installation, etc. Depending on your requirements, you should consider the expertise of a plumbing contractor that fits what kind of work you need. 

Price. Pricing is another major item that you need to compare. Apparently, your budget will limit your choices.  Note however that quality has its price. Because of the license, insurance, warranty and the surety bonds, professional plumbers in San Francisco are relatively more expensive than fly by night second-rate plumbers.   

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Different Aspects of a Plumbing Contractor’s Work

In general terms, the plumbing contractor San Francisco performs tasks related to installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs of anything to do with water systems. These are pipes, fixtures, and connections that enable the flow of clean water in and out of houses or buildings. Contractors specialize in either of residential, industrial, and commercial establishments. Some take on all three industries. Those who maintain a team of plumbers’ contract big projects. Individual plumbers prefer smaller projects. 



Some contractor focus on retrofitting and remodeling tasks. These usually call for an upgrade or changing of systems for efficiency as well as conformity to codes. Retrofit plumbing refers to install fixtures that modify or replace existing ones. The primary goal of this job is to save water, limit flow, or displace volume. This type of plumbing helps the home or building owner in preserving limited supply. 


The success of an upgrade depends not only on adherence to benchmarks. Correct installation and maintenance become crucial to the following objectives:

  • Conservation of water
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sanitation or hygiene
  • Durability
  • Safety

Plumbers take care of the hard work. Manufacturers help to develop codes and standards in the industry. This is part of the effort to improve plumbing services in homes, commercial, and institutional facilities. 



Remodeling in plumbing is necessary if the client wants a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Or, the house may have incurred extensive damage therefore requiring plumbers to rework the drainage or fix the ductwork. The logic behind restoration is to prevent problems in the future. For example, fixing pipes is meant to reduce the noise that reverberates through the walls. 


The remodeling plumber must understand the design of residential homes and updated on all codes/ordinances in the community. You can find referrals for a dependable and licensed remodeling expert through general contractors. The contractor working with the plumber can check the latter’s work before laying the flooring. In any remodel, contractors must inspect the following:

  • Clean solder joints
  • Sharp 90-degree angles
  • Holes with accurate sizes in the flooring, trusses, and studs.


These are essential details that ensure quality work. Competent general contractors will not tolerate an irresponsible or incapable plumber. The smallest mistake can be damaging and expensive. For example, an overlooked leaking pipe can damage walls and hardwood floors. At the same time, it complicates the entire project with wasted time, lawsuits, loss of  money, and insurance claims. The bottom line is neglect ruins the reputation of the contractor and plumber. Thus, it is important to look for a skilled plumbing contractor San Francisco.


Ruptured Washing Machine Pipes

Some plumbing contractors focus on repair of washing machine hoses that fractured. This often happens to users who don’t turn off or forget to shut down the two valves of the washer whenever they do the laundry. The washing machine hoses is pressurized at 50 up to 80 pounds for every square inch. 


Once the hoses malfunction, around 650 gallons of water per hour will spurt from the hose with a diameter of 3/8 inch. Water weighs approximately 8.30 pounds/gallon. Just imagine what happens when more than two tons of water burst. The problem can be very serious if nobody is inside the house when the accident happens. 


For example, a plumbing contractor recalled how a hose shattered while the home’s occupants were on vacation. When they returned, the water rose to the level of their windows. There was another instance when the hose burst resulting in damages worth more than $40,000. 


Many consumer-grade hoses for washing machines are inexpensive but inferior in terms of quality. These products last only between four and five years. Consider asking your plumbing contractor to use industrial-grade hoses with connections made of brass. This can turn out a wise decision instead of taking the risk with cheap models. It’s worth the investment. Besides, warranties are frequently determined in decades rather than years. 


Flawed Water Heaters & Cold-Water Storage Tanks

Expect the standard water heater to endure for only seven years. Most households replace these fixtures several times over the lifespan of said structure. Nevertheless, the theater empties out due to leakage and failure. It doesn’t refill automatically. The result is a large volume of water possibly leaking into the basement.  

A cold-water storage tank can lead to a serious concern if it seeps to the basement. During the summer months, condensation form on the surface and drain to the basement flooring. Ask the plumber to install a plastic ring around the heater and storage tank. This move can prevent water from draining into the perimeter waterproofing system. Flood water enters the system and automatically drained out of the house.


Plumbing Expenses

You may be surprised after receiving the bill for a few hour’s plumbing services. Does it mean the contractor tried to deceive you?  Plumbing contractor’s fees are normally high. Reasons include the following:

Cost of materials

The difficulty of the job

The bill includes transport to and from your home

Weekend or emergency night calls may add to the hefty fee


Remember hiring an experienced plumbing contractor San Francisco for complicated projects. Always keep this factor in mind. 



How to Find the Right Contractor 

You can contact plumbing contractors usually by phone. Check out the company website carefully to determine capabilities, services rendered, customer reviews, and information about the service provider. Schedule an appointment for inspection. The plumber must inspect the worksite first before preparing a formal written quote. 


Small problems normally entail lower costs. These issues include leaking faucets, clogged toilets, and congested garbage disposal systems. It is the plumber’s responsibility to explain the detailed scope of work to clients. Both parties must sign the agreement before starting the job. 


Choose a licensed plumbing contractor with insurance coverage (liability and worker’s compensation). Check the provider’s references as well as credentials. Make sure that insurance policies are active and updated. This will prevent problems if accidents take place unexpectedly. 

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Individual Plumbers and Plumbers Contractors – Distinguish the Difference

Many people get mixed up between plumbers operating individually and those who operate as plumbers-contractors. Here’s the basic distinction. The ordinary plumber fixes common household issues like leaky spouts, clogged toilets, and broken pipes.  A plumbing contractor takes on bigger tasks. Most of their projects include constructions from scratch and renovations. These service providers handle pipe replacement, sewer systems, and water supply.


Plumber’s Services

To be specific, plumbers on-call respond to emergency situations for minor repairs. This plumbing specialist installs or mends the following fixtures:

  • Toilets and faucets
  • Sinks and bathtubs
  • Shower heads and drains
  • Small pipes
  • Hot and cold-water dispensers
  • Filtration systems


Contractor’s Services

The contractor performs complicated and bigger jobs although these plumbers also deal with repairs. Some of their usual jobs include: 

Setting up or overhauling waste disposal mechanisms

Installing gas pipelines, water heaters, and ducts for wastes or smoke gases

Mounting gas-control valves, backflow prevention devices for water supply systems, conditioning and softening apparatus, and household appliances hooked up to the home’s water source.

Conducting inspection of plumbing works

Working on water line leaks in backyards


Many plumbers-contractors received training in certain aspects of home building and renovation.


Making a Choice

General contractors usually recommend plumbing firms with adequate experience in big-ticket undertakings. Each one has a field of specialization like installation of ducts and pipes in new construction or repairing installed pipelines. Some plumbers focus on fire sprinklers. However, these are more common in business establishments than residential units. In some American states (California, Maryland, and Pennsylvania), officials are requiring this fire protection gear in all housing constructions.


Home Refurbishment

Plumbing contractors also specialize in home remodeling. You can employ them for replacement or transfer of pipes as well as the installation of sinks, faucets, and toilets. Projects must be in line with state and federal codes. These plumbers have the capability to figure out and communicate blueprint details. Contractors must understand how plumbing fits into the project’s overall objective. Service providers are expected to know ordinances and local regulations related to construction.

Water and Gas Lines

Not all plumbers have the expertise to work on complex assignments which include pipe-laying, resolving water pressure issues, and dealing with unexpected temperature fluctuations. For instance, the plumber who lays pipes must have in-depth knowledge of distances between pipes as well as city policies on the installation of water lines. 


Otherwise, homeowners may encounter problems in the long run. Installation of natural gas lines is another convoluted job. Gas plumbers must be capable of fixing water or installing heaters along with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC), outdoor grills, fireplaces, and stoves. 


Qualifications and Credentials

Look for plumbers-contractors with licenses and certifications to work on septic tanks or gas duct connections. This type of work calls for a master plumbing license, extensive experience, and training. The property owner must check the plumber’s background carefully. 


Plumbers normally start their careers as apprentices. Each one undergoes periodic instructions and testing before earning the Journey Plumbing License. The goal of these skilled workers is to reach the master status. Apprentice license is for beginners. Journey licenses require a specific number of training hours as well as experience. 


Only those who pass state-authorized exams are awarded this license. Master Plumber licenses are given only to journey plumbing experts who reached the prescribed number of hours and pass mandatory tests.

Aside from licensing, homeowners must examine the service provider’s insurance coverage. Plumbers must secure and present their workman’s compensation as well as liability insurance (minimum of $500,000) for the protection of both parties. This coverage is essential in case of unexpected accidents. 


Best Sources 

Your primary resources for plumbers or contractors would be the following:

A personal referral from neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers

Web-based referral services such as Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Networx which provides consumers access to a broad network of service professionals throughout the country. 

Local newspaper and television advertisements

Word of Mouth from previous customers


Advice for Homeowners

Households must remember that the residential unit’s water system consists of an intricate network. The whole structure includes pipes, ducts, and small fixtures. All these contribute to providing clean water, safe waste disposal, and other related conveniences for occupants. 


The plumbing system covers home and public well-being. Henceforth, designs, as well as layouts, are regulated by standards to guarantee proper workmanship. It is also the main reason why plumbers need to secure licenses along with accreditations from reputable organizations. 


There is no law preventing ordinary persons from fixing busted faucets or unclogging pipes. In fact, you can read hundreds of easy to follow tips online on how to do emergency plumbing. In short, you can perform DIY plumbing for small hitches. On the other hand, plumbing capabilities, experience, and the right tools are necessary for bigger problems and undertakings. Forget the DIY approach if your sewage system is the main issue. Call the plumber right away.


However, avoid hiring just any plumber. Find the skilled and responsible person who can accomplish the job correctly, safely, and economically. See to it the work does not turn out as a costly failure. This is all about quality of work and honesty. Browse through the long list of providers in your neighborhood or community. 


Check with family members or neighbors who have experienced plumbing dilemmas in the past. Then, start calling their business phone numbers. It is always to deal with professionals who have permanent offices, contact details, and work portfolios. 


Do not forget to conduct a quick interview about the plumber’s know-how, previous projects, equipment, and licenses. Of course, do this tactfully. You can even ask clients about their work. Are there any complaints about their services? 


Ideally, plumbers like most contractors guarantee their works along with components used. The typical warranty is good for one full year. Of course, inquire about fees if these are reasonable and commensurate to the services delivered.

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The right to Make Your Plumbing energy efficient

While it might not be possible to replace an entire sink or shower, replacing the taps and showerheads can make a difference. The components at the fixtures have a tendency to wear out with time and it gets very tricky to wash rust and out the lime which makes it more easy to have them replaced.

Taps and aerators can help without reducing the water pressure at 23, you decrease the water flow of these taps. The savings will accumulate over time when you install these in the taps in your house.

2. Insulate Your Plumbing

In regards to improving the energy efficiency of your plumbing system, this is among the options. Insulating your plumbing helps retain the temperature much better.

3. Low-Flow Toilet

Installing low-flow bathrooms will also help you conserve energy. These toilets perform in addition to conventional bathrooms but are over 20 compared to the latter. You are given the choice to select between two flush kinds by dual-flush fixtures. Less water is used by one and is used for flushing waste that is fluid while another works like a flush and is powerful.

4. Pipe Setup Design

Keep your plumbing installations in mind when you are thinking of any home improvement project. Consider revamping them, if your plumbing systems are old. The water leak is faster After the plumbing lines are closer together. It's a fantastic idea to have your toilet, laundry area, and kitchen areas. This can help bring the pipes lines closer together saving you a significant quantity of energy and water.

5. Though this can be an option, you can easily out the costs in the long run. Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers can breed your plumbing system and boost your energy costs. If those appliances are older, it is a fantastic idea as the water drain and uses less water to do tasks that are basic.

Some Other Elements To Keep In View

Make certain that your family and you are currently making a concerted effort to conserve water. Don't leave taps running in your house if they aren't needed by you. It also wises to install sprinkler systems in your landscape, that function on rain detectors.

You'll find there's a shift in the energy-efficiency of your plumbing system if you follow these directions. These upgrades can also increase your home's value which is another bonus that is extra!

You can always check Top-10 List for Plumbing Companies. In Addition, you if you looking for a specific residential plumbing contractor

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The Road to Choosing the Right Plumbing Companies

The Road to Choosing the Right Plumbing Companies

As far as the Do-it-yourself project is concerned, plumbing tops the chart of tasks homeowners would prefer to handle on their own. We can’t blame you if you’re also doing the same. In the world of social media and online videos, instructions on quick fixes are highly available on the Internet. As a result, there is a huge chance that homeowners are tempted to fix their pipes and plumbing systems on their own with the hopes of saving money against hiring professional plumbing companies. However, what we usually fail to realize is that fixing our pipes without proper tools and knowledge can easily turn our DIY approach into a disastrous project.

Reasons to rely on licensed plumbing companies instead of DIY

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider hiring professional plumbers than opting for DIY approach. For one, licensed plumbing companies won’t take your plumbing issues for granted. Even the simplest issues such as clearing the clog and fixing a leaking pipe qualified plumbing contractors always have the commitment to excellence. Additionally, most plumbing companies are willing to go far beyond their repair service. They may offer a thorough evaluation of your plumbing system’s condition and recommend appropriate fixes before problems can get worse.

Homeowners who do not have enough time to deal with plumbing issues can immediately call licensed contractors for a quick fix. Most plumbing services are highly available 24/7; they are the right people to call especially when you need your pipes to be fixed urgently. Experienced contractors can get the job done more quickly than amateurs without compromising the quality of your plumbing system. Surprisingly, hiring the right plumbing service is way less expensive than fixing the problems on your own. You won’t have to deal with back-jobs and spend more money for replacements whenever something goes wrong with the project. You save yourself from a lot of trouble from expensive consequences if you choose to hire an expert service.

Easy Ways to Hire A Credible Plumbing Service

  1. Evaluate the basic credentials – professional plumbing services are registered and they follow the state standards. When hiring a plumbing service you should look for the basic credentials which include license, certificate, and bonding. Aside from the basic credentials, you should choose plumbing contractors who are confident about their job. This means they are willing to give you warranties to ensure the underlying issues or your plumbing system is dealt with. Selectedly has hundreds of licensed and qualified plumbing professionals ready to help you out.

  2. Ask for references – it is easy to find contractors who claim to be credible in the industry. Don’t fall for marketing bait, find out the truth yourself. Ask for references to their previous job so you will have a clear picture of the quality of their work. Selectedly will get these details for you. Upon using our service, we will request a copy of the contractor’s complaint history to see if the candidate is credible enough to handle your project.

  3. Interview with hiring – Selectedly recommended interviewing 3 plumbing companies so you will get the right contractor that meets your requirements. Our experts will assist you from getting their credentials to interviewing the top three candidates before hiring so you can come up with an informed decision that you won’t later regret. 

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Our research we’ll ensure you get the best top-10 companies in your county.