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TOP 10 Kitchen & Bath Remodelers in San Francisco County CA.

Getting good and reliable kitchen and bathroom remodel is never easy, out of 100's of companies witch one will you choose? well, we have a solution for you will make it easy for you to choose by searching the kitchen and bathroom industry in San Francisco, CA. We found the top remodelers in your area, all you need to do is select a couple out of the top-10 list. We check it all, insurance, license, clients references, etc.  

Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is simple and plain or a luxurious master ensuite, functionality should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel; before you decide bathroom remodeling, you should consider the following:


The TOP 10 Kitchen & Bath Remodelers in San Francisco County CA

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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling and general renovation. Selectedly
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Everlast Construction is Selectedly Top-10 Company.

Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions 2ns story additions and remodeling contractor in San Francisco, CA Everlast Construction is Selectedly Top-10 Company.

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Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is simple and plain or a luxurious master ensuite, functionality should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel; before you decide bathroom remodeling, you should consider the following:



Plumbing for residential homes measure 1½-inch pipes and it gets easily clogged with many gunk and hair falling down the drain so buy larger pipes for the lesser possibility of getting clogged up.



Include one/two recessed light fixtures to brighten up the room as light fixtures that are properly placed go a long way to help brighten up the way to you what you’re doing close up. Likewise, vanity lighting that is well-designed eliminates the shadows on your faces while using it.


Medicine cabinets. 

Ensure that you have adequate room at your vanity to have your medicine cabinet protrude by 4 to 5 inches.


Wall-hung toilets. 

They are now inexpensive and they also save space since the tank is hidden behind the wall; consider advantages with the special fixtures. 


A window in the shower. 

Choose a frosted-glass panel for privacy and be sure that the sill slopes down and out of the way for proper drainage.


Shower sills. 

Choose a material that is solid, like stone or quartz and with tile on your shower curb as water located along the grout lines will eventually seep through to the framing.


Bathroom remodeling tips


1. Bathroom planner: Prepare a bathroom planner after discussing fixtures and finishes with folks at home then prepare your budget; use this planner as guide to bathroom renovation plan as you move along with the project. Remember that it is better that the new bath’s plumbing fixtures is kept close to the existing plumbing of the bathroom.

2. Bathroom layout: Homes usually have at least one bathroom with a sink, toilet, and bathtub with optional extras, such as the shower, a bidet and an extra sink is needed in households where more than one person is using the bathroom.


3. A customized bathroom: Bathroom is customized by installing a number of suite fixtures; the final design usually has a matching countertop and built-in cabinets around a certain area of the room.


4. Waterproof wet room: It’s important for the whole bathroom room to be waterproofed so your shower must have an enclosure allowing the water to run away through a drain installed in the floor. 


5. Noise problem:  Bathroom noise due to running water is usually an issue so to minimize your toilet tank’s noise while it’s being refilled, install a modern inlet valve.


6. Powder room: Powder room, also known as half-bath, can be part of your home layout; it includes a toilet and sink but there is no bathtub or shower.


7. Bathroom ventilation solutions: Proper ventilation is very important, especially if you want to ensure that your bathroom remodel project lasts for years to come. 

A fan of top-quality is essential to ensure optimum indoor air quality and it’s definitely worth every penny.


8. Use of a heated floor: Having a floor heating system that can be laid under the tile in the shower is a nice add-on and it has more comfortable ambient air temperature, for those who are interested in this type of bathroom, it is ideal to consult a professional who would help you plan the layout.


9. Maximize the space: Utilize all bathroom spaces and if the space is small, you can make it look bigger by the use of glass doors in both bathtubs and showers.


10. Timeless and durable flooring: Floorings made of ceramics, porcelain, and tiles look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, and by being water-resistant, they are perfect tiles for bathroom flooring.


Enjoy these benefits after bathroom remodeling


Remodeling your bathroom dramatically increases the value of your home and by updating old features with baths, sinks and toilets that are modern and energy efficient, you increase the value of your home by more than by $2000-$3000; furthermore, with a higher ROI, you have peace of mind that your house will be easier to sell.


Renovate your bathroom and have the opportunity to repair any features that are dangerous or unsafe inside the bathroom whether it is just a leaking pipes, defective lighting, broken tiles, etc.


Another huge benefit of bathroom remodeling is the space gained in your bathroom and you now provide more spacious by remodeling it. You have to open and expand the room, utilize new designs and change outmoded furniture to provide real transformation in your bathroom.


There is now great buzz using energy efficient or green homes that EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimated about 10% homeowners are using to upgrade their bathrooms with energy efficient appliances and fixtures. These bring to your homes savings of at least $1.5 billion worth of energy costing 70 billion gallons of water.


When remodeling your bathroom, you can enjoy some luxuries of the modern age at least within this part of the house as you make it much more attractive, functional and enjoyable. Watch for these countless innovations in regards to bathroom fixtures as sinks, toilets, shower cabinets and lighting. Your comfy bathroom is the ideal venue to watch your favorite shows on television while you splash in your Jacuzzi tub or enjoy the warmth toilet seat during cold winter nights.


Looking forward

Five years from now when your children have their own families, your home may be too big for you to look after and you decide to purchase a smaller one, then it’s vital to guarantee  that your property value increases over time and considering that your home is renovated for that purpose. On the other hand, if you’re planning to live in your home for a couple of years, it’s very important to ensure that the design of your bathroom remodel is the design you would really love and fits with your style and preferences. Bathroom remodeling is more than a trend, it is a necessity; therefore if you want to give your bathroom a more modern & appealing aspect, do not hesitate to start the work as soon as possible.


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Three Essential Aspects of Kitchen Remodeling

Majority of American homeowners spend considerable time and resources for kitchen remodeling San Francisco. There are different elements of renovation. Three of the most important are lighting, cabinets, cupboards, and floors. This article describes how you should tackle each area practically. 


Type of Lighting Kitchens Need

Lighting is a major consideration in any restoration project. Brightness remains a priority in the food preparation area. Illumination is part of safety concerns. Bear in mind you work with sharp objects and very hot cooking implements. Besides, luminosity gives the kitchen an inviting and laidback ambiance. Ideal lighting fixtures include fluorescent lamps and quartz-halogen lamps.


Avoid Poor Lighting 

Inadequate lighting is often the cause of cooking accidents. Some homeowners commit the mistake of installing many fixtures but insufficient wattage. Avoid such lapses. Create a reasonable lighting plan. And, seek professional help for implementation of this scheme.


Types of Fixtures

Fluorescent lamps cost more than incandescent bulbs. However, the low-pressure and mercury-vapor tube turns out cost-effective in the long-term. These energy-efficient fixtures emit less heat compared to the incandescent or halogen variety. The compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) generates the same amount of lumen with reduced energy output. CFL bulbs produce between 50 and 100 lumens (LM) per watt compared to the incandescent bulb with only 16 lumens/watt.


The CFL lasts from 10 up to 20 times than its incandescent counterpart. This means it can operate from 6,000 until 10,000 hours. Bulbs have a short operational life of 1,000 hours. With CFLs, the homeowner can look forward to more light distribution and diffusion. On the contrary, incandescent bulbs yield undiffused brightness that cause glares and uneven lighting.

Even then, bulbs have been common lighting sources in houses for many decades. The cheap bulb comes in different colors, sizes, and wattages. Halogen lamps radiate very bright and sunshine-level of brilliance. However, this lighting fixture is more expensive. The intense heat creates more fire risk compared to other kinds of lighting. Don’t use halogen bulbs near kitchen curtains and plastic objects.


Modern kitchens take to CFLs which include the fancy neon-colored products. The traditional kitchen fits more with warm incandescent illumination. Halogen is common to both styles.


Limitless Options

Choices have become almost unlimited. The space age has inspired fashionable, yet simple fixtures suspended from the ceiling like big crown jewels. Conventional fittings have progressed from stained-glass pendants to brass lamps and sophisticated-looking sconces. To highlight space and enhance functionality, creative homeowners use powerful floodlights or recessed spotlights with focused beams for a task as well as ambient lighting. The only drawback is a costly installation.


Choosing your Cabinets 


Styles and sizes of cabinets are crucial to kitchen remodeling San Francisco. Homemakers who love the lustrous or glossy look may want to try European-style cabinets without frames. There are also trendy laminate models in pure colors or artificial stone patterns. Raised panels fit preferences of homeowners who for classic design. These will look elegant in a newly-remodeled kitchen. 


It’s also possible to tweak the traditional appearance of doors and drawers. You can use either informal or formal finishes to achieve this objective. There’s a broad range of finishes available for meticulous homeowners. Dark mahogany projects formality. Natural maple is less stiff because of the fine texture. Pine has become a regular favorite. Oak translates to very casual. 


New cabinets are practical solutions in kitchen updates. However, you need not replace the entire fixture if the interiors are still in good condition. Just repair the doors, change knobs, and repaint for a fresher look. The enhancement will cost you less than buying a new fixture. 


Some contractors reface cabinets using laminates. Others use wood. It depends on the owner’s choice. Open shelves are trendy. But, you should have the patience in dealing with dust and grease through daily cleaning. Instead, consider glass doors for a more stylish appearance.



Increase the storage space of your cabinetry with beautiful interior fittings. A corner cupboard with revolving tray or stand provides convenient access to your supplies. Depositories with sliding doors keep appliances concealed and dust-free. Otherwise, install electrical outlets in the cabinets. There’s an extra convenience of using the microwave or toaster without removing them from the compartment. 


Deep drawers are perfect for hiding unappealing but necessary stuff like cleaners or trash cans. Opt for a pull-out box instead of a removable cupboard. Deep and tight spaces mounted as sliding cabinets can accommodate cumbersome items like big pans or baking and cookie sheets. Your cabinets will only look better along with smart countertops. 

What to Do with Flooring

Kitchen floor installation costs around four percent of the kitchen remodeling San Francisco budget. Flooring with light color makes space appear larger. Lay diagonal tiles instead of parallel to wall panels. Large tiles (12 x 12 inches) can minimize grout lines. Yet, some kitchens look better with smaller tiles with decorative designs. 


Popular choices include vinyl tiles or sheets. The material has advantages compared to other options.


Easy Installation

Simple maintenance



Vinyl offers an assortment of styles at a higher cost of course like the old Roman marble flooring or the swinging Fifties. Upscale vinyl contains a heavy urethane wear coating for resistance to stain and retention of gloss. Lower-priced vinyl tiles also have a coat but not as thick as the pricey variety. 


Linoleum remains a good choice because of low market price and toughness. One class is the all-natural linoleum like wood fiber, pine resin, and linseed oil. This material comes in solid matte-finished shades and marble patterns for that retro look. Laminate floors belong to the synthetic category. It looks like stone, wood, or marble. Laminate surface is fitted with a rock-hard plastic layer like the photographic stamp of stone or timber.


Hardwood floors are long-lasting and complement any kind of kitchen embellishments. Wood looks cozy, natural, and durable. The flooring comes in the following categories:

Plank – Boards three to seven inches in width and ¾ of an inch in thickness

Strip - Narrow boards below three inches wide

Parquet – Patterned flooring made of geometric forms


Other choices consist of rubber, ceramic tiles, terra-cotta and quarry tiles, and natural stone. 


There you have it. Review these pointers carefully to help you in planning for a successful kitchen remodeling.


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Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Does that make you feel better about using a kitchen? It should!

What to bear in mind while remodeling, and the trick to getting the most from a kitchen, is currently optimizing the efficiency of your work triangle. A motivation for individuals to remodel their kitchens is a lack of counter space. Creating storage for small appliances is to improve space, as is currently installing wall ovens. Another way to increase space in a kitchen that is small is to set up an under mount sink. Another way to acquire area is to move the sink into the border in the counter's middle.

Consider dividing the oven and cooktop when it comes to installing a toaster in a kitchen remodel. A wall oven and cooktop that is can make room for extra storage space that is under-counter. If you decide to go for the oven and a variety, use the notion of the work triangle as your guide. If you cannot transfer your sink because of the cost of transferring pipes, it is less expensive to move the oven as well as the workstation. Arranging your kitchen so the refrigerator is adjacent to the workstation, which is adjacent to a sink, with is adjacent to a small counter top, which is adjacent to the oven is 1 way to get the most from a kitchen remodel.

Using vertical space is another way to maximize a kitchen's performance. Think about space that you had not considered you had never imagined it could adapt when remodeling a kitchen that is small. Wine fridge under the counter? Why not? Shelves that hit the ceiling to reach them? Sure! Of course! When you are remodeling a kitchen, consider vertical when it comes to storage.


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Why need to remodel your bathroom?

A bathroom is one of the most essential areas of your house. Not only it is a room but like the kitchen and other rooms, it is used every day. You might want to remodel it as per your needs and requirements. There are a number of reasons which motivate you to hire a bathroom remodeler. Therefore hiring a remodeler for your bathroom will let you have a beautiful and elegant bathroom reflecting your personality. 


Adding a bathroom

One of the top reasons for a bathroom remodeling is that people want to add the bathroom in their room. The most important reasons for adding the bathroom are for creating the master suite, turning a closet into one and adding the bathroom to the floor which does not have. Adding the bathroom is not a cheap task, it is an expensive one especially for the areas which are far away from the plumbing and pipes connections. So, when you initiate such kind of project, then be ready for all the pros and cons. 


Expanding a bathroom

Not everyone can afford to add the bathroom as it costs is a little expensive. However, in such a situation, you can add space to the existing one so that you can have a budget-friendly project. In fact, expanding the bathroom is always a good alternative by just adding a tab or a shower. Adding such things in your bathroom will not cost you much. So, when you have a limited budget, then going with this alternative is always welcome by the people. 


Accommodating to suit the aging needs

When you get age, there are some changes which are needed to be in the bathroom for your convenience. These changes will be better for accommodating you. The changes may involve adding rails or a ledge to the shower. In fact, when you have some elderly person in our house, then also these changes are desperately needed to suit them. Getting these changes done in the bathroom will definitely assure the convenience to you. 


Updating the bathroom

Styles changes over time. Like other rooms, the styles for bathroom also changes and surely we want to be updated with these changes. Each and every aspect of the house is a reflection of your personality and style. Remodeling it with the bathroom remodelers will let you the latest trend and make it a little trendy one. Blending the different colors and other fixtures will bring a new bathroom in front of your eyes which will be surely loved by you. In fact, when you decide to move out, then you may want to sell your house and it needs to be the perfect one. In this whole process, how can a bathroom be untouched by the renovations? So, opting for renovations will let you have a brighter side of the bathroom which might be the selling point of your house. Thus, the reason for remodeling it may differ from person to person, but the aim is the same. The renovations are quite helpful in making the bathroom more functional. 


Improving the bathroom utility

Sometimes, you need to remodel your bathroom just to enhance its utility and it can be adding more storage or improving the ventilation system of the bathroom. You also wish to add the walk-in shower or even wish to have a double sink. To fulfill your desire and need, you may want to opt for bathroom remodeling. 


Fixing the plumbing problem of the bathroom

When the plumbing issue is minor, you can take care of it by a simple procedure of repairing it with the help of a plumber. It will be completed by the minimal fuss and work. But, in case, leakage is from the walls, then surely, you need a lot of repairing and construction to stop the leakage. So, it's the right time to choose the bathroom remodeling. With this option, all your issues will be solved with the bonus of getting a new look to your bathroom. 


Installing the water saving devices

With the advancements in technology, nowadays many types of equipment and appliances are available to save the water. Installing these ones let you help in saving the water. But installing all these devices need a lot of construction. Therefore, your bathroom has to undergo a series of remodeling to install all these water saving devices. It is a good excuse to remodel your bathroom for installing the water saving devices. Some of them are low-flow toilets and shower heads. 


Improving the energy efficiency

Saving water is a good thing to do in your bathroom. Next in this queue is improving the energy efficiency in the bathroom. Have you ever give a thought for installing LED lights and CFL lights in order to save the electricity consumption which will surely cut down your power consumption and bills. It will help you in saving money. Putting energy efficient fans and ventilation fans will also contribute to saving energy consumption. 


Many of you want bathroom remodeler in order to simply change the looks of the bathroom. With time, the trend changes and all of us want to adopt these trends that make us trendy and classic. We want to be applauded by our friends, family, and guests for having a nice and elegant house. In order to fulfill this goal, we take care of our bathroom and want some changes to it. Either these changes are the minor one or major ones. A new look can be offered by simply changing the flooring of a bathroom. You can replace it with the vinyl flooring or something different. There is the ample number of choice. You can make your choices as per your needs and wishes. 


Sometimes, we need no reason to have a makeover of our bathroom. It can be done by simple desire of having new look and outcasting the old one. During remodeling, make sure that you are getting a value to your house. 

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Smart Ideas in Economical Kitchen Remodeling

How do you refurbish a residential food preparation area? It’s not easy to carry out a kitchen remodel San FranciscoFor this venture, you need enough money as well as sense of innovation.  

Right Start

Here’s the heads up. Sprucing up increases the home’s value significantly. However, homeowners don’t have to spend a fortune in making their kitchens look very opulent. Play it smart. Create a practical plan before starting your renovation. Work with design professionals if you have extra budget.

Consider the following suggestions for your planned facelift.

◊ Conduct extensive research. Reliable sources for creative concepts include home renovation magazinesimprovement stores, and residential improvement websitesLook at kitchen showrooms to get some pointers. Find out the costs of materials. Determine your requirements along with how much you can afford for the entire project.
◊ Plan the kitchen according to the style and structure of your abode. Ideally, the best person to draw the layout to scale would be a designer or architect.  Experts know the technical details and relevant design techniques. 
◊ For design ideas, try the low-priced design software that you can buy online. The program can help with space-planning. Or, try the cheap books on design packages available in bookstores. Some of the common design prototypes are L-shaped, One-wall, Corridor, U-shaped, and Double L.


◊ Get ready for unanticipated expenses. Set a specific budget plus (at least) 10 percent for contingencies. 
◊ When you deal with contractors, be wary of possible hidden costs. Consider labor costs, materials, delivery, and taxes. All these must comprise your spending budget. 
◊ Get the necessary building permits. Talk to the contractor before finalizing any agreement.
◊ Identify your needs against what you want. Avoid purchasing expensive and unnecessary stuff such as fancy fixtures or appliances. Stick to the basics of remodeling. Never compromise quality. The bottom line of refurbishing is to get value for your hard-earned money.


Importance of Layout 

Your kitchen must be functional. Reflect on layout. The remodeling plan must fit your needs. Evaluate what should work for your abode. Try the conventional work triangle pattern for three widely-used amenities. It refers to the distance betweenfridge, stove, and sink. In general, your refrigerator must be adjacent to the kitchen entrance. House occupants usually look first for this appliance.

This space must be as small as an adult’s footprint. The approach works frequently. Many homeowners find the arrangement convenient. If possible, include the wheeled cart for small items. Just put it away if not in use.

Purchase the following fittings in advance:

◊ Cabinets and cupboards
◊ Appliances
◊ Lights
◊ Tiles for flooring
◊ Baseboards 
◊ Sink
◊ Faucet


Demolition and Space Concerns

Optimize the floor plan for a successful kitchen remodel San Francisco. Demolition turns out easier and faster if you start by removing cabinet doors. Detach the door as well as window sills carefully if you plan to reuse these fixtures. Shut off the main power source before removing wired lights and appliances. Competent contractors will always prioritize safety. However, it’s good to plan for ease. Remember the following points:

◊ You need a minimum of 36 inches of countertop space for food preparation tasks. This is 24 inches on one side of your kitchen sink and 18 inches on the other part.
◊ Leave enough area in front of your refrigerator and cabinets. It allows unhampered opening of doors and easy movement. The ideal measurements are 30 up to 48 inches. 
◊ Walkways must be spacious for foot traffic flow. Leave at least 42 inches between aisles and counters. This makes it easier for people to  walk through the kitchen. 

Actual renovation begins after demolition. This work may require major construction work depending on the kitchen’s outline or configuration. It becomes more complicated if you plan to add or replace windows. Framing requires expertise. Make sure to work according to your refurbishment program. The mechanical aspect comes after framing. It includes installation or rerouting of electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and heating-ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC duct work. Hire licensed plumbers and electricians for this job.

Be prepared to find the middle ground when it comes to materials. For example, Italian marble tiles and solid custom cupboards look elegant. Yet, less expensive hardwood veneer cabinets produce the same effects. You can use the money for other more essential pieces. Exercise your creativity. It is possible to reuse old cabinets and fixtures for a classic kitchen look.


Hire Contractors or Opt for DIY Approach

It’s a choice between general contractors or small-scale service providers. The latter would be cheaper because of lower overhead. On the other hand, the general contractor has more experience. Regardless of your pick, see to it the person or company has valid license, insurance, and bond. 

Employ one with impressive credentials and charges reasonable fees. Formulate a payment schedule. Pay not more than 10 percent as upfront fee. Give another 50 percent once the job is halfway. Pay the remaining amount upon completion of the project.

If you’re knowledgeable about designing and possess carpentry skills, it would be logical to do it yourself. This hands-on-work is quite challenging. Even then, it’s worth taking on the task if you have the experience and enough time to spare. In this case, the kitchen remodel San Francisco will surely take a longer time. But, you reduce expenses by around ½ doing all the renovation work. 


Living without your Precious Kitchen

For the next few months, you will live without a kitchen. Thus, come up with a doable contingency plan in preparing meals for the time being. The plumbing may remain operational for a certain duration of the remodeling project. Most probably, the sink, cooking area, and most of your large appliances will be unserviceable. It would be practical to put the fridge and oven in your dining room. Flexibility is the key. Besides, the inconvenience is just temporary. After all, you will have a beautiful kitchen after the work is finished.

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Value and Benefits of Installing Sprinklers Systems in Residential Kitchen


People today have a tendency to undervalue the need for fire sprinklers in their houses because they lack information about their price and them.

Although fire sprinklers are an expense for each homeowner, research indicates that they significantly save lives and property. This has caused officials and the fire specialists to campaign in all homes for the installation of fire sprinklers. In the long run, fire sprinklers will be crucial for all households if it goes well.

Before we dive in into the price and benefits let us examine the basics of fire sprinklers.

They are. Your furniture and valuables don't soak and are designed to conserve property in case of a crisis.

The first step of installing a heating system is making sure the electric wiring is done correctly. Electricity is one of the causes of fire in homes making this step crucial. Technicians go to check the system to ensure it will work when required, after ensuring that everything is in order.

Some of the sprinklers that are Popular include:

Wet fire sprinkler: They're built with steel pipes and can expel pressurized water once the sprinkler head is switched on. They are the most frequently used since they are cost-effective, reliable and simple. They can't be put up in regions because they are vulnerable to freezing. This, in turn, alters the pressure in the pipes pushing against the water. It's expensive because of the use of pipes and due to maintenance.
Deluge fire sprinklers: They're connected to a water source through a deluge valve. The valve opens from the performance of smoke detection system or a heat.

The advantages of utilizing sprinklers

Fire sprinklers have benefits among them

Firefighters' lives are safeguarded with the assistance of this device. This is because sprinklers decrease the intensity of fires before their job is started by firefighters. Will be guarded in the flames that are all-consuming if there are installed.

Fire sprinklers go off discharging water a heat variation is there. This lowers the amount of harm that could be caused to your house and saves you plenty of losses.

They're the most Appropriate protection method
Sprinkler systems have proved to be more effective than smoke alarms and extinguishers. Neither does it require you to understand how to operate it nor does it rely on you to be to function.

Unless they're on the job sprinkler heads have the ability to blend in with the building's paint theme you will notice them. This guarantees that they match the inside of a kitchen maintaining the beauty of your space whilst keeping you safe in case a fire happens.

Once the fire has been put off when a blaze happens in buildings with sprinklers, the firefighters get into the scene. This makes fire sprinklers dependable rather than traditional techniques like hosepipes or fire extinguishers.

Unlike what you see in the films, fire sprinklers go off at the area. The other areas will stay dry. Do not worry that in case you put in a sprinkler your couch will get soaked because of the fire in your kitchen space. This won't be the case.

What costs are incurred by installing sprinklers?

Just as we appreciate the benefits of sprinklers in protecting us from flame calamities, they come at a price tag. Here are some of the expenses

1. Installation
This procedure depends on factors like the sort of pipes which will be used (aluminum or plastic ) and where you're situated, which could be in urban areas using municipal water or in the rural regions where water from private wells is used. The'sprinkled' square feet covers. To decrease the cost of the Sprinklers system is advised to install it throughout your kitchen renovation project.

2. Maintenance

Yearly maintenance fee for sprinklers systems in San Francisco costs between 35. This does not include the allowance for water wreckage. This demonstrates that installing a fire sprinkler is a worthwhile although huge investment so you can find.

The Conclusion

Increasing the installation expenses would indicate that at least $30 million would be shot up to by the cost of saving a life. This will, in turn, increase the price of living, which makes it hard for other people to find housing that is affordable. Every life is priceless.

Research indicates that fires are caused by cigarette smoking and children. It is crucial for all individuals to be certain they are careful when dealing with fire or the devices that make it.

Make certain to invest to ensure the protection of all things precious to you.

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Avoide Kitchen Remodel Mistake

Installing inaccessible taps. Opt for kitchen faucets that are either hands-free or operated by way of a lever as opposed to difficult-to-turn knobs. But that's only step one. For your taps to be really accessible, they also have to be reachable. Do not forget to: A. move plumbing pipes to the back to maximize your area and B. protect them with insulation or another barrier to guard against burns.
Floors with slip-hazard materials. Food prep and cleanup are normally cluttered tasks in a busy kitchen, so select your flooring material with this in mind. Ceramic tile floors and linoleum, both popular for use in kitchens, can get very slippery when wet, and are particularly hazardous for mobility-impaired cooks. Choose slip-resistant flooring; rather, a floor composed of small-size ceramic tiles (6- or 8-inch squares are perfect ) will offer reduced slipperiness owing to its high percentage of grout lines.
Neglecting the tiny details that really can make a big difference. Lighting at up to double the typical strength needs to be made available. Plan pantry and cooking pot storage in a height of 20 to 44 inches above the ground
Selecting the wrong appliances. When buying new appliances, give careful consideration to their For instance, a side-by-side fridge will offer much readier access to both the freezer and the cooling section than a freezer-on-top or on-bottom type. A side-opening wall mount is simpler and safer to open. Appliance position is just as important: for example, a countertop microwave is more accessible than an over-the-stove unit is.
Designing countertops that won't be fully usable by your own household. If a mobility-impaired individual will be sharing the kitchen workspace with other family members, create your kitchen really usable for all; alternative accessible countertops with a few at the traditional height of 36 inches, too, or have adjustable counters installed.
Ignoring available creations in kitchen cabinets. Do a little research into recent innovations like soft-close cabinets, touch-release drawers, pullout shelving, or pull and swing lazy Susan corner components, all which will simplify working in the kitchen for people with limited strength and/or freedom. Are you planning a kitchen renovation with the goal of accessibility? Good luck and do not forget to do your homework, exploring every detail of what goes into a viable, safe kitchen for handicapped access or aging in place. Get your house remodel right on and make certain to prevent the subsequent accessible kitchen remodel errors.
Skimping on the area that is vital to turn around a mobility device. This is the amount required to permit a person using an electric scooter or wheelchair lots of space to turn around their device, while minimizing the possibility of bumping into kitchen cabinets, countertops, or appliances.

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Questions To Ask Kitchen Bath Contractors in San Francisco CA

Questions To Ask Kitchen Bath Contractors in San Francisco CA 

The time will come when you have to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. Homeowners take the time to evaluate the condition of their kitchen and bathroom to decide if it is the right time for a remodel. Bathroom remodeling San Francisco CA is an important issue when space seems inadequate for the growing kids or equipment has outlived their longevity. There will be no problem for the work as bathroom remodelers in San Francisco CA are many within the area. 

Best bath remodelers to hire

Hire the best man outstanding in his craft and from companies that obtained the highest ratings with their past clients. The recommendation is a very good way to add to their details. Here are steps to hire the best one.

List of your best choices of remodelers from your lost list. 

Conduct an interview asking all questions pertaining to the job.

Do a little research about the companies.

Finally, after thorough research and interviews, you came with the final decision

Questions to ask bathroom remodelers in San Francisco before you opt to hire

1. Is this the right time to start the remodeling?

Decide on a schedule that does not conflict with your work, family time and other commitments.

2. Is the staff of bathroom remodeling San Francisco CA completely licensed and insured? 

Get confirmation from state’s consumer affairs department or local government if the contractor has proper license and certificate of insurance.

3.  How much is the budget for remodeling?

The whole remodeling budget will be provided by the contractor to include: detailed proposal and a dated blueprint for the bathroom. The cost is expensive; therefore, you come up with a cost-effective budget for your remodeled bathroom.

4. Give all itemized prices for the remodeling job?

Request for the entire cost for to include: demolition and hauling of trash; framing and finish carpentry; plumbing; electrical work; HVAC; tiling or other floor covering installations; lighting fixtures and drywall &painting.

5. Can the office of bathroom remodelers in San Francisco provide a list of everyone in the project?

All cabinet installers, carpenters, flooring technicians, and painters are included in the job. The purpose is to determine if all have disability insurances and worker’s compensation law coverage.

6. Can you provide a schedule? 

A schedule outlines all tasks and its agreed timing. With a benchmark, you will also know how things are done day by day.

7. How often are meetings scheduled with the staff of bathroom remodeling provide a check on the speed of renovation?

The more meetings with the staff will speed its completion. At a minimum, it is better to plan a weekly meeting.

8. What type of communication do you prefer?

Inquire from contractor his preferences for communication: whether for email or simply phone conversations.

You are not alone in your search for the best bathroom remodeling San Francisco CA contractors; Homeowners seeking the best refer to Selectedly. This company monitors different services in the area then selects a highly trusted provider of excellent solutions. Their report aims to point companies that have offered professional services to clients in need of remodeling solutions. They provide buyer's  report list initiate are registered and approved. It shows if the bathroom remodelers in San Francisco CA meet the standards and criteria. 

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Tips what to ask Kitchen Remodeling in San Francisco Contractors

Tips what to ask Kitchen Remodeling in San Francisco Contractors

The time will come when you have to remodel your kitchen. Homeowners take the time to evaluate the condition of their kitchens and decide if it is the right time for a remodel. These issues are vital in a kitchen to remodel when your space is inadequate and traffic is congested; consequently, you need more area. Provide a bigger place for children to move around. Will you be able to use your kitchen safely as you get older? Kitchen remodeling San Francisco is no problem due to the availability of many contractors.

Questions to ask kitchen remodeling in San Francisco before you opt to hire

Do you consider that the time is right to start the remodeling?

For contractors, the months from April to Junes are proper times to remodel a kitchen; although most owners put off the project due to their lifestyles. If the time does not fit, decide on a schedule that does not conflict with work, family need, and extended vacations. Discuss whether the work will be a full-remodel job or only for simple maintenance. 

Is the staff of kitchen remodeling in San Francisco completely licensed and insured? 

You can easily get confirmation from state’s consumer affairs department or local government if the contractor is properly licensed, as well as an owned certificate of insurance.

How much is the remodeling budget?

The whole remodeling budget will be provided by kitchen remodelers in San Francisco. It will be a detailed proposal and a dated blueprint for the kitchen design. The cost of an average kitchen remodel is expensive; therefore, it is imperative to come up with a cost-effective budget for your remodeled kitchen.

Can all itemized prices for the remodeling job be provided?

It is wise to request from contractors the cost for each aspect of the job that includes: demolition and hauling of trash; framing and finish carpentry; plumbing; electrical work; HVAC; tiling or other floor covering installations; lighting fixtures and drywall &painting.

Can the office of kitchen contractors in San Francisco provide you a list of everyone in the project?

All cabinet installers, carpenters, flooring technicians, and painters are included in the job. The purpose is to determine if all have disability insurances and worker’s compensation law coverages.

Can you provide a schedule? 

It is to your advantage to have a schedule for it outlines all tasks and agreed timing. It is able to present a wider view of the sequencing and deadlines for things to be done such as the completion of tiling and installing countertops. With a benchmark, you will also know how things are done day by day.

Can schedule meeting with staff of kitchen remodeling San Francisco be provided to check the speed of renovation?

It is always better to have more meetings with the staff. Your presence around the project will motivate the contractor to finish the work faster. At a minimum, it is better to plan a weekly meeting.

How would you want communication to be conducted?

Inquire from contractor his preferences for communication: whether for email or simply phone conversations. 

Homeowners seeking for the best kitchen remodeling in San Francisco refer to Selectedly. This company monitors different services in the area then select a highly trusted provider of excellent solutions. Their report aims to point companies that have offered professional services to clients in need of remodeling solutions. They provide reliable report listing that is registered and approved. It shows if the remodelers meet the standards and criteria. For more information.

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Qualify Potential contractors for Kitchen and Bath in San Francisco

Qualify Potential contractors for Kitchen and Bath in San Francisco

Two of the hardest-working areas in any home is the kitchen and bathroom. A kitchen is a comforting place to satisfy your hunger and to spend quality time with mom who loves to feed her family. Soon it is their time to have a bathroom/kitchen makeover. To guarantee that they stay in the best condition when it comes to functionality, hire a bathroom and kitchen remodelers in San Francisco. With his experienced eye focused on beauty and skills practice for layout and design, this contractor can create and remodel to satisfy each one’s personal style and needs.

Qualifications for kitchen bath contractors in San Francisco CA

1. The States of California requires that all offices of bath and kitchen remodeling San Francisco that are charging over $500 must be licensed;

2. Another requirement is to pass an exam; however, it can only be a single license requirement for one staff designated within the whole company. 

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in San Francisco are qualified to

Design and build every aspect of your kitchen remodel;

Offer specialization in varied elements of bathroom and kitchen designs;

Bathroom and kitchen remodelers in San Francisco can install kitchen islands, tub surrounds, appliances, hardware and new cabinets and flooring; 

Act as protector for newly remodeled bathroom from out of the way water from enclosures in shower and tub;

Have expertise in many well-known favorite theme designs shown in both contemporary & traditional; country French; Eurostyle; the the Mediterranean and missionary flavors.

Questions to ask kitchen bath contractors in San Francisco CA 

In choosing which bath and kitchen remodeling in San Francisco to hire, ask these 12 questions about their experience, range of services, and procedures before you close the deal. Look at their range of services, evaluates their experiences and type of procedures.

1. How long have they been in business as remodelers of bath/kitchen covering the area of San Francisco? 

2. Do you have some examples of work similar to these kitchen remodelers in San Francisco project that you have completed? 

3. From estimate to completion, how long is the timeframe? 

4. Does your company provide workers' compensation and liability insurance? 

5. Can you prepare a detailed, written contract stating the materials used, amount of each item, material brands, product numbers, and general scope of work? 

6. Will you be able to obtain the permits and set up the inspections required for this job?

7. What processes are utilized to determine the price of the project? 

8. What routine does the staff follow?

9. Who will stay at the site to serve as the supervisor each work?

10. What is the payment schedule? 

11. Can you provide a detailed timeline from start to finish the project?

12. What guarantees can you give me that the job will be finished per agreement?

Contractors offer affordable cost and explain their procedures and good procedure. Homeowners seeking for the best kitchen remodelers in San Francisco can refer to Selectedly. This company monitors different services in the area then select a highly trusted provider of excellent solutions. Their report aims to point companies that have offered professional services to clients in need of remodeling solutions. They provide dependable report listing that is registered and approved. If your chosen kitchen contractor is listed, then you have best.

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How To Hire The Best Kitchen & Bath Remodelers

How To Hire The Best Kitchen & Bath Remodelers 

Top 10 Results for Kitchen & Bath Remodelers in San Francisco

The Selectedly recommends you choose the best three remodelers for kitchen and bath. But before recommending, they must meet the standards and criteria of the organization in order to include in their top list. Prior to the listings, these remodelers run a thorough series of research before being listed as the best kitchen and bath remodelers. 

For the Selectedly understand the importance of interviewing the top three remodelers, checked to have the highest satisfaction rates and verified the license for specialization and have no complaint record. 

Kitchen and bath remodelers’ offers you a remodeling job and make this part of your house more convenient and pleasing to you. From the plain to the most spacious one is for you to choose. The scope of remodeling your kitchen and bath are including a kitchen island, flooring, cabinets, bathtubs and divisions. 

How To Find The Best Kitchen And Bath Remodelers And Hire Them Yourself?

To hire the best in their field, they need to be outstanding in their craft and has the highest ratings with their past clients. The recommendation is a very good hint to add to their details. Since they should be expert in doing this job, they must possess the expertise and experience as well. Below are the steps on how to hire the best one for you.

Step 1. List down

List down of your choices of remodelers. You may ask someone you know if they can recommend a kitchen and bath remodelers that have specialization on what you need. Don’t include on your list the ones that don’t have the skills and knowledge with the type of modifications you require just because they offer certain discounts or lowest prices. 

Step 2. Do an interview

Interviewing them personally can help you become at ease, gain your trust and build a good relationship. Depending on the way they answer your queries, you can either hire them or fire them (crossing out on your list). Prepare a list of questions that best answers your worries. Below are some of the best questions you can ask them.

 How many remodeling jobs have you done?

Do they have recommendations for you?

Do you provide the necessary materials for the remodeling?

Do I pay the whole amount first? Or a down payment?

What if some materials were not necessary, do I get a refund?

Do I get a warranty?

This guide should help you proceed to the next step and make a difference between the contractors on your list.  But it doesn’t mean that after the interview you can then hire them. 

Step 3. Investigate

Do a little research about their company through their website. Most of them have a website that the client can land on easily and where they can boast their achievements. You can also check them in your local state licensing department or the business bureau if they have compelled the necessary permits for their business. 

Step 4. Final decision

Finally, after thorough research and interviews, you came to the final decision by hiring the best one. They should be the one meeting your own standards, needs and personal style for the remodeling. 

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Selectedly matter to its customer?

Why Selectedly matter to its customer?

Selectedly is an organization that whose objective is to provide its customers the insight into the leading 10 local businesses of their area and gives a wide variety of choice. Selectedly polishes an influential light on the American consumer to help them draw a clearer picture of their audience on a national and international forum. By measuring all aspects of American life, Selectedly gives their clients a better-off understanding of how to target their customers across the country. The company is situated in Palo Alto, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States.

The core of Selectedly

Companies are listed on the basis of customer’s reviews and preferences which earn them the award of Selectedly. It is the sign of their being on top of the list. It is important that the background of any company or business that business owners want to hire. Due to this factor, the website of Selectedly was created for its individuals to instantly get knowledge about the 10 leading local companies within surrounding in the nearby locality. Its clients include suppliers, contractors, legal agencies, and other service providers. Companies are being selected on the basis of thorough research, and valuable customer’s feedback. Selectedly gives the best amongst the rest of the research companies in US.

Motives of Selectedly:

It helps the clients need in knowing the top 10 leading companies that are of standard quality

These highest quality companies have to distinguish openly for their profound and greatest presentation.

Companies have to be said accountable for their superior performance and hence due to this we only include top 10 companies from every county.

Customers should have to select themselves safely amongst the best companies, by knowing all the other companies enlisted in the list of Selectedly and should be confirmed in all possible sectors.

Companies should work hard to continue with its Selectedly position and keep the Selectedly Award

Being the number one and remarkable independent research and survey company, Selectedly, certifies that our researchers are carried with long hours of analysis and investigation, meetings, interviews, phone calls, and other necessary details.

The experienced and specialized services

This survey corporation offers a list of services including design of the study, questionnaire writing, management of the survey, research online, mail and telephone surveys and statistical check-in. We are one of the foremost survey companies for delivering the full-service projects, offering brilliant proficiency and highly inexpensive pricing so that our customers can enjoy their extreme on their yield on research investments.

The skilled survey plan and broadcasting services

Plenty of skillful research is being provided in all stages of its questionnaire designing, scrutiny of survey data, and report writing, and adapts its facilities to each and every client's needs and financial plan.

Therefore, it is the wisest solution for the business people to contact Selectedly before selecting any company to get the best survey and research about that selected company.

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Our research we’ll ensure you get the best top-10 companies in your county.