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5 Electrical Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Electrical shock is serious. It can make your skeleton shine in a flash of light, after. Or maybe that is just from the cartoons. In the actual world, a zap is cool, even though it's theoretically possible for the hair to smoke. So what is the best way to stop a life-threatening jolt? If you do not like that program do anything you can to prevent them, and understand that this isn't a complete list.


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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions 2ns story additions and remodeling contractor in San Francisco, CA Everlast Construction is Selectedly Top-10 Company.

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5 Electrical Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Electrical shock is serious. It can make your skeleton shine in a flash of light, after. Or maybe that is just from the cartoons. In the actual world, a zap is cool, even though it's theoretically possible for the hair to smoke. So what is the best way to stop a life-threatening jolt? If you do not like that program do anything you can to prevent them, and understand that this isn't a complete list.

1. Mess with the support lugs at a breaker box

To begin with, if you do not know what support lugs are, you should not be doing anything on your breaker box (support panel) except resetting tripped breakers... if that. If you happen to know that the lugs are the huge screw terminals or posts procuring the service cables, you also need to know that they are always hot (energized), even after you shut off the primary breakers. You should stay away from the cables attached to the lugs.

2. This is just another one for the"do not even think of it" category. The Weatherhead called the support periscope or mast, is the metal pole or other structure which connects the electrical service lines resulting to your home from the utility power pole. Because this is part of your property, you may be tempted tighten a bolt here and there or to vertical the pole if it is leaning.

3. Do some wiring with the energy on

If you are a reader of builders' magazines, you have certainly seen photos of a person doing something harmful without the recommended protective equipment, as well as the caption:"Do not do what this man's doing." The point is, simply because electricians work with wires does not mean it is safe for you to do it. It is not safe for them.

4. Repair appliances

Appliances are secure as long as you switch the power off or pull the plug? It's a system that stores power to help enhance the startup (and other purposes ) on some appliances, especially large ones such as air conditioning units. Cutting the power does not discharge the capacitors, but a metallic tool touching the contacts will. Yow.

5. Tinker with electrical (or hybrid) cars

On the heels of this year's auto show--and the many new electric vehicles bear in mind that the electrical systems in the hybrid and plug cars are not only complicated beyond your wildest nightmares, they are also very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

Find Electricians who will do the work for you, keep safe! 

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Tips in Choosing Capable and Dependable Electric Contractors

Employ a reliable service provider if you want your home renovation done seamlessly. Electrical contractors remain part of the key workforce in home construction or makeover. Thus, look for a company offering services that conform to your needs and expectations.

Define your requirements. Is the project a new construction, total facelift, or minimal rework? Do you have specific designs in mind? Consider the scope of work and timeframes. An extensive project may take six months or more. A small-scale restoration will probably last for several weeks. Inform the contractor of your schedules to avoid problems in project completion. It is also a way of ensuring cost-effectiveness on the homeowner’s part. 


The Search Process

Get recommendations and referrals from your trusted network. Your best sources would be next of kin, friends, and neighbors. Inquire about the work electricians performed. Were they satisfied by the completed job? It’s also practical to consul proprietors of local electrical shops and hardware dealers. Most of these store owners have a list of contractors. Conduct background checks to verify the integrity of recommended providers.

Validate the contractor’s license and insurance coverage. It's not all about the lowest bid. See to it the licensed provider carry’s worker’s compensation along with liability insurance to cover any injuries or accidents in the workplace. Bonded contractors have insurance plans that will cover the property owners if the electrician abandons the job without prior notice. 

Hire someone with the right qualifications and certifications. This means at least three years of working experience, continuing training, and impressive performance for both installations and repairs. A certified electrician normally offers a 12-month work warranty as proof of proficiency and quality. 

Interview your candidates in person and not by phone. This is the opportunity to evaluate their credentials and experience. Scrutinize their licenses as well. Like plumbers, the licenses of electricians in the United States are the following:

Apprenticeship – Four years or 8,000 hours plus classroom training

Journeyman – Completion of required apprenticeship and passing the electrical journeyman test

Master Electrician – Two years or 4,000 hours as a journeyman and passing the Master Electrician examination

Some states grant certifications in place of licenses. Others maintain unique preconditions for licensing. Other miscellaneous licenses cover specialization such as low voltage and fire alarm. Card-carrying electrical contractors indicate the providers passed the exam on code requirements. 

If you deal with companies, don’t hesitate to ask the size of their projects, fields of specialization, and jobs carried out in the past. Avoid organizations that ask for excessive upfront payments or money for advanced procurement of materials. It is a sign the company lacks stability. 

Check customer reviews and character references carefully. If possible, arrange a short meeting with the provider’s previous clients to evaluate work satisfaction. Ask the contractor to provide you with the contact details of these people. Review the company’s website. Concentrate on contact details, company history and background, services offered, and list of equipment or tools. Find time to assess word-of-mouth reputation. Not all information published in their site may be accurate. You will surely consume plenty of time in making checks. Thus, narrow down your list to three most eligible applicants.

Confirm customer feedback and satisfaction from random customers in evaluating applicants. This approach is more impartial. Bear in mind only contractors with exceptional ratings are given accreditation or recognition by prestigious national organizations.

Ask for formal written proposals with corresponding costings. The financial part must include overall figure broken down into the cost of materials and labor. Quotes usually depend on the kind of work. Some electricians charge hourly rates especially for complex projects which is hard to quantify in terms of time. Other providers opt for the Time and Material rates in charging customers. In short, the contractor charges for materials used plus the time in completing the entire work. Time includes purchasing these items, picking them up from the supplier, and transporting them to your residence. 

The schedule is as important as pricing and quality. Highly-capable contractors do not make clients wait. These professionals provide guarantees for any work done. Their brand of service is characterized by promptness, quality, and customer support. Electric contractors generally commission workers for big projects. A typical team includes master electrician, journeyman electrical workers, and apprentices. Those with many projects outsource work to licensed or certified sub-contractors.

Make a comparison between the three candidates in your shortlist. Compare what each one can offer. Pick the contractor who seems the perfect fit for the job. Balance the qualifications, fees, experience, and customer reviews. This strategy leads to satisfaction and reduces the probability of errors, complaints, and confusion in the long-term. 

Do not hire based on pricing alone. A very low price is too good to be true. At the same time, contractors who demand exorbitant fees are only after your money. Individuals without the proper licenses tend to charge below industry rates. However, you cannot trust the quality of their work. These persons cannot secure the necessary permits due to lack of certification. Avoid dealing with these questionable personalities. 


No DIY Electricians

Here’s a practical reminder. Don’t try the DIY alternative for major tasks unless even if you are knowledgeable. Faulty wiring systems usually end up in a fire that can burn down your property as well as other houses and claim the lives of innocent people. Only a capable and licensed person must tinker with wirings, lighting fixtures, and electrical appliances. Licensed master electricians normally conduct electrical inspections in residential units. 


The Final Verdict

After reading these guidelines, you will be ready to finalize an agreement and sign a contract. Observe how the company representative or freelance electrician communicates with you. The right person must be courteous and well-informed. Do not rush into making a choice. Otherwise, you might regret if you hurry up without giving a careful thought to this matter. It’s your home, money, and safety at stake.


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How to Spot Top-10 Electrician Contractors

How to Spot Top-Class Electrician Contractors 

There are projects at home that we attempt to do on our own. However, when it comes to our home electrical system, hiring a certified electrician company is always a better idea. Electrical installation should never be taken for granted – it is a perilous job that requires electrical expertise and should be left to highly qualified technicians. So how do you spot a top-class electrical contractor when you need one? In this article, you will find the top criteria you should consider and the questions you should ask when you think it is the perfect time to look for a quality electrical contractor. 

First step – getting your options of quality electrician companies

Hundreds of information comes up with just a simple search. Checking the listings from Selectedly will help you get your quality options of licensed and highly-qualified electrician contractors. Selectedly understands the importance of hiring the right contractor for you that’s why we will do all the hard work of selecting the top electrician companies in the area through the secure survey system. We streamline this hiring process for you by interviewing the top three candidates so you will get the right one.


Professional certification is important!

It is very easy to find an overwhelming number of electrical contractors who claim to be the best in the industry. One easy way to sort your list is to look at their qualification. Electrical contractors should be certified pursuant to the certification standards of Division of Labor Standards Enforcements. The electrician certification guarantees you without any hesitation that the people you are working with are highly-qualified and trustworthy. Electrician contractors and companies that received certification and license have undergone extensive training, achieved the state standards and implement the professional code in performing electrical works.


Interview because reputation and experience count

Checking further the standard of your potential contractors will help you determine the right one. How do we do it? We conduct a thorough research on local businesses in your area and ask the right questions for you.

  • What are your accreditations?

  • How long have you been working in the industry?

  • Can I ask for references of your previous jobs?


Aside from asking the right questions, we conduct a comprehensive interview of these contractors so we can give you a clear idea about the electrician contractors that you will be working with. This information will include license status, complaint history and consumer’s feedback which we believe are very essential to your decision process.


Comparing your options to let the right one in!

By using our service at Selectedly, you will get all the critical details ahead! It makes it easy to compare and contrast the different electrician companies without drowning yourself with overwhelming options. We will help you eliminate the bad apples in the barrel – we only give you the electrician contractors who fit the state standards and to your expectations. Selectedly recommends interviewing three electrician companies to choose the right one. Interviewing your option can give you a wider perspective on the selection process before signing any contract. This way, you will know who matches your criteria and expectations. At Selectedly, we value the trust that is why we strive to give you only the best companies in your area. 

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