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Installing Common Countertops At The Homes

It is not every day those countertops are installed at the homes, and as such, it would be wrong to consider a particular homeowner as an expert in the said field. The first point to be paid heed to when calling out the countertop installers San Francisco is to understand if a brand new counter has to be laid or that it is more of a reinstallation work. It must be pointed out that the issues encountered in each of the mentioned instances are not the same and some points are to be better stressed than the others in each of the cases too.


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Installing Common Countertops At The Homes

It is not every day those countertops are installed at the homes, and as such, it would be wrong to consider a particular homeowner as an expert in the said field. The first point to be paid heed to when calling out the countertop installers San Francisco is to understand if a brand new counter has to be laid or that it is more of a reinstallation work.  It must be pointed out that the issues encountered in each of the mentioned instances are not the same and some points are to be better stressed than the others in each of the cases too. 

Relaying the old countertop 

The standard kitchen countertops are one of the most intense areas in a household.  There are a lot of homes where the kitchen gets to be a common meeting place for the whole family and the odd guest too.  Thus it would follow that the kitchen is a high traffic area and a very intense spot of any house.  

For all practical purposes, the kitchen countertops need to be redone or re-laid every fifteen years or so.  Usually, handling the old structure would depend a lot on what kind of treatment has been done earlier and to a large extent what is being proposed in its place.  A factor that decides which of the installers to use would be the kind of tops being contemplated.   

Some workers and not just the countertop installers San Francisco are sort of specialists in their area of work. It is not that they do not do other jobs but that they are defined as such by their skills in a particular area of execution. 

Materials of choice for the countertops 

There is a wide range of materials to be had when it comes to laying of the countertops.  What is to be noted is that something like granite slabs has been an all-time favorite with the homeowners, but there would always be the sort of flavor of the times or seasons, which could not necessarily be long lasting as the hardy granite, but suits the purpose as it often would mean a most economical work too.  So in case, the customer is in the habit of relaying or redoing the counter spaces frequently, it would make good sense to use the new age materials of the times.  

One of the most telling parts to the use of the new age materials is that they do look smart but mostly for a short duration of time as compared to a more enduring granite top.  So why spend the more significant sums of money if the product is not intended to last the distance as the case might be.  Listed out below are some of the most well-known countertop materials available.  

 Granite: This could well and truly be considered to be the granddaddy of countertops right across the world.  They are harder than the usual alternatives and do last a fair bit too. What works against their use is the rather heavy nature of the product and the hard work needed to have it well finished.  But on the flip side, this is one countertop material that requires no maintenance but a wipe with a damp cloth at most times. An added advantage is that it is possible to have a range of colors and patterns to the granite slabs too.  

 Marble: Marble countertops do stand out as being softer in appearance and feel as compared to the more stately granite.  It must be pointed out that marble as a product does corrode when acidic items are brought in contact with it. So if the cooking habits do involve a lot of chilies, vinegar, and the likes, it is best to avoid this countertop material.  But there are a whole lot of different categories of marble, and it is possible to have a countertop done in comparatively lesser expense than the more solid granite tops.  So if the kitchen tops are not intended to last as long as the granite ones, there is really no harm in picking out the most suitable marble countertops at any time. 

 Metal: It would be worth mentioning that steel countertops are what are preferred at places like the kitchens of the restaurants and hotels across the world.  The material is practically indestructible and can take a fair bit of rough handling as well. Considering that there really is not much need for great aesthetics in the case of a working environment, steel and even some of the lighter materials like Aluminum are used often by the countertop installers San Francisco.  Where the metal countertops would score over the marble and granite ones, are in the possibility that it is possible to add texture to the metal sheets relatively easier than with the ones in stone. 

 Wood: The high-end countertops are often attempted in wood.  What tilts the scales in favor of the use of wood is the ability of the material to be worked upon as compared to the other alternatives.  Also, it is possible to have a wide choice of wooden tops as compared to the ones in granite or marble.  Wooden counters are seen to feel much warmer than the more straightforward and more functional steel counters.  Where the use of wooden covers for the tables are done most is in situations that need lots of textures and color patterns. It is hard for an alternative product to be this flexible.  

 Plastic: With the use of plastic in practically every operational area in life, it would have been only a matter of time before it was being introduced to the countertops.  This might not be the ideal choice, but it certainly would be an innovation considering that it is rarely used.  They do offer a cost-effective countertop covering, and there are a lot of applications, like the chemical industry and the likes that would have great utility for a counter done in the plastic finish.  

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How To Pick Out The Best Countertop Contractor San Francisco

It is not every day that folks take to doing the countertops across their homes or even in the workplaces.  So it is instead a big do for the simple people to find the best possible countertop contractor San Francisco and in good time too. In most of the instances, the working crowd would be so taken in by their daily grinds that they really do not have the time to locate the best worker or that they do not have just the right resources to find the better of the workers either. 

Laid out in the below are some easy to use points which could help not just locate the excellent countertop contractor, but probably the most cost-effective one as well.  It could well be that the points can be applied to similar situations when some sort of work needs to be done at the premises and not just the work on the countertops alone. 

1. Asking around 

The most advisable step to locating just the right kind of worker would be to ask around the immediate neighborhood or with colleagues at the workplace. There is this thing with people that they would be happy to share good experiences and in case there is some aspect of the contractor that needs to be mainly made a note of, then it is bound to be highlighted in the conversations. Often taking references works in better identifying the contractor who would be able to execute the work at hand the best way possible too. 

There are however some key points that need to be clarified when asking about the countertop contractor San Francisco.  Like if the contractor is bonded and insured, if he does provide a no obligation first estimate, does he make site visits often enough if the work is a large one and so on.  Most of the people who are approached for the references would generally let the person know of the quirks while dealing with the certain worker and of particular points that the customer would be advised to be watchful of.  

2. Checking with industry bodies 

The point with the artisans is that they do have strong industry bodies which are but representative organizations which help coordinate the contractors and such people involved in a particular trade.  Most such organizations would have registered members who are taken on board after having met some minimum criterion for membership.  It would then follow that references taken from such bodies would provide a contractor or worker who would have a least level of performance.  

Another point to be noted is that in case some kind of conflict were to arise in the execution of the work, such industry bodies would be just the right place to approach for its redressal.  As for the workers, the industry bodies like these function as an empowered group that can be depended on when some sort of issues does crop up from time to time.  Thus it is always that these bodies do have an active role in the dealings of most good contractors. 

3. Using the websites 

With most businesses today having a website of their own, it really does help to spend some time going over the site of the contractor who could be entrusted with the countertop work.  Most websites make it a point to give out the past client lists, as also some other aspects to the quality of work being undertaken.  A key issue would be to pay particular attention to certifications from industry bodies.  Some of these certifications would be mandatory for setting up operations in the respective fields whereas there are those like the quality standards and the likes which are but awards presented to the better workers in any area. 

The website would be a single point for the most amounts of information about any company or contractor.  More often than not, the websites would provide further leads to follow which could be used as better reference points in each case. 

4. No obligation estimate 

Most of the better contractors would only be glad to provide a no-obligation free cost estimate to the customer of the potential work at hand.  Rather than restrict the estimate to just zero in on the actual cost being charged, it would be more to the point if the items listed in the buildup of the work order are paid heed to.  A good contractor would list out the various points and sub-points in a systematic manner and as more of a flow chart. It would also point to a worker who has understood the requirements of the job at hand too.  

What has to be understood is that the first estimate is just that, an estimate. It should not be taken as the final word on the countertop contractor San Francisco, and there is bound to be deviations to the listed work chart. But at the same time, a reasonable estimate would mean that the final cost of the work does not exceed beyond an acceptable point either. 

5. The reachability of the contractor 

Often customers come across contractors who just would not answer calls or that once the work is taken up do not show the kind of urgency needed for the completion of the contract.  These are points that come out when seeking the references to a worker, and any signs of the worker being out of reach must be taken seriously. Of particular importance, is the time taken to provide a first estimate as often contractors who do not show an urgency to winning over a contract would definitely not be too keen on executing a good work either.  


Laid out in above are some of the most telling aspects to identifying a good contractor for the countertops.  With every worker, there are bound to be some strong points and the negative sides as well.  It is for the customer to make up his mind to what to ignore and which ones to lay stress on.

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Tips to choose the countertop contractor

Choosing the right countertop is always an overwhelming task to do but with the assistance from the countertop contractor will ease the work for you. Getting the help from experts in the installation of countertop will make sure that you have the smooth journey in choosing the one and installing it. But don’t forget that countertop brings some construction work with it and it will surely give you some noise, dust, and interruption. Before hiring a countertop installation company, ensure that you have the detailed information about everything related to the countertop. This will ease your process of making the final decision. Here, some guidelines are presented to finalize the countertop installation and contractor. 


Countertops are an essential thing in the kitchen which helps you in making your work easy. In fact, it also provides a great look to your kitchen; therefore, hiring someone for installing it must be taken care of properly. Hiring professionals will surely give you appreciations from your friends and family as you will get all your work done timely and getting an excellent result.  


When you think about installing a new countertop in your kitchen, then quality along with its costing is our priority. The countertops are not changed every year, hence, the quality matters a lot. It is the focal point of your kitchen and will let you reflect the style of your personality. The main concern is how to find the best professional to install the countertop. 


Watch up for the upcharges

Never make yourself fooled when the contractor makes you believe that low square foot cost is a good option. Some contractors may convince you that cheap countertops are on the basis of the low square foot cost will help you in saving money. But they will also charge you for the sink cut off, countertop cut off, template, edge profile, installation, and sealer. So, getting detailed knowledge will protect you from making a fool. 


Getting the right one

If you are selecting the granite for your countertop, then select the right granite grade. There are three different levels associated with the granite namely, premium grade, standard grade and builder grade. Opting for a low cost per square foot may lead to the use of cheap quality products. In fact, there are other varieties too like concrete, solid surfacing, marble, laminates, limestone, recycled glass, soapstone, butcher block, tile, granite, and quartz. A countertop is an important part of your kitchen. Deciding the countertop material is also an essential task. The choice for the countertop material depends on the quality you wish for and the budget. For example, choosing the laminate one will go for the less budget and if you opt for the recycled glass as well as cement, then it will be a little expensive. 


See their earlier work

Always see the past work of the countertop contractors. It will help you a lot in checking their quality; In fact, their past customers will also tell you about their quality and service, Use these feedback to finalize the one. The experience one will never have any issues. So, go with the feedback before making your final decision. Getting reviews from the past ones will let you have an actual idea about the working style and experience of the contractors. If you are thinking of making random calls to gather the knowledge about the contractor, then don’t do it. So, make contact with those who already have hired a professional for installing a countertop in your kitchen. Friends are the good options to get the recommendations from their earlier experience. 

Getting written estimates

Getting estimates will clear the idea of the budget which is required to install the countertop. Choose the few contractors and have the meeting with them. Ask the contractors to give you estimate in written for the installation of the countertop. All these things must involve acknowledgment of the quality of countertop and brand of the countertop in which you are interested. If you are not telling this information, then the estimation will be wrong. 


Following the gut feeling

Take a look at the written estimates and question yourself only, is everything alright? If you do not have any doubts about the estimates and contractor, then get the contractor sign the estimates. It will be like a legal document. Choose that contractor which you believed to be the best in their work and they have enough experience and skills. In fact, when you have two options and you have to choose one, and then go for the one whose estimates are lower than the other and he is willing to start the work as soon as possible. If you do not want to go for the one with a lower price, then ask the other one to match their price with the competition one. Here, you can have negotiation and finalize the deal to acquaint the best quality and service for installing the countertop in your kitchen. 


As soon as you will finalize the contractor, the job will get started. Ask their timings at which they will arrive at your house to finish the task. All these points will help you in making a schedule for other works too. If you have any queries, then feel free to ask your contractor. 


Avoiding the mess

Make sure that your countertop contractor takes care of cleanliness in your home. Replacing as well as installing a new countertop is not a very clean type of task. Therefore, to avoid an unnecessary mess, it will be good to locate the nearest exit point from your kitchen. The contractor will obviously move in your house and outside your house for collecting tools and paths, not for a single time. In order to keep the home clean asks the contractor to do the job in the most possible tidy manner. Ask him to create a specific path only to move around in your house, so that rest of the areas of the house remains neat and clean. 

Getting aware of some points will let you enjoy the services of installing or replacing countertop.

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How to Find the Most Capable Countertop Contractors?

How to Find the Most Capable Countertop Contractors? 

One of the secrets to the installation of functional and beautiful countertops is by choosing a highly-qualified countertop contractor with the following attributes:

  • Skills in craftsmanship
  • Eye for Detail
  • Extensive experience
  • Familiarity with the proper materials
  • Uses modern and appropriate tools
  • Patience 
  • Creativity


Homeowners should make sure the contractor gets a high mark for each of the above-mentioned qualities.  

Countertops are built last in a kitchen renovation. Thus, the cabinets should have been installed even before the contractor presents a template. 

Here are the particulars of countertop installation that your chosen contractor needs to be knowledgeable of: 

  1. The height of countertops – The elevation depends on the customer. However, standard height is from 36 to 39 inches above the ground. The maximum may be more comfortable especially if there are tall family members. It is advisable to use materials with different width or thickness. This is common for ordinary cupboards and countertops.
  2. Countertop foundation – Expert contractors know where support or braces for contractors must be built. Proper reinforcement ensures stability and eliminates the possibility of food preparation structures collapsing. A smart contractor will mount wood flush at the top of flanking cabinets. For example, the slide-in range should have a 2-inch strip of a long and flat fixture at the back of the cooking façade. A frequent problem area is an area where the countertop stops at the dishwashing equipment. The dishwasher does not have the capacity to provide full support for the countertop. There should be frames on both sides which must be at least ¾ inch (filling panel). 
  3. Overall, finding the right contractor for the job is not easy. Your primary consideration is the quality of work. This will determine how this fixture will appear and become absolutely functional. Remember the kitchen countertop is the focal point of the whole room. Of course, the last thing you will want to happen is a below-par installation that will make the kitchen look shabby and lacking in balance.


It is crucial to get recommendations from persons close to you who know licensed and trustworthy contractors. Aside from next of kin and friends, you can seek advice from suppliers of construction materials such as home improvement retail outlets. Interview different contractors about how long they have been crafting and installing countertops; the period of completing production; and, familiarity with countertop designs. 

Create a short list and ask for formal quotes from each one. Experts usually conduct ocular inspections to see how the kitchen looks and where to fit in the countertops. They will do this prior to submitting proposals and estimates. It’s good to follow your intuition as to the contractor who can do a great job. 

 Selectedly recommends that homeowners must interview three companies before hiring the right one.

Never compromise quality and experience. However, there is nothing wrong to consider the price as well. Here’s the catch, it is always good to negotiate and arrive at middle ground. You can both settle on a cost that will be fair to both parties. Once it is done, you can now formalize the agreement. 

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