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The best way to Convert a Tub to a Shower

Does your household prefer showers to baths? Perhaps you've got an older family member who is having difficulty climbing over the bathtub ledge to shower. Or possibly your tub is looking dingy or outdated and you are exploring options to make your bathroom seem fresh and modern. Regardless of what your reason, eliminating an existing tub to put in a walk-in shower can be a remodeling job that actually pays off in enjoyment, comfort, and ease of use.


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The best way to Convert a Tub to a Shower

Does your household prefer showers to baths? Perhaps you've got an older family member who is having difficulty climbing over the bathtub ledge to shower. Or possibly your tub is looking dingy or outdated and you are exploring options to make your bathroom seem fresh and modern. Regardless of what your reason, eliminating an existing tub to put in a walk-in shower can be a remodeling job that actually pays off in enjoyment, comfort, and ease of use.

It's not only your family who would like a complete shower in the house. Walk-in showers and showers without bathtubs are increasing in popularity.

By doing a bathtub remodel & making it a shower, your house is more desirable and potentially increases your ability to sell, in case you want to. However, you need to carefully weigh your choice if this means your home will be with no tub entirely -- some realtors advise that you leave at least one bath in your house, even if it is not in the master bathroom. You need to factor in the use and enjoyment you will receive from the walk-in shower in the years you intend to invest in your house when making the final choice.

How Much Can a Tub to Shower Remodel Price?
The first step to beginning any bathroom remodel project is to choose whether you would like to tackle the job yourself or hire a contractor to perform the job. That can depend on your familiarity with pipes upgrades and your budget. Paying for labour can get costly, but taking the wrong actions and damaging your pipes can be an expensive -- and stressful -- error.

The price for your remodeling job also depends upon the quality of materials you would like to use. By way of instance, a simple drop-in shower stall can be set up as a do-it-yourself endeavour if you are confident in your abilities; it could cost approximately $400. Your tub to shower conversion price will change based on factors like fixtures and materials.

But many folks who undertake a bathtub-to-shower remodel desire a bit more luxury than a drop-in shower stall supplies, or may need repairs or pipes upgrades. Below are some of the places which can add cost.

Shifting out the pipes. If your house is old, the plumbing may be obsolete. The cost to replace them with aluminum or PEX can change based on how much has to be shifted out. Your plumber will probably cost anywhere from $45 to $150 per hour; get a quote to know for certain how long the upgrades will take.
Dry rot or other issues around the bathtub space. The fantastic thing is that bathtubs are thicker than showers, so your shower probably won't require any floor reinforcement. A tub that has been there for a long time using a water flow of any type can cause damage to the ground and might have to be replaced until your shower can proceed in. Tiling a shower with ceramic tiles can cost $1.30 per square foot, but specialization tiles can run up to $20 per square foot. A typical sliding glass door prices between $100 to $300 plus installation. You may choose options which are more expensive like glass that's textured or tinted, or a door which opens instead of slides. Your luxury shower experience may be enhanced with special fittings, like showerheads that mimic rain or which are height adjustable. The higher-end fittings can run a couple hundred dollars.

How Hard Is Relocating the Shower?
While it's wonderful to look at pictures of beautiful bathrooms with giant shower spaces, the truth is that the majority of us have little bath areas. Converting a bathtub to a shower area is the ideal way to have that walk-in shower at a smaller toilet area.

However, you may decide that you don't have sufficient space or you need to do something a bit bigger, and that involves relocating the plumbing for the shower.

Is your toilet on a ground floor or an upper layer? It can be more challenging to move pipes in baths on the second or third story of a house.
Type of base for ground floor bathrooms. For those who have a slab foundation, you might need to cut into the concrete to reposition pipes. This can require exceptional tools and know-how.
Location of the pipe. This tube carries waste water into the sewer, and links to it must be on an angle to prevent clogs. Based on where it's located, you might want to eliminate most of a wall to get it.
Whether you will need to move the bathroom. If you must modify the bathroom's position, it is going to require reworking its connection to the vent stack in addition to the sewer pipe.
If you're ready to work together with the space you've got and put in your shower from the footprint of the tub, it can save a whole lot of effort and cost.


The first step is ensuring you really have the space for your shower you desire. Most bathtubs are 60 inches wide; this distance ought to be OK for your shower, but make certain to measure and confirm the width. Your concern is the thickness; you will need a minimum of 30 inches according to the National Kitchen+Bath Association, which notes that many plumbing codes call for a shower to be at least 30 inches by 30 inches. You will most likely need a couple more inches in the event you can get the room.

Check to be certain that you are going to be giving the bathroom enough room, if it is located right by the tub/shower. Even though you can enlarge your bathtub out a few inches, you do not need to feel bloated when using the bathroom, either.

Next, you will want to think about unique materials. A walk through a bigger home improvement store can offer you many distinct ideas, but if you're working with a contractor that specializes in bathroom remodels, they should have thought books and material samples for you to look through. Start either a physical folder or an internet folder which can keep samples of materials and data from manufacturers you're contemplating.


Which Sort of Shower Works Best For Your Space?
Now that you have some thoughts about what you want your shower to look like, you will want to take into account the best type of shower to put in on your bathroom.

All-in-one shower stalls which can be added to an existing tub-sized space can make your job easier. The stalls typically include a curb to include water and the choice of installing any sort of door you want -- or perhaps just using a curtain.

A tiled shower made in the present wall area usually necessitates a control or ledge that will hold the door and keep the water in the shower. The curb should be tall enough to contain moisture and short enough to measure over easily. Curbs should also be polished and have smooth edges to decrease injury.

Showers without a lip to contain the water make it a lot easier to get into the shower, particularly for the elderly or handicapped. But past that, curbless showers provide a distinct open look that's appealing and modern. The curbless style can also help save you a small space if you're taking advantage of a small place.

The problem with a curbless shower, of course, is that the problem of containing water. This issue can be minimized by picking a shower screen -- basically, a pivoting glass door -- and a directed showerhead that keeps the flow of water moving out from the rest of the toilet.

A bathroom remodel requires careful preparation and an attention to detail to be certain pipes is right and no leaks will occur. Working with a professional can cost more initially but can increase your assurance that the work is completed correctly.

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