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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Do you know that you spend an average of one and a half years of your life in the bathroom? For this reason, most people consider their bathroom as one most important part of the house; furthermore: visitors often request to use the bathroom; therefore: being the most visited rooms, it should be regularly maintained, sanitized and renovated.


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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions 2ns story additions and remodeling contractor in San Francisco, CA Everlast Construction is Selectedly Top-10 Company.

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Do you know that you spend an average of one and a half years of your life in the bathroom? For this reason, most people consider their bathroom as one most important part of the house; furthermore: visitors often request to use the bathroom; therefore: being the most visited rooms, it should be regularly maintained, sanitized and renovated.

Consider these facts before remodeling your bathroom

*Think about the cost

High cost of remodel might drain your bank account; although typical costs for a bathroom remodel differ; according to many contractors especially roofing contractor, the kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive to remodel since you have to change fixtures, buy new tiles, replace the vanity and install the toilet and all these cost almost $19,000 and for high-end remodel job that involves removing & changing fixtures and installing amenities like a heated floor, the cost will be more than $60,000 on the average.

*Durable but low-cost materials

You can save about $500 to $1,500 for the average bathroom (in material and labor costs) by going with porcelain tile instead of stone. Opt for a stone-look porcelain tile and you’ll get nearly as much variety of natural color and texture as real stone provides, but a much easier for bathroom to maintain. Porcelain tile is almost indestructible and durable to last for many more years. Purchase an “urethane” grout which is also impervious to staining and your tile floor and walls will neither require sealing nor ever be at risk for discoloring.

*Warm floors are best choices


To avoid a cold tile floor, consider adding radiant heat, which is simply an electric heating element that the tile installer puts underneath your finished floor. Set it on a programmable thermostat, and it’ll have the floor warm to the toe when your alarm goes off in the morning. That adds about $500 to $1,000 to your project costs, depending on the room size, but it’ll make your new bathroom a comforting and peaceful place.


Best tips for bathroom remodeling

After considering relevant issues and talking about the job over with key persons such as a roofing contractor, you have decided to go for that new bathroom look; you might as well check out these tips for bathroom remodel.


Cost of labor an essential consideration


Most people think about saving on material but they forget that labor can account for as much as 40 % of the overall budget so it is better to keep the bathroom layout the same, no need to move the plumbing, and choosing products that do not require a huge amount of installation labor.


Avoid investing in basic fixtures in a product line


Investing in a fixture of higher-grade fixture seems costly up front, but it is the best option to save money in the long term; so only buy higher end fixtures that tend are heavier and give you more solid feel. Always seek professional advice from your bathroom and roofing contractor.


Limit using so many tiles 


Because tile can be expensive and labor even more; use it only in the shower by laying a simple subway tile in a staggered pattern up to the ceiling and instead of using border tile as edging; hide unglazed tile edges by substituting polished aluminum trim. 

Search for leftovers


No need to buy whole granite slab when you only need 6o cover top of the vanity, same goes in using tile as they are sold in overstocked stores and showroom that is changing displays. 


Visit flea market


Find inexpensive bathroom accessories in flea market that are perfect for the bath, without breaking the bank and if you buy from the flea market have them measured before buying to get the correct size and measurement of the length, width and depth of your bathroom.


Get rid of the medicine cabinet


In a bathroom remodel, opt instead for a decorative mirror instead of a medicine cabinet as mirror adds style to the space and opens up a wide choice of price options; while you can also use bigger mirror to create bigger-looking space.


A contemporary bathtub is a must 


There are many types of tubs: standing tubs that are statement pieces in their own right, recessed baths that use minimal space, easy-access baths for the elderly or people with disability, as well as trendy Jacuzzi setups for a touch of class.  However, if your house has 2nd story, be careful as a bath on the second floor can have a bathtub that adds weight putting pressure on the upper floor. A big influence on the bath you select is the amount of space available and that these facts you have to bear in mind when shopping for that next tub.


Fewer is better


You do not need several handles to operation flow of the water in your shower and tub or no need for many handles to control valve’s balance pressure since every valve are installed separately so every plumbing pipe has to meet each valve that adds to the cost of labor.


Make your own smart choices. 


If you have resale in mind, consider design if you're planning to stay in your home five years or fewer; but if you're planning to stay more than seven years, you better design your room for yourself after all in the future, the place will be outdated by the time you put the home on the market.


Don't be afraid to call a pro


If any part of the project gets difficult, call in a professional: you might need an electrician to help run cable for in-floor heating controls, or you might need the help of the plumber in dealing with water or drain lines that must be removed or changed. You need an electrical or plumbing for DIY mistakes can be catastrophic. So consult and hire a pro to handle that part of the job for the amount you pay will be a saving in the long run.


Keep your bathroom up-to-date to dramatically increase the value of your home and this sound advice comes not only from your contractors, especially from roofing contractor and realtors so many homeowners take the time and effort in constant bathroom remodel not just for the present use, but for the future and overall home value of the house.

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