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The Need To Design Kitchens For The Whole Family

It was more of a traditional view that only the lady of the house got to use the typical kitchens and few architects and designers would have paid heed to accommodate the men of the house when considering aspects of kitchen design. But increasingly, it has been taken that more men folks are bound to be spending time in the kitchens and not always to perform the cooking duties. The kitchen has become a common meeting space for the whole family, and there has been an excellent effort to design kitchens so as to form the central themes of modern homes.


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The Need To Design Kitchens For The Whole Family

It was more of a traditional view that only the lady of the house got to use the typical kitchens and few architects and designers would have paid heed to accommodate the men of the house when considering aspects of kitchen design. But increasingly, it has been taken that more men folks are bound to be spending time in the kitchens and not always to perform the cooking duties.  The kitchen has become a common meeting space for the whole family, and there has been an excellent effort to design kitchens so as to form the central themes of modern homes. 

Getting the focus right with the design kitchens 

There are a few performance criteria to apply to the conventional kitchen designs, and they have been discussed in brief below. 

 Headcount: By this, it is the total number of members that are there in a family group.  It would be proper to set out the grown-up members as well as, especially the ladies in the family. So the larger the size of the family as a whole, the more space must be made to accommodate them.  Often a key factor with the ladies as different from the men is that they need more space per person. This has to do with the fact that the women in the kitchens are more active individuals comparatively. 

 Older members: Most households with elderly lady members would tend to have big gatherings at the kitchen areas.  This feature has substantial contributions to keeping the family closely knit and bonded too. At the same time, if there are disabilities and infirmities as is often the case with elder members of the family, it would be advisable to keep these in mind while constructing the kitchens. Sometimes considerations have to be given to the lack of mobility and the inability of the individual to be put in some positions. 

 Activity: Even the common concept of the kitchen is as a space to cook meals; it is possible to have a more generalized approach to the area.  The modern conveniences like the electric stove and systems to handle air in the kitchens would allow people to design kitchens with features like never before.  It is not too hard to find kitchens of modern homes being made out as activity areas for the whole family to gather together.  Thus the kitchens have progressed from just space to cook food to the more socializing spaces of the premises. 

 Climatic conditions: There are compelling reasons to pay heed to the climatic conditions prevailing in an area when designing the kitchens. The warm climates do not have the concept of keeping the kitchen spaces enclosed within walls or boundaries.  This would allow the smooth passage of air and help ventilate out the areas.  It is generally accepted that the cold climates cannot have opened out kitchen designs.  The need to have proper ventilation has to be balanced with the need to have practical systems which would make the space comfortable so to speak. 

The issue of building materials to construct the kitchens 

The modern architect or designer is faced with a problem of plenty when it comes to the availability of building material to construct out the kitchens. More than any other factor, it is the practicality of the building material that should count when being considered for use as a building material for the kitchen.  Some of the most desirable features of the building material to be used in doing the kitchens are as follows. 

 Strength: The strength of the material used in the construction of the kitchens must be able to support the weight of things kept on them and more importantly be able to withstand the roughest of handling too. It could be that the kitchens are the most used areas in any household and more so if there are more than the usual number of members in the family.  Some of the hardier and preferred materials used to design kitchens are steel, hardwood, ceramic tiles, etc. 

 Flexibility: When speaking of the need to be flexible in the design of the kitchens, it is mostly that the building material must be able to fit into more than the average roles.  Wood is a very flexible material for constructing the kitchen spaces.  This is because most types of wood can be used in more than one way to execute the kitchen.  The countertops can be done in wood that is separate from the wood used to do the kitchen cupboards.  This sort of variations in the appearances of wood comes from the very flexible nature of the product. 

 Cost: No matter the kind of design and construction method used, the kitchen remodeling and construction must be cost-effective.  This does not mean that only the cheapest options must be used but that the best choice must be made concerning the expense being incurred. Sometimes the more inexpensive alternatives would also mean the least permanent ones too; hence it is more of a tradeoff between the performance levels and the cost of the method being used. 

 Accessibility: If a particular option is being considered for use in a specific kitchen, it must be possible to bring the material and tools to the site to have the work done.  If the machinery needed to machine out a specific type of finish on the countertops cannot be quickly brought to a premise for whatever reason, then it would not be possible to make use of it either. This is where a sound designer who thinks on the feet comes to be more than handy to have around. 

 Maintenance: The everyday cleaning in each kitchen would be a quick wipe with a damp cloth. The more stubborn dirt would be dealt with by applying a simple soap solution.  It would be only proper to pay the right kind of attention to the upkeep of the kitchen when out to have the space done.

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The Key Features Of Bathroom Design

The bathrooms to most buildings are a private space that can also be done powerfully.  It is possible to create roominess and well-structured bathroom spaces by utilizing some innovative thinking and concepts.  Most people when constructing the bathrooms do tend to keep them as small as would be possible.  This has to be seen in the practical sense that it takes less effort to keep clean a small washroom as compared to a larger one.  

But it is possible to have an impressive restroom without really having a huge space to use, and this is where the more delicate elements of the bathroom design come to play its part.  Discussed in brief are some of the most innovative methods to be used in constructing the washrooms and they need not be the most expensive ones either. 

1. Use of tones of color 

One of the most impressive methods to deck out the bathrooms is to use just one or at most two color shades.  It is the variations of these colors in their tones that would look impressive.  This aspect is particularly useful when doing restrooms of offices and such formal areas.  What stands out in this approach is the rather soothing atmosphere that it creates in such a small space as the bathrooms. 

2. Going big with the mirror  

A lot of people tend to economize in the use of mirrors in bathrooms.  This stems from the fact that good mirrors are one of the most expensive components to a restroom design.  But it is possible to create space within a small room by using mirrors to good effect.  So rather than just looking at the cost part, a good mirror should be one of the priorities when designing the restrooms. 

Mirrors are particular items of interest in the ladies' bathrooms.  Considering that the quality of mirrors being used does tell on the final feel to the washrooms, it would do good to spend an excellent tidy sum on them to start with. 

3. Use of the floating vanity

This type of treatment not only looks up market but does give a sense of ample space to even the tiniest of bathroom design.  There is, of course, the practical side to this sort of plan as it helps remove structures on the floor which could be a hindrance during the cleanup operations.  Most architects and designers do have variations to the floating structure that it is possible to introduce a fair amount of variety in the use of the floating counters. 

4. Getting the lighting right 

The restrooms are meant to be one of the best lit areas in a premise.  As people often use the space not just to groom them but to perform the cleanup operations, this is one space that should be well lit.  It is possible to create variations in the light intensity to create distinct areas within a bathroom. 

For those folks who would insist on the cost of keeping large banks of lights working would take comfort from the fact that the latest lighting techniques like the LEDs do not cost a packet to keep running.  Thus the customer is provided with an economical set of lighting devices at best. 

5. Less is more 

When on the topic of designing the bathrooms, the critical focus must be to avoid clutter.  Often people tend to use a lot of furnishing items in the washrooms that people find it hard to move about without coming into contact with some element of the fixtures.  The experienced designer would insist on keeping the bathrooms spaced out by restricting the use of furniture. 

The spaces that come about between different items of furnishing of the bathrooms would tend to accentuate the size of the rooms and is an excellent method to use with any kind of toilet spaces. 

6. When to provide a shower 

The simple concept is to use showers when there is space to be saved.  Compared to the full-blown bathtubs, the shower cabins do take much lesser space.  Most public restrooms do use showers as the uses of these facilities are much every day, and most times, the designer includes a shower to fit the requirements for having a space for bathing. 

It is possible to use innovations to shower designs that these spaces would turn out to be one of the most functional ones possible. The better of the bathroom design would be able to fit in a shower in the least possible floor space.  

7. Pushing out the walls 

Most of the bathrooms that are visually appealing are often done in a square shape. At least every attempt is made to render the restrooms as square areas.  This would be where the need to push out the walls comes to play.  In case the bathroom is more rectangular then the shorter width is made to move outward, and the longer lengths of the room brought in.  

The most telling effects in the design of bathrooms are in the use of straight-lined walls that seem to run on and on.  It is essential to keep the intersections to a minimum and should be avoided if possible.  This would prevent breaks from occurring in the flowing lines which make up the bathroom extremities. 

There would never be the perfect restroom design.  But it is possible to use some simple guidelines when it comes to doing the washrooms and to good effect too. The final call as to what goes to constructing a bathroom lies with the customer or the landlord who would be spending the money on it.  One of the most impressive ways to design bathrooms that stand out is by using shades of the same color to good effect. 

Few people understand the role of shadows in a room, but the bathroom is not just the space for this sort of approach and must be well lit as far as possible.

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