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Proper Customer Relations for Retaining Wall Contractors

Retaining wall contractors are keen in providing guaranteed outcome for their work. Customer service may be far from their minds. Yet, this practice is an integral component of any business. Service-oriented companies can check out the website of Selectedly.


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Proper Customer Relations for Retaining Wall Contractors

Here’s an important reminder. The business is the individual customer and not services or merchandise.

Try to adopt these customer service tips so they will keep coming back to you:

Customer service originates from people who provide it and not the contracting companies.

Educate your workers on how to relate with customers. Employees follow examples set by management. Rude behavior reflects more on the company than the worker who shows discourteous attitude. Thus, greet them warmly and be respectful in dealing with subordinates. Listen to their concerns and try to accommodate simple requests.

Know your customers. Address them politely by name. This is an indication that you value people especially those who give you business and source of income. 

On the other hand, customers must also recognize you and remember your name as well. As the owner of the drywall contracting firm, it’s vital to be accessible to your clients. This is an effective way of getting close to them. Besides, being elusive doesn’t bode well for your enterprise. 

Your pricing should be thorough and competitive. It is natural to lose out on bids against competitors if your prices are two or three times higher. Fees must factor in desired profit less than time, efforts and cost of materials. This is the basic cost plus model. Be straightforward with upfront charges. From here, including time to be invested and contractor’s rate. Smart customers will compare price tags carefully. 

Displaying contractor’s portfolio, services, testimonials, finished projects, and references on your website helps in promoting the company. A very impressive profile denotes that people like your services and will gladly recommend you to others.

Clean up the debris, dirt, and other mess caused by construction of the drywall daily. This is part of the contractor’s responsibility that will surely be appreciated by homeowners.

Don’t argue with customers. You have no chance to win any argument but see to it that you prove why he’s wrong and why you’re right. 

Do everything you can to find ways in helping customers provided requests are equitable. This may not be according to company policies but there’s no harm in doing it. Customer service representatives of the company must be trained to deal with all situations and contingencies. Their role in sustaining the business is crucial.

Follow up once you have completed a project. See to it they are fully satisfied with your work. That customer remains a sales lead and can become a lifetime patron. This is one technique in widening your client base and engaging additional business. Communicate with them once in a while to maintain the relationship.

Keep your clients happy. The Selectedly is a platform to help contractors engage with them.

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