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How to Proceed with DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting

How to Proceed with DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting DIY kitchen cabinet painting presents challenges even to skilled homeowners. Don’t rush in this crucial stage of remodeling. Remember the outcome can make or break your kitchen space’s appearance. Know the correct procedures to avoid wasting your precious time and money. Here are some tips that can help in this do-it-yourself effort.


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How to Proceed with DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting

DIY kitchen cabinet painting presents challenges even to skilled homeowners. Don’t rush in this crucial stage of remodeling. Remember the outcome can make or break your kitchen space’s appearance. Know the correct procedures to avoid wasting your precious time and money. Here are some tips that can help in this do-it-yourself effort. 

Sand and Clean the Wood

You must sand the wood so the paint sticks firmly. Sanding is necessary even if cabinets are in good condition. Different sandpaper categories indicate differences in quality of abrasives, adhesives, and backing material. It is measured according to grit size or a number of sharp fragments per square inch. Density is equally important. Choose the sandpaper’s grit size based on your task.


Heavy sanding/stripping -  Coarse variety (40 – 60 grit)

Smoothing and removal of slight flaws – (80 – 120 grit)

Finishing of surfaces – Fine (360 -600 grit)


You may start with lower-grade grit. Then, proceed to finer sandpaper as you move forward. Remove scratches from the preceding layer before advancing to the next.  Get rid of the dust and debris before applying primer and paint. A bit of dust ruins the entire look of your cupboard.


Consider a portable electric sander if you have extra budget. An orbital detail model can speed up the painting stage. Purchase plenty of sandpaper if you don’t have cash to spare for this apparatus. 


At least 15 sheets each for 80 and 120 grit

10 sheets of 180 grit for sanding between priming and painting coats


Include tack cloths and rubber gloves (20 pieces worth $2 per pack) for removing dust and tiny particles.


Prime the Wood

Don’t omit priming. Otherwise, bulges in the wood will bleed through the paint only after three months. Choose a primer that blocks stains. This variety effectively prevents blotching as the paint dries. Clean the wood surface and sand slightly to expose the grain. All you need is one coating. Choose between brush, sprayer, and roller for application. Sand with 150 grit paper to knock down the grain. 


Use the Appropriate Paint

Wall paint are for walls not cabinets. Instead, use the formula that fits cabinetry. Let the primer dry completely. The latex satin gloss works well with cupboards compared to oil-based paints. Alkyd enamel lasts longer. The self-leveling formulation leaves a smoother finish. 


Paint products with low VOCs has several benefits. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds which cause various medical conditions. These include headaches, nausea, and breathing problems.


Low VOC paint maintains better quality of air.

It does not produce obnoxious odors.

This variety is inexpensive.

You can clean with water and soap.

The paint is durable and lasts longer.


The paint color must flatter your appliances and furnishings. Many contractors recommend these colors for kitchen cabinet painting:

White and dark gray for brighter look

Crisp white for almost all types of kitchen

Minimalist gray for classic appearance

Animated blue for warm-looking space

Mixture of beige and gray


Hardware Concerns

Detach all the hardware. These include screws, knobs, hinges, and magnets. The process takes time. Yet. It’s important to remove these items temporarily before refinishing. Organize all the items by labeling each fitting with numbers that match the door where these came from. Put a small cut of painter’s tape on top of the number for every door. Remove the tape after you finish painting. 


Avoid Messing Up

Roll the carpets. Clear your countertops. Take off the curtains. If you don’t, these fixtures will surely end up splattered with paint and messy. You can use the cheap canvas drop cloth at $10 each or less. Using these cloths will leave the kitchen walls splash-free. Purchase around 10 disposable paint trays. Put these above the real tray to create a firmer surface for rolling on the brush. Just throw the container away after use. 


Paint Brushes and Rollers

Get a lot of brushes and rollers. You can reuse brushes several times with enamel paint. However, this is not the case for oil-based varieties. Brush bristles get spoiled easily. This condition makes detailed touch-ups more difficult. Opt for plastic wraps or bags to seal your paint implements overnight. Seal the wrap so paint on the bristles stay wet for the next day. 


You should have separate rollers for primer and paint. The packaging helps users to figure out the appropriate rollers. Look for instructions such as smooth cabinet finish. The high-density roller made of foam is meant for enamel variety. A low-nap roller performs efficiently after being wrapped in a plastic baggy overnight. Don’t forget your painter’s tape. It is effective for deep corners.


Bases and Backsides

Focus first on the support and rear portions of the cabinet doors. Finish the sanding and apply primer. Paint the sides mentioned earlier. Allow a few more days for drying than the front doors. These parts hit each other more often. Thus, the foundation and backsides of cabinet doors require 14 days of continuous drying time. By painting the front door last, you don’t need to turn it over for painting the back. It reduces the risk of smears and scratching. 


Opt for Light Coating

For kitchen cabinet painting, apply lighter coats to avoid drips. Enamel pain that cures immediately leaves visible drip spots. It will require sanding and repainting. The thinner your coat, the better it will be for you. Add a topcoat of polyurethane, an ideal finish for wooden surfaces. This additional coat forms a barrier for the paint gloss protecting it from fast deterioration. 


Kitchen Cabinet Interiors

Never overlook the interiors of cupboards particularly the upper portion and bottom shelves. Sand the insides thoroughly. See to it you apply paint evenly. Badly-painted portions will look unsightly. You can also replace paint with contact paper inside the cabinet. However, it means extra cost to you. The advantage is cleaning, and replacement turn out hassle-free without causing damage to cabinets. 


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5 Things to Consider In Hiring a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler

Putting a little bit of spice in our homes is not a bad idea. Arranging, repainting, repairing, and even changing the structure— it can be easily attained. But, achieving the exact picture that you’re imagining to your house might get a little too complicated, now that remodeling houses have been very costly these days.
Of course, a house would not be a house if there’s no kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen serves as a venue for a family to bond through dining and cooking. The bathroom, as said to be the “twin” room of the bedroom, should also be relaxing and designed clean. But, remodeling kitchen and bathroom can be too costly and complicated. Home remodelers, mostly, demand high rates when it comes to their services and equipment.
If you’re still thinking about hiring a home remodeler, especially those who remodel kitchens and bathrooms, this article would help you out in considering things before you would actually hire one. Here are five ways to make a hiring kitchen and bathroom remodeler less than a gamble:

1. If its rate is cheap, do not fall for it

Remodeling is like having a fresh, new start. It is expected to be a little bit expensive—from hiring the people who would do the job, to purchasing the materials—it’s all costly. But, don’t settle to contractors who have cheap rates, because most likely, those who ask cheap rates have less quality in doing the work. The Selectedly could help you find the right contractors that could do the job and that would fit in your budget and design plans. Home remodelers Marin county

2. Have a detailed contract before any work begins

It is very important to have all your designs and wants in a clean sheet of paper. Make sure that the contract that you have with your contractor is approved by both parties. From designs to labor, and down from the expenses: everything should be cleared and talked about. The contract should cover all of the costs, brands of the equipment installed, and lastly the estimated date of when the work will be started and done. Remember, a contract is an expectation that is set to be accomplished. It should never be forgotten. bath remodelers marin and kitchen remodelers marin 

3. Look at contractor’s work samples

In hiring home remodelers, you should be able to know the background of the contractor that you are hiring. Their work samples would define the quality of their service and how efficient they are in getting the job done. You can research more of kitchen and bathroom remodelers, as well as home contractors and their backgrounds in Selectedly. To find kitchen bath contractors marin is never easy with Superior Buyers to report you can be safe you will find good remodelers in marin.

4. Check if the contractor is legit and has been authorized

It’s always a must to know how legit or how certified the remodeler that you are hiring is. Having their company verified and recognized by the government is a definite proof that the remodeling company that you are hiring is legit. Also, having authorized contractors is an assurance that you are in good hands. Marin remodelers and remodeling companies are easy to find on the Top-10 Selectedly. 

5. Research on the materials that the contractor is proposing

This would relate to the cost factor that was mentioned above. You should be able to know about the materials and equipment that the remodelers that you will be hiring so that you would not be blinded of what they are purchasing and installing in your kitchen and bathroom. The materials should be discussed during the contract signing so that you will know what equipment you would like them to install in your kitchen and bathroom. Find the top-10 kitchen bath contractors marin the best remodelers marin can be found in Selectedly. 

For more reviews about consumer-related resources, check out Selectedly

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The Best Kitchen Bath Contractors Marin County CA Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

Kitchen and bath remodelers in Marin County CA bearing Selectedly TOP 10 symbol are ones that have exceeded the minimum California regulatory standard. They are the bathroom kitchen remodelers proven through our independent research to have met the TOP 10 requirements for value and ability, carry liability insurance as protection for you the customer, who use only employees documented as legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff have called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with them as bathroom or kitchen remodelers in Marin County CA. Kitchen bath remodelers in marin, CA.


The Best Kitchen and Bath Remodelers in Marin County Use Good Products and Brands 


Your Most Important Kitchen Brands?



Resources About Kitchen Bath Remodelers in Marin County 

The following are helpful links and publications for and about kitchen & bath remodeling in Marin County 

Associations & Licensing for Kitchen Remodelers and Bath Contractors in  Marin County
CSLB Contractors State License Board (
NARI National Association of the Remodeling Industry (
NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association (


Things to ask Kitchen Bath Contractors in Marin County CA

While picking which kitchen bath remodelers in Marin County CA to contract, pose these inquiries about their experience, scope of administrations, and systems before employing them:

• How long have they been doing business as kitchen or bath remodelers in Marin County CA particularly?

• If you're rebuilding your kitchen, what number of different kitchens redesigns have they finished? In the event that a bathroom, what number of other bath redesigns have they finished?

• Can they give a few cases of work like what you're requesting that they've finished?

• Can the kitchen bath contractors give you names and quantities of customers that you can call as references? (All renovating organizations bearing Selectedly—TOP 10 image have just had their customer references called by our examination staff so you don't need to.)

• What is extend time allotment from gauge to finishing?

• How will your entrance to and utilization of the kitchen or bathroom be affected amid the venture?

• Do they convey laborers' pay and risk protection? (All kitchen bath contractors in Marin County CA bearing Selectedly—TOP 10 image have just had verification of protection checked by our examination staff so you don't need to.)

• Will they give a composed gauge finish detail of the correct brands, things including venture numbers, installations, sorts of materials and sum to be utilized? (This is key in light of the fact that the least expensive kitchen and bath contractors frequently just appear to be least expensive on the grounds that they have offered on the least expensive apparatuses which you will either be despondent with, or ask for be changed amid the venture, prompting an expansion in cost.)

• Can they show to you that every one of their laborers sent to your property are legitimately permitted to work in the U.S.? (All kitchen bath contractors in Marin County CA bearing Selectedly—TOP 10 image have effectively consented to an arrangement to just contract archived specialists.)

• What are the maker guarantees on the installations or machines they have cited you?

• Do they give a composed guarantee on their work beside maker guarantees, and provided that this is true, for to what extent is it?

• Will grants be required for the kitchen or bath rebuild? Provided that this is true, will's identity in charge of getting those licenses?

• Do their own particular representatives really entire the work, or do they enlist subcontractors for the kitchen and bath rebuilding?

• How frequently and when do they tidy up all through the venture?

• What methodology do they use to limit the effect the venture will have on whatever is left of your home, i.e. tidy, clamor, and so on?

• How will they impart to you their normal calendar to be nearby, and how frequently?

• Will they give a point by point, composed contract determining the correct materials, sums, brands, item numbers, and extent of work?

• What forms do they use to value the venture?

• Can they foresee any potential amazements that may happen amidst the venture because of what they find out about the current structure or materials, and by what amount precisely may that influence the aggregate cost?

Our research we’ll ensure you get the best top-10 companies in your county.