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Client Relationship Tips from Reliable Online Platforms

Housekeeping and housecleaning services can use suggestions provided by Selectedly on the customer service tips category. Customer service is essential for service-oriented firms like housekeeping and housecleaning. If not, they can lose business. There are specific characteristics that set apart excellent from average. This will give you distinct advantage over competitors.


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Client Relationship Tips from Reliable Online Platforms

Be ready to answer all questions sharply and please homeowners with your responses whether it’s a face to face meeting, emails or phone call. It is essential to be well-informed about your tasks and justify fees. You must sound pleasant and look delighted at all times. Your tome must be professional but warm. 

Respect your customers. Don’t judge them.  Be very careful in cleaning to avoid causing damages or scratching anything inside the house.

See to it the family is contented with your necessary chores like wiping cabinets and countertops; sweeping the floor, and cleaning the bathroom. If you’re asked to answer the phone, talk openly and in a business-like manner so callers will not complain. 

Handle complaints with poise. Address any problems with the right solution. Try to understand their specific requirements and wants. This is an efficient way of meeting expectations of meticulous clients.

It’s also important to go out of one’s way to perform additional assignments which may be making the bed, changing bed sheets, folding newly-washed clothes, and dusting window blinds.

You must be very familiar with cleaning modern products and tools which are safe for you, the home’s occupants, and their pets. Invest in advanced and safe technology that gets the job done promptly and efficiently.

Honesty is equally important. Be truthful with things you do and things you’re not supposed to do. This is one of the basic secrets in providing housekeeping and housecleaning services. Never touch valuables, money or personal belongings of the family unless you are instructed to do so. Be polite while talking to the homeowner. 

Listen attentively to what customers say. This means taking note of what people say out loud and what they communicate through actions. It calls for good communications skills. Create expectations and implement your terms of service. 

Practice time management. Report for work punctually, so customers know you don’t waste your time and theirs as well. You also need to accomplish chores within the specified time given by your client. 

Smile at all times. Adults and kids will love to see a smiling face go around the house. Know your clients and what they want from a housekeeper or housecleaner. 

In submitting proposals and quotes to prospective customers for housekeeping and housecleaning, include the following: business card; types of cleaning techniques; character references; and cleaning checklist. Clients want to see your capabilities; experience; honesty; professionalism; and, confidence. This is a way of convincing people their homes are in good hands while they are away. 

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