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Hiring Emergency Plumbers Near Me

Hiring Emergency Plumbers Near Me Plumbing emergencies are the worst. Despite the fact that you might not be in immediate danger, the problem must be resolved quickly. But finding an emergency plumber is not exactly easy. Even if you do so, there are issues like unavailability, delays, call-out fees, etc. In short, the process is a bit complicated. This article will discuss why you might need to hire emergency plumbers and how to find them.


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Hiring Emergency Plumbers Near Me

Hiring Emergency Plumbers Near Me

Plumbing emergencies are the worst. Despite the fact that you might not be in immediate danger, the problem must be resolved quickly. But finding an emergency plumber is not exactly easy. Even if you do so, there are issues like unavailability, delays, call-out fees, etc. In short, the process is a bit complicated.

This article will discuss why you might need to hire emergency plumbers and how to find them.

Reason Why You Need An Emergency Plumber:


Leakage is perhaps the worst problem out of all plumbing problems. Sure, they are annoying, but they are not dangerous enough to warrant an emergency plumber, right?

Wrong. There is little to worry about when leaking pipes are visible, as they could be changed easily. It becomes complicated when you can't find the source of the leak. You know that water leaks, maybe by constant dripping sound or wet stains on walls and floors. But you can't identify where it is happening. If the wet stains are on the walls, that is quite concerning because your home's infrastructure can also get damaged due to moisture. Only plumbers could identify the source. Calling an emergency problem makes sense as it can be a sign of a leaking water tank or burst underground pipe.

Burst Pipes:

 Burst pipes are no sign of damage; they are an indication that damage is already done. However, identifying the burst pipes is extremely tricky because they are hidden. They can cause excessive damage to your home if not caught on time. There are many signs of a burst pipe, like gurgling sounds, sewage smell, peeling paint and wallpaper, cracked ceiling, etc.

Overflowing Toilet:

Now that is a real emergency problem. Every home has faced this once. While this is an embarrassing one, it needs a plumber immediately. The overflowing water contains dangerous germs and bacteria that might contaminate your home if you don't deal with it soon. Although you can use a plunger to fix it, it is sometimes not enough. A plumber might be able to deal with it quickly.

Gas Smell:

The first sign of gas leakage is its noticeable smell. Keep in mind that gas is extremely dangerous, as it can quickly suffocate you if it doesn't catch fire. Mishandling gas pipes can cause structural and fatal damage, which can be avoided if you call emergency plumbers real fast.

No Hot Water:

If your heating system is working, but you are still not getting hot water, which can be problematic. Sure, even if you skip the shower for a day or two, surviving without hot water, especially in winters, is not easy. In fact, it is outright impossible in harsh winters. Now, reasons vary, from the damaged heating to leakage, but you should not forget that the heating system is connected to the power supply. Which usually is gas and gas is very dangerous. Even the electrical components can cause harm if mishandled, so as an armature, you should not even bother trying to fix it on your own. If not dealt with at the time, you might be facing high heating bills in addition to other damage.

Clogged Drains:

Drains are everywhere in your home. And while you might be experienced in handling them yourselves, you can’t deal with all of them. Some might be beyond your reach, so calling a professional is necessary. Hiring the emergency plumber is necessary in this case as the dirty water can flow back up or might drain slowly. This water contains bacteria that might contaminate your home, which is why it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Rust Colored Water:

If the water from taps is not clear, something is contaminating it. If it is rust-colored, then there is a foregone conclusion that a rusted, corroded pipe is in the water supply system. They need to be dealt with quickly because nothing good can come from drinking dirty water.

Water Is Filled With Dust:

You'll notice that the color of the water is not clear. It's also not rust-like but more of a pale yellow. If you let the water sit for a while, you will realize that dust particles are settling down at the bottom. That is the sign of debris or a large amount of dust getting into your water pipes. Dealing with them immediately is necessary, as drinking such dusty, dirt-filled water is dangerous. 

Unpleasant Odor:

There might be an unpleasant odor present in your house that you can't get rid of no matter what. If it's musty, then it can be mold infestation, which can be easily found. But if it smells like sewage, that might be an indication that the mains water supply and sewage pipes of your home might have mixed up with each other. The water in sewage is filthy, containing dangerous diseases and bacteria. This makes the water unfit to be used, forget about drinking.

Low Water Pressure:

Ever found yourself with no water? Or just shallow water pressure? Contrary to your expectation, that is not uncommon. However, reasons can vary. But no matter what the cause is, if it is not apparent, you might need to act quickly and call the emergency plumber. After all, how long can you live without a proper water supply?

How To Find Emergency Plumbers Near Me:

Sure, hiring a plumber, no matter the time of the day, is not exactly easy. Not many would deign to work after official working hours. Nevertheless, if you follow these simple tips, you might be able to find 24/7 plumbers near you, no matter where you are living.

Search On The Internet:

The best way to find an emergency plumber is to search for them online. Wither you can put your location on Google Maps and let it do it for you. Or, you can just head over the Google search page to find one emergency plumbing service open 24/7.

Additionally, businesses these days do not precisely provide plumbing services. Instead, they match you with the perfect plumber. If you take that route, and the plumber is good, try to retain their services in the future. They will become familiar with your plumbing system, and you will get your problems fixed rather quickly.

Ask Around:

If you don't trust the internet, then ask around. Ask your neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues to refer a reliable emergency plumber to you. Although, you need to make sure that the person recommending the plumber has availed of their services before. 

Check The History:

Now that you have found the 24/7 plumbers, you need to make sure that they are reliable. This can be done by checking their track record. Search for online reviews. Check if they have any legal troubles like lawsuits in their history. Avoid the ones with the red flags. But to be honest, at this point, you don't have enough time to do such long research. So a quick look through online reviews will suffice in case of emergency.

Ask For Guarantee/ Warranty:

All the excellent plumbing services offer warrantee of a limited time on their work. Emergency plumbers are no different. So before hiring the plumber, ask them about the warranty. If they do so, then they are reliable.

Ask For Hidden Charges:

Unfortunately, plumbers charge you through the nose, even when they don't do anything. They will turn up, diagnose the problem, suggest a solution that may or may not be a viable option, and then demand a turn-up fee. This happens more so with emergency plumbers. So ask the business if they have such policies, or do they charge only for the work done plus any extra charge for spare parts the plumber might have bought.

Communicate Your Problem:

Communication is the key. No plumber will come to your home if you give a vague description of the plumbing emergency. You need to layout the whole situation in front of them. If asked, also provide pictures. By doing this, you will help them in understanding the problem beforehand so that they will prepare themselves accordingly. As a bonus, they will also bring the necessary parts that might need to be replaced, which will save time and additional trips on the plumber's side.


Hiring an emergency plumber is never a pleasant business. However, it can be easier if you know what to do and who to contact. In the end, always go for the reliable ones to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

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Why would you need a plumbing contractor?

A tiny pipe leak that can easily and cheaply be fixed in minutes can cost thousands of dollars if left undone, interrupt your routine chores for weeks, and even damage your house structure in the long run.  Thus, hiring a plumber immediately to fix the leak is very important.  However, calling the first plumbing company that you see in the Yellow pages or in your Google search for a plumbing emergency is a mistake.  Not all plumbers are the same.  Some plumbers only provide temporary resolutions by addressing basic repairs.  Plumbing contractors specialize in providing permanent solutions that may entail remodeling or revamping your piping system or making major piping upgrades to meet your new requirements.  Thus, finding the right plumbing contractor entails research. 

Plumbing vs. Plumb Contracting 

For typical plumbing problems in your home such as a jammed gutter, dripping faucet, leaky pipes, clogged drains, running toilets or slow water pressure, or other basic repairs, a plumber is a person that you will most likely call to the rescue. Plumbers handle basic mending’s usually in emergency circumstances.  A plumbing contractor, on the other hand, is mostly involved in bigger plumbing projects such as those new constructions, housing renovation as well as other tasks that comprise large plumbing system including water supply, heating and septic system, among others. Plumbing contractors have a more comprehensive understanding of the plumbing system including water piping, heat piping, sewage and drainage system, among others. 

The work of plumbing contractors 

Repairing that leaky faucet or clogged drainage is the least of the things that a licensed plumbing contractor can perform.  A plumbing contractor’s job including the installation, restoration and maintenance of pipes and plumbing fixtures for ensuring the smooth transportation of water, gas, sewage, and drainage in the residential, commercial and industrial edifice. In performing these functions, a plumbing contractor must have the knowledge and proficiency in understanding, analyzing and interpreting blueprints and building plans and specs to comprehend the layout of plumbing structures, water reserve grids, exhaust systems, sewage and drainage systems. In installing and repairing plumbing systems, a plumbing contractor needs to identify specific tools and equipment needed for fixing the issues as well as the type and size of piping material. This may entail the mounting of provisions for hanging, standing and laying pipes, fittings and tools.  Replacing and cutting pipes would involve clearly identifying damaged components, marking points and connective stations to ensure precision. 

In dealing with large piping systems in residential, commercial and industrial structures, a plumbing contractor must be familiar or knowledgeable about pertinent building codes, local policies and regulations relating to water networks as well as occupational safety procedures that they need to follow in the course of their work. 

The installation of piping system for water or heat should be closely coordinated with other 

Integral home systems such as electrical wiring system, architectural design and drywall construction among others as this affects the rest of the house components. 

Levels of Plumbers in Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing contractors have different plumbers with different level of training.  These are the different general types of plumbers based on level. 

Master Plumber. The master plumber possesses a master plumber license which one can secure by passing a state exam and rigorous vocational training.  He also holds extensive knowledge of plumbing acquired from years of practical experience.  He is the one involved in reading blueprints, in planning piping systems, ensuring compliance with pertinent local policies and regulations and general supervision of work. 

Journeyman Plumber. The Journeyman plumber is the intermediate level of plumbing.  Aside from the journeyman license, this level of plumbing also have extensive practical experience on plumbing works but still lack proficiency in understanding comprehensive piping systems for gas, water and drainage.

Apprentice Plumber. Apprentice plumbers are rookie plumbers who are capable of performing basic plumbing repairs and act as assistant to major installation or repair jobs to journeyman plumbers.  Being the neophytes, they are mostly involved in doing the secondary works of plumbing. 

Specializations of Plumbing contractors

While plumbing contractors generally provide complete plumbing services for all the needs a new construction or a renovation project.  Still some have expertise in specific aspects of the plumbing occupation.

Water supply systems.   Plumbing contractors specializing in water supply systems have expertise in installing hot and cold water supply in toilets, sinks, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas in the building that require clean safe tap water.  They are also experts in integrating alternative sources of energies such as solar panel systems or natural gas to provide a hearing.  They also install tanks for water storage, collecting rain to be used for irrigating the garden.

Sanitary and Hygiene.  Plumbing contractors specializing in sanitary plumbing have expertise in fixing pipe and fixtures such as soil pipe, ventilation and overflow pipe for transmitting water supply for
cleaning and processing systems intended for different purposes such as food processing and medical services among others.  These contractors are especially knowledgeable about the compliance requirements of a building as implemented by the local or state government. 

Gasfitting. This plumbing contractor specializes in installation and repair of piping, valves, ventilation, meters and flue pipes used for transporting gas for providing heat as well as heating water. They also specialize in installing and testing heaters, cooktops, LPG and natural gas fitting lines to ensure safe and smooth conveyance of gas. 

Roof Plumbing. This contractor specializes in addressing guttering or piping issues in the roof issues. They are involved in fabricating and customizing metal roofing, grooves ditches, channels and downpipes.  They also specialize in installing casements and portholes as well as chimneys and vents in roofs. 

Drainage and Sewage. Plumbing contractors specializing in drainage are competent in the installation of drain-waste-vent to eliminate sewage and dirty water from a building as well as for synchronizing air pressure in the waste-system pipes to ensure smooth outflow. Their work usually involves digging canals or trenches, cleaning and fixing underground drains as well as maintaining and operating water treatment systems.

Mechanical Services. Plumbing contractors specializing in this category are experts in air-conditioning systems to maintain your home or building comfortable regardless of the season.  They are involved in installing hydronic and ducted heating as well as evaporative cooling systems among others. 

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