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A Complete Guide To Window Replacement

A Complete Guide To Window Replacement Windows are often looked over, so many homeowners don't even realize that they are in dire need of window replacement. Consequently, many people don't even know what to expect from the whole process. Window replacement projects are time-consuming and expensive, so you need to do your research beforehand. Hence, we have prepared a complete window replacement guide to help you through the process.


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A Complete Guide To Window Replacement

A Complete Guide To Window Replacement

Windows are often looked over, so many homeowners don't even realize that they are in dire need of window replacement. Consequently, many people don't even know what to expect from the whole process. Window replacement projects are time-consuming and expensive, so you need to do your research beforehand.

Hence, we have prepared a complete window replacement guide to help you through the process.

Signs You Need Window Replacement:

First, you need to evaluate your home for any such signs. There are many signs which indicate that it is time for window replacement. Most of these signs can be spotted easily.

Broken Window Frame:

If the window glass is broken, that can be easily replaced. The same cannot be expected from the window frame. If the frame is either broken or pulling away from the wall, that is a definite indication for replacement.

Drafty Windows And Poor Energy Efficiency:

Have you noticed air coming into your room, even when all the doors and windows are closed? Upon further investigation, it will become clear that the air is coming from the windows. This is a concerning matter because it can also drastically increase your energy bills. As the treated air is escaping outside, your HVAC system would need to work overtime to compensate for that.


The formation of condensation and snow on either side of the window is a direct sign of poorly insulated windows. 

Cold To Touch:

Single paned windows will always feel cold. But if double paned windows are cold, something is wrong. Usually, they should be mildly cold, even in freezing temperatures.

Unable To Repair:

Windows can be repaired and painted with ease. But when you realize that repair is not enough, that is a telling sign. If repair costs you more than 30% of its original price, invest in replacement windows.

Reasons For Window Replacement:

In addition to above mentioned points, here are some other reasons for investing in window replacement.

High Energy Bills:

If your windows are not sealed in the correct manner, they can become drafty. In that instance, they would allow the cool air to escape outside in the summers. In winters, the thermal efficiency of your home will decrease due to cold air coming in. In both cases, the heating and cooling systems will need to work overtime to maintain the optimal temperature of your home. Consequently, this will increase energy consumption, which will lead to high electricity and gas bills.

Old Age:

Everything has its own life, and window materials are similar in this regard. With the passage of time, wear and tear are apparent on the window, indicating that it is a time of change.

Increasing Resale Value:

Who will buy a home with broken, drafty windows? That's right, no one unless they are planning on the renovation on their own. You won't get a reasonable price for your property in both cases because it has a visible shabby structure.


Reinforced windows will provide more protection.

Adds Aesthetic Value:

Newly replaced windows look beautiful.

Improving Natural And Ventilation:

With the help of replaced windows, you can considerably improve the ventilation and lighting of your home. 

Selecting Materials For Replacement Window:

When looking for a window replacement, you need to choose the right type of material for your home.


Aluminum windows are known for their strength and durability. Windows made of this material have many advantages, like resistance to insects, no rotting, economical, lightweight, and less need for repainting and maintenance. But it has some glaring disadvantages, like being a poor material for energy efficiency susceptible to corrosion when exposed to salty air.


Vinyl windows are the most famous option, and there is a good reason for that. The material is durable, low maintenance, easy to clean, lightweight, and easy to install. Additionally, it won’t corrode, which gives it its characteristic long lifespan. However, its energy efficiency properties earned it its well-deserved fame.


Wooden windows are used for classic or traditional architecture. With their naturally warm hues, they give a home, natural vibe. But you don't have to stick with the brown color; you can have it painted to match your décor. Its advantages include insulation, condensation prevention, and ease of customization. On the contrary, the list of disadvantages is long; susceptible to rotting, termites, warping, and high maintenance. But even with all of that, it is still one of the most commonly used materials.


Fiberglass is another popular window material, and for a good reason. It won’t peel, fade, flake, expand or contract in high temperature, durable, rigid, and absorb liquid. But it is expensive, and if constructed wrong, drafts can form in the frame surroundings.


The last option is using composite materials made of vinyl and reclaimed wood blend. The material is specially treated to resist warping, rotting, moisture damage, and warping. They are also great options for thermal and energy efficiency and are highly durable. However, it is the most expensive material out of all others.

Selecting Right Window Style:

Like materials, window styles have to be chosen before the work starts. But there is a huge range in styles, so you have many options to choose from.

Single Hung Windows:

These windows can be opened in two ways, moving the lover sash up or downwards or vertically.

Double Hung Windows:

Similar to single hung windows, except in this style, both lower and upper sash can be moved.

Arched Windows:

Used to enhance the architectural design, they can be installed above standard windows, as they don't always open.

Awning Windows:

Awning windows are opened by pushing them upwards on the outside. Perfect for climates with heavy rains.

Bay Windows:

Bay windows are used more for aesthetics than their functionality. They are big, open towards the outside, and will create a small shelf in the interior of your home. It isn't easy to install.

Bow Windows:

The most expensive style of windows. These are curved windows that create a circular area at the exterior of your home. They are used for creating perfect views of the backyards or gardens.

Casement Windows:

Casement windows are a relatively modern design. They will either swing upwards on the outside or to the sides.

Egress Windows:

Egress windows are more of a scape root for emergencies than ventilation, lighting, or aesthetics. Because of this, they are generally installed in the basement.

Garden Windows:

These are mini bay windows designed for plants. They act like tiny greenhouses, with mini shelves for placing plant pots and letting sunlight in from the outside.

Glass Block Windows:

Perfect for lighting, security, and privacy. These are made from frosted glass with different patterns.

Hopper Windows:

Perfect choice for limited wall space. It is only used for ventilation.

Jalousie Windows:

This window style is made of several slats of glass or metal, splitting it into several sections. They are used for ventilation purposes.

Picture Windows:

Picture windows are only used for viewing purposes, so it doesn't open. Due to this, you get an unobstructed view of your outside area.

Round Circle Windows:

Obviously, they are round or oval-shaped. They can also be elliptical or half-round. It can be combined with other styles.

Skylight Windows:

Skylight Windows are used in spaces where you want ventilation and lighting but don't have enough space. They are installed on ceilings.

Sliding Windows:

These windows are split into two sections, one of which is fixed and the other movable. You can also get a window with both sections being movable.

Transom Windows:

Decorative windows used to frame doorways or other windows.

Storm Windows:

Provide protection against the weather.

Cost Of Window Replacement: How Much You Should Budget?

On average, window replacement costs anywhere from $100 to $650, but the rates change with the material and style of windows.

Typical Range: $200 to $1,800 per window

National Average: $650 per window

Average labor costs: $38 per window

Price Of Window Replacement Depending Upon Materials:

Window Frame Material

Price Per Window

Aluminum Windows


Vinyl Windows


Wood Windows


Fiberglass Windows

$475 to $1,575

Composite Windows

$295 to $1,325

Price Of Window Replacement Depending Upon Design:

Window Design

Price Per Window

Single Hung Windows

$170 to $360

Jalousie Windows

$175 to $375

Transom Windows

$200 to $575

Storm Windows

$200 to $460

Circle Windows

$250 to $750

Hopper Windows

$260 to $720

Casement Windows

$270 to $750

Double Hung Windows

$300 to $850

Sliding Windows

$320 to $1,300

Arched Windows

$325 to $500

Glass Block Windows

$400 to $1,100

Awning Windows

$420 to $760

Skylight Windows

$900 to $2,130

Garden Windows

$1,000 to $4,000

Egress Windows

$1,000 to $5,000

Bay Windows

$1,150 to $3,550

Bow Windows

$1,400 to $3,800


Hiring Window Contractors:

The next step is to hire the window contractors to officially start the window replacement process. Here is how you can do that.

Ask For Recommendations:

Ask for a recommendation from people you know. Keep in mind that the only viable options are those companies whose services have been availed before by your friends or contacts.

Limit Your Search Radius:

Limit your search to the local area. You can find many reliable ones in close distances.

Years Of Experience:

Choose window contractors who have many years of experience. The more working experience they have, the better their service will be.

Online Search:

Search for the lists of best window contractors near me. You will find a lot of them online. Make sure your location is on when you are doing that. You can also input your location in the search tab.

Get Quotes:

Get quotes from different window contractors. Compare all the estimates, and hire the painter who will be most suitable for your wallet.

Preparation For Window Replacement:

Before the window contractors come into your home, you must do the following preparations.

Clearing The Area:

Male sure that the area is cleared from any furniture or objects.

Protect Furniture:

Heavy furniture can't be moved around, so cover it thoroughly.

Deactivating Alarms:

Deactivate all the alarms to avoid high sounds whenever the workers enter your home.

Children/ Pet Proofing:

Take proper measures to ensure that your pets and children won’t wander in.


Remove any obstruction from the outside. That includes trimming your trees and bushes to get unobstructed access.

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How to Find the Best Window Contractors & Replacement Windows

How to Find the Best Window Contractors & Replacement Windows 

Windows are openings in walls that help ventilate the house by air passing through it. Although they are designed as an open part of the wall, it is best recommended to plan it with locks as a protection as well. 

Window contractors are the experts in designing, measuring and installing your desired window on your walls. They can give you hints on how your windows would look like and how it should be, the kind and the styles are on their lists to share it with you. They can lay different options and even customizing your windows according to what you wanted it to be.

There are different designs of windows that can fit your walls. Some of it is entry door windows, bay windows, high windows, dormer windows, sliding patio windows and more. There is a window fitted in every type of wall you wanted to put it. 

Replacement windows are windows replacing another window. If a window already exists and you wanted a new one for it, replacing is an option for this. Glass windows can be your choice. There are a lot of options you can choose to. Below are some of them:

  • Patterned glass 
  • Textured glass 
  • Mirrored walls
  • Tinted glass 
  • Laminated glass 
  • Reflective glass 

There is a lot more option, you can just ask your chosen contractor for any suggestions, or they can even suggest a customizing window option for you other than what is offered in the market. 

How to find the best window contractor?

In finding the best window contractor, you need to do some list or guidelines to follow so that you won’t end up wasting your effort and money by investing in a wrong contractor. 

You can reference from someone you know. A reference direct from a previous client can gain your trust in doing the project.

Does a little research like background and reviews. Most clients, especially the ones that are not satisfied with the project are more prone to writing it up and sharing it on social media.

Ask for the entire cost and compare it to some other contractor as well.

Check their website for further info about how they do their work.

A warranty is also important for this project. It will protect you from any unwanted risk while under construction or after it.

Ask them how long they have been doing this kind of project?

You should also be aware of the different characteristics of the windows that might help you. Some of its great attributes are soundproof, energy-saving, infrared-reflecting, anti-radiation and impact resistant. Through this features, you can discuss it with your window contractor as to determine what is best for you. 

The above guidelines are really important in determining your prospect contractor. It is in their contingent on how others would appreciate you’re newly installed windows. You should always check their licensed and business permit to ensure the safety of the project and protection for you as their client.  

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