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Planning and Designing a Successful Kitchen Remodel

How does one begin with a logical kitchen remodel? It makes sense to break down the project in phases. This approach allows you to make necessary adjustments between stages. It’s harder if you embark on a full-scale renovation. Implementing changes at the middle of the job will entail more expense. Furthermore, you can split up payments over time. It reduces the need for a bigger loan to cover costs.


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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling and general renovation. Selectedly
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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions 2ns story additions and remodeling contractor in San Francisco, CA Everlast Construction is Selectedly Top-10 Company.

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Planning and Designing a Successful Kitchen Remodel

How does one begin with a logical kitchen remodel? It makes sense to break down the project in phases. This approach allows you to make necessary adjustments between stages. It’s harder if you embark on a full-scale renovation. Implementing changes at the middle of the job will entail more expense. Furthermore, you can split up payments over time. It reduces the need for a bigger loan to cover costs. 


Well Thought-Out Strategy

However, a phased remodeling calls for strategic thinking and perseverance. Avoid being impulsive. Take one step at a time. Consider these Don’ts:

Purchase new appliances and fixtures

Replace windows

Demolish and paint walls

Change cabinet hardware

Reroute water supply

You’ll simply waste time and resources if you change your mind and decide to rework the entire layout. Instead, concentrate on creating a comprehensive plan. Buy your cabinets once everything is firmed up. 


Minimal or Complex

A simple job requires adding shelves and countertops. It becomes more complicated if you need to expand the kitchen. You knock down dividers and add space. The complex project needs time for visualization and reviewing expectations judiciously. Figure out how your kitchen will look like after the update. How much work do you need to do? You’ll need professional help. Start with a designer. Next is an architect or contractor. Contact a remodeling plumber for a major renovation. 


Architects come in handy if major changes are needed. These include the following:

Modifying floor plans

Designing new rooflines

Exterior additions

Structural changes

Approval of plans by local building entities

Creating beautiful and functional food preparation space


Hire the Best General Contractor

You need the smartest contractor with solid qualifications if the kitchen remodel comes in stages. Big names in the industry may turn out a liability. You need a contractor to focus on the job. The last thing you’ll want is someone who goes from one project to another. In this case, you may run out of finances before even proceeding to the next stage.


You are left with three options.

Manage the project. 

Find a contractor who’s not engaged in any other renovation.

Look for one who can take it step by step with pauses in between stages.

If the remodel is extensive, you’ll have to think hard before employing a general contractor.


Determine the Scope of Project

Specify the whole project’s extent after identifying your goal. An experienced provider will walk you through the project. It’s your ballgame if you decide to manage the job. Identify the subcontractor categories.



Drywall installers




Selections include tiles, lighting fixtures, doors and windows, countertop slabs, and paint colors. Come up with a spreadsheet to classify responsibilities of each subcontractor. Specify the needed selection. You need plumbing selections for new faucets and sink. The plumber’s task is to mount those fixtures as well as relocate the drain system and water supply. 


Physical plans must include flooring and elevation. Imagine and review the process. See to it you don’t omit even the smallest detail. Be accurate with cost estimates. Avoid allowances or this may ruin your planning. Allowances refer to assumptions when contractors bid jobs without fixed selections. 



Correct Quotes Matter

You’ll probably encounter a similar issue if you’re making your own cost estimates. In preparing financial projections, visit the online or physical shop personally to find out exact prices. These include appliances, lighting and plumbing fittings, block countertops, and other selections. 


Get accurate quotations for materials. You need to factor these expenses into the total estimate. Consult your remodeling contractor before implementing work in various stages. It requires extra planning to make sure every step complements the other. Make all selections at the start. This approach helps you determine how all components will work collectively at the end.


Importance of Budgeting

A reasonable costing on the total expenditure for kitchen remodel is mandatory. It should be divided into phases properly. Otherwise, your plan may not work. Estimates can turn up easier for basic plans – New appliances, hardware, and paint. Price out your fixtures. Bid the painting for walls and cabinets. Count the hardware requirements. Get the prices for your selections. That’s it. These are uncomplicated stages without many risks. 


For bigger and extensive jobs, pricing may become harder if you don’t have the experience. In this care, kitchen remodeling involves many workers.


Drywall specialists



Tile setters


Slab fabricators

Roofers and insulator

There could be more personalities involved. Of course, you’ll have to deal with the general contractor who happens to be the big boss. Here’s the bottom line. It’s challenging to calculate or appraise a phased renovation if you’re doing this on your own. 


Employing a contractor could be the most viable option. Be prepared for the grueling process of hiring a contractor. This includes interviews, review of credentials, checking references, and making the final choice for your service provider.


To accomplish your remodeling successfully, stay within the programmed budget. Keep an eye on details of all things you want for the kitchen space. Now, you are on the point of doing the remodeling project.


The Key is Preparation

You need mental, financial, and physical preparations. Make sure you get ready before starting on the project. Dividing the job into layers allow you to take the much-needed respite. Or else, you may not last the whole mile. The last thing a homeowner wants to happen is financial problems adding to the restoration work. 

Will there be enough food for the duration?

How will you pay the loan amortization?

How about the utility bills?

In other words, how do you survive for the time being?


You must be capable of managing the undertaking rationally. This is the reason why you prepare in advance. And, it will surely count a lot. 


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What Needs to Know Before Hiring Roofing Companies

What Needs to Know Before Hiring Roofing Companies

Roofing is a covering of the building or a certain structure with a strong framing support. It can secure the building by protecting it from sunlight and rain which can cause damage to the structure. Good roofing must have a strong frame and quality roof that can protect also from natural disasters.  

  • There are different kinds of roofing for a designated design. Below are:
  • Asphalt Shingles - a very common and inexpensive type of roofing for homeowners. It has a wide variety of colors which can be can be proposed by roofers to their clients according to what they need for the structure.
  • Tile or Slate Shingles - a very sophisticated kind of Roofing for the classy type of houses but can be very heavy in weight and high priced material.
  • Metal Shingles - low in maintenance and cost-effective material. The roof can be repainted over the time to restore its appearance which helps save money. 
  • Flat roof - an option for owners who wanted to their roofs to be used for particular events like making it a mini-basketball court or just a terrace. But it needs, a very high maintenance as needs to clean it regularly from leaves and stranded stagnant water.

The above options are the most common type of roofing used today by homeowners and roofers. There is just a need to research on how the customers wanted their roofs to be. 

What needs to know before hiring a roofing company?

In considering a good quality of roofing that can protect your houses from different kinds of weather in a different location is very important. A good roofing company can help you find and fix your roofing inquiries. Below are some options that can help you decided on how to choose and hire a good roofing company?


  • A company with good credentials and background. Credentials can easily describe what a company is. It can mark out on how they have performed over their past clients. 
  • Look for permits and legal papers. The necessary papers can help you identify how the company obeys the regulations of the business.
  • A good offer. A good offer is what the clients look for which has a good price, good plan, and good quality.
  • Ask for enclosure of the contract. The contract should include an estimation of a certain period of doing the project, the price, and the workers.
  • A warranty. A warranty can help the company assure the clients on how they should address if a problem exists with their projects. 


Above are the considerations that can be followed in order to have a good project for the roofs of each client. 

In addition to the above details from doing a background check of the company to how they perform in doing their projects in order to achieve the satisfaction of their clients. It is also important that both parties agreed to a certain plan to avoid unnecessary incidents. Both can benefit from how a project succeeded and claims a good character for the company and quality roof for the client. 

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