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All-Pro Painting: All Your Questions Answered In One Place

All-Pro Painting: All Your Questions Answered In One Place The last step toward completing your home is the painting. There are many painting ideas and concepts on the internet you can get inspired by. You can either DIY them yourself or hire a painting company to do so. Here is every question you might ask regarding painting.


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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions 2ns story additions and remodeling contractor in San Francisco, CA Everlast Construction is Selectedly Top-10 Company.

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All-Pro Painting: All Your Questions Answered In One Place

All-Pro Painting: All Your Questions Answered In One Place 

The last step toward completing your home is the painting. There are many painting ideas and concepts on the internet you can get inspired by. You can either DIY them yourself or hire a painting company to do so.

Here is every question you might ask regarding painting.

What is the purpose of painting in building construction?

No matter how solid or durable your home is, you need to provide more protection to it. And you do that is through paint.

Paint acts as a shield against the outside elements for the walls of your home. It provides protection against sunlight, water, and drying out in wooden materials. Essentially, it protects the infrastructure from the natural elements.

To summarize, painting done for:

  • Providing protection against decay in wood
  • From sunlight
  • To prevent corrosion in metals
  • To prevent dry out and subsequent rotting in wood
  • To prevent rusting in metals
  • To give a decorative finish
  • To obtain the best possible atmosphere with hygiene and bright colors
  • To provide a smooth surface

Is Painting Only Used For Protecting Your Home?

While providing protection is its primary purpose, painting is also used to create a specific environment. For instance, using bright, cheerful colors in your kids' room will create a comfortable atmosphere. By using lighter shades or neutral tones, you can achieve a relaxing look perfect for your living area. Sharper colors with brighter shades can create a dramatic atmosphere for your kitchen or dining room. By using abstract art or murals, you can personalize your bedroom with the help of paint. In short, painting not only protects against weather, it also helps you to create the atmosphere you want.

What Are The Different Types Of Paints?

There are 8 types of paints used for painting buildings.

  1. Enamel Paints: 

Enamel paints form hard enamel-like surfaces after application that provides protection against decay, fumes, water or extreme temperatures, acids, and alkalis. Made of lead or zinc white, they come in a variety of shades and can be used for both external and internal protection.

  1. Cement Paints:

Apparent by its name, the main constituent of these paints is cement itself. It is waterproof, economical, and comes in dry powdered form. Cement paints are usually used for rough surfaces. Additionally, this paint does not need to be removed for a fresh coat of other paint.

  1. Oil Paints: 

Oil paints mainly constitute oil. However, it is not precisely a paint; instead, it is used for undercoats, primes, and finishing coats. Also, they can't be applied in damp weather because the dampness of the wall heavily affects the lifespan of these paints.

  1. Cellulose Paints:

Cellulose paints provide a surface that is easy to clean and wash, but the paint is expensive. It is primarily made of celluloid sheets, nitrocotton, and photographic films. The paint will harden or dry after the thinning agents evaporate after application.

  1. Aluminum Paints:

Aluminum paints are used to provide protection to steel and iron surfaces. They will form a thin aluminum film on the surface after application due to the evaporation of oil or spirits. They are resistant to moisture, have high electrical currents, and are astonishingly visible in the dark.

  1. Emulsion Paints:

Emulsion paints contain heavy amounts of polyvinyl acetate and synthetic resins. It can also be applied on rough surfaces, provided that the surface is smoothened a bit with a thin coat of cement paint. Emulsion paints are easy to apply, easy to clean (with water) and have a long life.

  1. Anticorrosive Paints:

Made of a mixture of oil and strong drier, the anticorrosive paints are relatively cheap but have long lives. They usually come in black color, and a small amount of fine sand should be added before the application of this paint.

  1. Synthetic Rubber Paints:

Prepared from resins, synthetic rubber paints are used for application where chemical resistance is required. Additionally, they are water-resistant, so heavy rain does not affect them. Similarly, sunlight also does not affect it much. These paints are very easy to apply, and application can be made on undried surfaces.


How To Prepare Surfaces For Paint?

The preparation process depends on the type and material of the surface. But the general procedure is identical. First, you have to make sure that the wall is clean of any dirt or other adhesive residue, primer, or sand from sandpaper. Irregularities, like cracks or holes from nails, should be patched up. Use vinegar or rice water with sand for cleaning the old walls.

Nevertheless, here are more tips to prepare a surface for a fresh coat of paint.

  • In the presence of wallpaper, remove it with chemical remover or steamer. Afterward, wash the adhesive and leave it to dry.
  • In the case of previously painted surfaces, you would need to wash off all the grime, dirt, and grease from the surface.
  • Use latex as a topcoat for new plaster and drywalls.
  • The primer should be applied on all types of surfaces.
  • All curing and release agents should be cleaned.
  • Smoothen the surface properly for an even coat of paint.
  • Patch all the holes and cracks beforehand.
  • In drywalls, make sure all the panels are secured in place.
  • Use abrasive cleaners and light sanding to smoothen the previously painted surface. Make sure to remove the sand residue before applying new paint.
  • For bare wood surface, prime thoroughly.
  • Select a proper finish coat for different types of paints.

What Are The Characteristics Of Good Paint?

A good paint should be

  • Durable
  • Tough
  • Should dry in a short amount of time (usually up to 9 hours) before application of another coat
  • Should not crack
  • Should not fade
  • Should not peel
  • Should not change its color
  • Easy to spread in thin layers
  • Creates a smooth layer
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Is Painting A Construction Job?

Indeed, painting is a construction job. After the workers finish the construction process, the painters will apply 3 or more coats of paint on the exterior and interior of the building. This is done to protect the building materials from water, sunlight, and other harmful elements.

Can I Paint My Home By My Self?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is a lot easier than you might think. You will need paint, brushes, and a roller to apply even layers of paint. The most accessible paint you can do yourself is whitewashing.

However, you can easily create patterns on your walls through paint. For that, you would need the appropriate wall-safe tape. After applying the tape in different styles, you can apply the paint to the whole section. Afterward, you can peel off the tape, which will leave unique designs and patterns on your walls. You can watch many tutorials on YouTube to find different design ideas.

Is It Necessary To Hire Painting Companies?

Not really. For the interior, you can do it yourself. But for the outside, it is best if the exterior paint is done by a professional. Most of the paint applied on the higher space has to be done through ladders, which is dangerous for you. 

Why Should I Hire Professional Painting Companies?

For many reasons:

  • They are professional.
  • They have experience.
  • They will complete the whole project in a relatively short amount of time.
  • They can suggest you individualized colors and designs for painting your home.
  • Painting companies can complete even a challenging paint job without breaking a sweat.

How To Find The Best Painting Companies Near Me?

Follow the following steps to find the best painting companies in your area.

  • Ask for a recommendation from people you know. Keep in mind that the only viable options are those companies whose services have been availed before by your friends or contacts.
  • Limit your search to the local area. You can find many reliable ones in the immediate distance.
  • Don’t be stingy. Pay them according to the complexity and difficulty level of the job.
  • Go for those who have many years of experience. The more working experience they have, the better their service will be.
  • Please search for the lists of best painting companies near me. You will find a lot of them online. Make sure your location is on when you are doing that. You can also input your location in the search tab.
  • Ask what painting brands do they use.
  • Ask for their insurance policy. Negotiate who will be paying compensation for any property damage.
  • Get quotes from different painting companies. Compare all the estimates, and hire the painter who will be most suitable for your wallet.




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How to Hire Licensed Painting Companies that can give you Professional Quality Results

How to Hire Licensed Painting Companies that can give you Professional Quality Results

Expertise, professionalism and cost efficiency. These are just a few reasons for hiring licensed painting companies for your projects. Although painting is something you can turn into a DIY project, many homeowners are better off hiring licensed painters to obtain a desirable outcome. For anyone who doesn’t have experience in major residential painting, this task will never be easy, and the result is pretty unpredictable regardless if you have the most reliable guts.

Do-it-yourself may save you few bucks however there’s no guarantee of a satisfying result with your painting project. On the other hand, licensed painting companies with rich experience in residential and commercial painting can give you professional quality results near perfection. They are skilled enough to make sure they meet the standards. Most importantly, they pay close attention to the smallest details to give you quality results in which, you won’t like to compromise. If you wish to give your home a makeover, it’s safe to say that hiring a qualified painting company for the job is the safest and most practical option.

The Process of Hiring Licensed Painting Contractor

  • Look for Qualified Contractors. Hiring professional painting companies means they are the license to deal the job. They will not only give you a cost-efficient service, but they can also save you from a lot of trouble. Licensed painting contractors are insured – they carry their own worker’s compensation so you won’t have to shoulder further expenses whenever injury or accidents occur on the project site. They also carry liability insurance to protect your property. This insurance will cover all the damages that are possibly incurred during the job. All painting professionals listed at Selectedly are licensed and carry proper insurance, so you are guaranteed to be working with only qualified painting companies.

  • Evaluate Equipment. The use of the state-of-the-art technology will ensure you that there is standardization in the result of the painting project. Proper equipment will brew the project to success. Look for painting contractors who are not only incorporating the right materials but are also using advanced technology at work.

  • Look at the Fine Print. Before the project begins, the contractor and homeowner will enter into an agreement. This agreement will include the most crucial details of the job such as time frame for the project to finish, price and techniques/equipment to be used for the job. The paperwork should be written in a clear and detailed manner. Take time to read and evaluate the fine print before signing finally signing the contract.

  • Decide for a Painting Contractor that you can trust. Are you still struggling to find your painting company to trust? Let us help you. With our concise listing, Selectedly can give you local painting companies who are the best in your area. We understand the importance of hiring the right contractor for you, so we strive for our hardest to get the best businesses on the list. Selectedly recommended interviewing three painting companies to get the right one. We will give you a detailed insight of these companies which we believe can help you during your decision process. Our experts at Selectedly will assist you from verifying the credentials of the best painting companies to evaluating the contract before hiring the best painting contractor that can give you professional quality results.


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