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How To Reduce Your Cooling & Heating Bills

How To Reduce Your Cooling & Heating Bills Be honest with yourself; how often have you wondered if perhaps you are the reason your cooling and heating bills are increasing with the passing time? If you haven't, perhaps you need to reflect on yourself, but if you have, then congratulations, you are not alone and wrong to do so. However, the blame always does not belong to you. Sometimes, it's something else.


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How To Reduce Your Cooling & Heating Bills

How To Reduce Your Cooling & Heating Bills

Be honest with yourself; how often have you wondered if perhaps you are the reason your cooling and heating bills are increasing with the passing time? If you haven't, perhaps you need to reflect on yourself, but if you have, then congratulations, you are not alone and wrong to do so. However, the blame always does not belong to you. Sometimes, it's something else.

Ironically, most of the tricks to reduce the heating bills are the same that you use for the purpose of reducing your cooling bill. So without further ado, here are the reasons why the bills are increasing, and how you can reduce them to a respectable level.

How To Reduce Your Heating Bills:

Wear Warm Clothes:

This tip is actually quite funny, but is nevertheless very useful. The thing is, most of us do not like to bundle up in the safety of our homes, thinking that heating is enough to protect us from biting cold. But it will not hurt to actually wear a pair of socks, some warm clothes coupled with a sweater or jacket instead of relying only on the heating system.

Close Off All The Windows And Doors:

Natural insulation is all well and good, but opening the doors or windows in the winters will bring you misery instead of the expected fresh air and beautiful view. So don't indulge in that habit because doing so in winters is just plain stupidity.

Program The Thermostat:

Keeping the thermostat down while you are away or are sleeping while snuggled in that warm quilt and matters will not hurt you, but it will reduce the bill enough to give you satisfaction.

Replace The Old Furnace Or Boiler:

Again, old is not gold in this case. Using an old furnace or boiler can increase the energy consumption immensely, and you will not get enough heating in the meanwhile to put up with the antics of your old heating system. So instead of gritting your teeth and bearing it, just buy a new one to resolve the whole situation.

Put The Heating System On Right Setting:

You cannot expect the system to be working correctly when you have not even inputted the proper setting. So when the winter starts, adjust the setting accordingly on boilers, thermostats, and any other related device.

Use That Sunlight:

There is no better alternative to natural sunlight. So make a mug of coffee or hot chocolate, take up your blanket and huddle down on your lawn to soak in the sun to warm yourself.

How To Reduce Your Cooling Bills:

Turn Off The Appliances When You Don’t Need Them:

Here is the thing; all the electronic appliances radiate heat when in use. In winter, that might not be such a big problem, but in summers, you need all the cooling you can get, and running electronics uselessly is not exactly helpful. After all, when you are not even in the room, what is the use of keeping these things on?

Run The AC At Low:

It might surprise you, but running the AC at total capacity is not cooling your home better. It's just doing it faster. Instead of doing that, try to keep your AC running on a low setting, but make sure that the rooms are closed so that air won't escape.

Turn On Ceiling Fans:

Constantly running AC is exactly the drain many people imagine on energy and money. Suppose your air conditioner has been working nonstop, and now your home is cool enough, you can turn it off to give it a break and instead turn on the ceiling fans in the meanwhile, which will circulate the same cold air in your room.

Lean On Mother Nature:

Finally, you might be well aware that it's not sweltering hot all the time. The temperature is much better at night, with a cool breeze here and there, even in summers. Instead of depending on the cooling system, try taking advantage of Mother Nature and use natural ventilation during that time.

Use The Drapes:

Much of the sunlight can be blocked if you install light-colored drapes. That will help in retaining the temperature at lower levels.

Avoid Heat Build Up:

During the day, when the sun is at its highest and the temperature is unbearable, try avoiding activities that might cause heat buildup. This includes cooking on the stovetop, using appliances in exceeds, etc. Postpone the activities to after-dark hours when the temperature is a bit better.

How To Reduce Both Cooling And Heating Bills: 

Install Insulation:

Installing insulation can solve many of your problems. Heat loss during winters, loss of cooling in summers, safety from rodents, protection for your home from the harsh elements of your weather, etc.; insulation can help you solve all these problems without much fuss. You'll see a dramatic decrease in your heating and cooling bill after installing the installation. This is probably because the HVAC system will not struggle to keep the temperature of your home up or down.

Use Smart Thermostat:

Investing in a programmable thermostat may prove to be an intelligent thing. The reason for that is that with the help of a programmable thermostat, you can schedule the cooling of your home, which can be lowered automatically when no one is at home and can be programmed to increase the cooling gradually before you come home.

Additionally, keeping the thermostat down while you are away or are sleeping while snuggled in that warm quilt and matters will not hurt you, but it will reduce the bill enough to give you satisfaction.

Replace Older Appliances:

All the cooling and heating appliances have a life expectancy, just like any other thing. Even after some years have passed, these devices remain less efficient due to the passage of time. So if you can afford to, try replacing your old air conditioning units, boilers, furnaces, and other related components. Otherwise, these old devices will only consume more and more energy without giving much output.

Seal Up The Drafts:

It is still possible for hot or cool air to escape through your doors and windows, even when they are closed. You can use weather stripping around the framework to seal off these drafts. This is a very inexpensive solution and works like a charm.

Service And Maintain The System:

You can expect any device to work at its best when it's kept in proper condition, and your heating and cooling systems are no different. So make sure to service the appliances regularly before the winter starts and run maintenance whenever required. Also, do not delay any repair or replacement, lest you face a bigger problem.

Change Filters Regularly:

It might surprise you, but the old, filthy filters are another reason for the rise in the bills. They, after all, account for a high percentage of problems related to the HVAC system. So change the filters regularly without any delay.

Block The Fireplace:

If you use the fireplace for heating, clean it properly before the winter. However, for summer and winter, if you prefer alternative heating, block the fireplace. Put a damper, or install a glass wall around the whole thing. If that is too much for you, try using the chimney balloon to seal the exit.

Heat And Cool The Room That Are In Use:

Understandably, not all areas of your home need cooling or heating. If they are not in active use, guestrooms, storage, basement, attic, etc., then don't bother wasting energy. Block and shut off the registers in these areas. In this way, your HVAC system will only need to focus on specific rooms in use.

Peak Time Energy Usage:

The rates of electricity usage fluctuate throughout the day. It is just like how you would pay more for travel during the holidays. So create a routine that does not call for high electricity usage when the charges for usage increase than usual.


Money isn't as easy to earn as it is to spend. The concept of paying more when you could have done with less is not exactly pleasant unless you earn a lot. However, just because you can afford it, you shouldn't waste energy like that. As an owner, it is highly irresponsible of you. This is why we've prepared a list of different ways to reduce your cooling and heating bills. In the end, with a bit of care and effort, you could achieve a lot.

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25 Cheap Ways to Keep Your House Hot in Cold

An ideal time to make a beginning winterizing your home ground occurs in front of the snow time hits. Heating the home during the winter, though, consumes a great deal of energy. It's too when homeowners normally experience a spike in their utility bills.

A home strength audit from a local old pro can possibly save you strategize ways to save strength and went easy on utility bills. In lieu of, if you're upon a budget, there are other effective methods to reduce your warming bill without breaking the bank. Here are 25 frugal ways to keep your home warm and toasty all cold long.

1. Add Mats to Tough Stories

Did you certainly know about 10% can possibly be wasted of the heat in your very own home through uninsulated stories by every last one of you, like tile and hardwood? Throw a few and far between area rugs in those chambers with tough-surface floors, notably in over and done basement rooms, to help reduce heat waste and keep your very own feet warm.

2. Install Attic Insulation

Just as with floors, the attic is also where heat may be lost through your own household when it's not properly insulated. Each one of you can possibly install the insulation batts yourself or otherwise hire a local attic insulation company to ensure a right seal.

3. Fire Up the Fireplace

ksvetikd/E+ through Getty Images

Relaxing hob is a famous manner to keep yourself warm without using any utilities. A lighted fireplace may too create a cozy, attractive atmosphere, notably when enjoying guests over for the holidays.

4. Use Chimney Plugs

Also known as chimney pillows and flue blockers, fireplace plugs are a budget-friendly way to slit off drafts from the chimney. Install these in the fireplace whenever it's not in use to insulate the indoor warmth.

5. Use Shower Steam

Warming up in a hot shower? Take advantage of the shower steam and allow it to permeate. Alternatively, if draining the tub is, kept off on by you take hold of a very warm tub. The warmth from the water could help keep the bathroom warm.

6. Rearrange the Furniture

andresr/E+ through Getty Images

Take a keeping watch at thy present-day furniture arrangement. Is anything covering or blocking the vents or otherwise radiator? If too, heat flux can truly be prevented into the home by them all. Consider moving some of the furniture to other areas of the chamber to permit air circulation.

7. Reduce the Thermostat

If you're out from house most enough of the time, the like as for work, there's no need to maintain the heat running all day. Switching down the thermostat both energy and money are spared on your own heating bill over a several degrees. A smart thermostat is an ideal investment for this scenario because all of you can truly preset thermal readings at different times all over the day.

8. Perform HVAC Maintenance

fstop123/E+ through Getty pictures

Normally look at your own HVAC system to fix it's running well. Making and so on could save you money in the long run, especially if your HVAC needs to be substituted. Whereas the worth of HVAC repairs are around $300, substituting an entire HVAC system can definitely average around $7,000.

To shirk running up against device mend problems during the cold months, it's finest to make a cold prep list of all necessities to make to the house before now:

InspirationGP/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

9. Hold Heavy Window Drapes

svetikd/E+ via Getty Images

Solid drapes or oppositely drapes may service as a further layer of insulation for windows. Take advantage of them all to thy advantage during the colder months to maintain the window chill out of doors and the hot air indoors.

10. Adapt the Water Heater

Minerva study/iStock/Getty pictures Plus through Getty Images

A lot is used of energy by warm water heaters. Since all of you'll most likely take advantage of warm water during the winter, consider lowering the water heater heat a several degrees. A distinction may certainly not be sensed a great deal of by you, but a change will probably be spotted for the by you all better in the gas or electric bill.

11. Reverse the Ceiling Fan Turn

Supposing that your ceiling fan model has a reverse switch, take advantage of it. Since hot air rises up, rolling the blade clockwise during winter will help squeeze the air downward and back into thy living space.

12. Close Doors of Untapped Chambers

If you waste bit to no time in a particular room, there's no need to keep it hot. Shut those doors to keep the others of the house heated.

13. Disguise Pet Doors

Don't fail to remember about the pussy and pup doors. Although small, pet door installations may still help to warmth waste. To lessen drafts, think sealing off the door in the time of the winter. It can be an inconvenience, but can actually save a great deal on your very own electricity bill.

14. Forsake the Faucets Dribbling

nikkytok/iStock/Getty pictures Plus through Getty pictures

To support stop your own pipes from freezing and bursting during winter, it's recommended to forsake the taps dripping during the day. That will encourage water flow and thaw away any cold areas creating.

15. Let in Sunrise

Use solar heat to your advantage in the time of wintertime. By keeping thy curtains open during the day, the sunshine may work as a natural heater for thy home.

16. Maintain Blankets Handy

LumiNola/E+ through Getty Images

Not only are one and all of you kept warm by blankets and warm, but they can also double as a substitute insulator. Pin a blanket covering a door or otherwise on the flooring if you all don't have any rugs.

17. Install a Door Sweep

Drafts can seep in through the cracks and bottom edge of a door, especially if it's an old-time one. To prevent this, install a door sweep between the door bottom and the doorstep. In lieu of, you may spot a rolled-up towel or blanket in this area as a provisional sealant.

18. Use Window Motion Picture

Window insulation film acts as a supplementary barrier among thy house and the window, preserving the warm air inside and the chill air out. If you're upon a budget, using shrink wrap on windows too gets the work done truly.

19. Boil a Kettle of Water

ablokhin/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty pictures

Every last one of you may boil up some water to add warmth to the kitchen since humidity carries heat. Take advantage of it to make yourself a mug of heated tea or to refill heated water bottles as homemade blanket warmers.

20. Install a Blizzard Door

Considering upgrading your own entryway? Consider a blizzard door. This easily done home upgrade is a year-round energy-efficient hack to resist against the winter chill and summer warmth.

21. Wrap Your Pipes

Iced over water pipes in the time of the cold are a serious trouble. They can possibly burst from pressure and flood the household, resulting in thousands of dollars of water harm. To prevent this, pack your own pipelines with pipeline sleeves or warming cables to help isolate all of them. Using a newspaper or rather an old-time towel also works as a budget-friendly alternative.

22. Change the Furnace Filter

BanksPhotos/iStock/Getty pictures Plus via Getty pictures

It's suggested to alter or otherwise clean the filters on thy stoves at most more or less one time before a month in the time of the cold months. This will help save on house strength costs and better the longevity of your own furnace system.

23. Keep the Vents Open

Whereas shutting vents may probably sound wise, more enough hurt may be ultimately done by it than good. Forcing air to closed vents could make your own HVAC system to do a job harder, as they all're built to warm the all house. It's finest to keep thy ducts open to conserve energy.

24. Add Repair Shop Door Insulation

Similar to door cracks, cold air can definitely seep through your very own shop door. Add layers of foam board to your own garage door to help block any drafts.

25. Seal Up Holes and Voids

Once you seal thy doors and windows, don't quit there. Coming out of floor cracks to voids in thy home's exterior, there are many concealed areas where drafts can actually sneak into your very own home ground. Trace down these areas and fill one and all of them with cements, such as caulk.

These 25 hacks are efficient and cost-effective ways to winterize your very own home ground and save every last one of you from astonishing utility bills in the time of the snow flurry period. Should you be in need of any professional help, hire a top-rated local pro to ensure your own house is strength-efficient.

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Hiring the Best Heating Air Conditioning Contractor in 4 Easy Steps

Hiring the Best Heating Air Conditioning Contractor in 4 Easy Steps

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system play an important role in our home’s comfort and living. However, HVAC systems will demand to be maintained, repaired and serviced at some point. The trouble of fixing the issues on our own is we can’t truly distinguish when it is exactly to repair or completely replace our systems. If you wish to feel confident about making the right decision, you should take into account about hiring the best HVAC contractors. In this article, we have put together four easy steps you can follow to hire the best heating Air Conditioning contractor in your area. Whether you are a homeowner, commercial business owner or an operations manager, this is the right place for you.

Check from Quality Sources

Where to Find Qualified Heating Air Conditioning Contractors? There are plenty of reliable resources where you can start your search for qualified HVAC contractors. Some people would want to start with the Better Business Bureau where they can check for business credentials and complaint history of the company. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America or ACCA is another reliable source of professionals who primarily provide HVAC services for residential and commercial clients. This non-profit body is worth checking because it has more than 60, 000 HVAC licensed contractors. Meanwhile, Selectedly recommends a shortlist of three heating air conditioning contractors who are the best in your area. You will find the most detailed and accurate listings of reliable HVAC professionals which are crucial to your decision process.

Find HVAC Contractors with Good Qualities

We may not realize it, but HVAC service can be a dangerous job – the person dealing the repair and replacement is vulnerable to inhaling dangerous chemicals, electrical shocks and from chemical burns. However, this job is even more dangerous when you hire contractors who are the only concern for their safety. You don’t want to compromise efficiency and safety. You should look for HVAC Company that carries insurance to their technicians and liability insurance to protect your properties.

Check the Credentials

Selectedly recommends always checking the basic credentials of the company you are dealing with such as license, certification, and insurance. All companies in our listings at Selectedly always carry updated policies to make sure you are paying for a quality HVAC service that you deserve. We don’t recommend companies who are not registered in the state; we help you avoid making the wrong decision of hiring under-qualified HVAC contractors.

Interview Potential Candidates

Selectedly recommended interviewing three heating air conditioning because we deeply understand the importance of hiring the right heating air conditioning contractors for you. With Selectedly, you don’t have to settle for less. When you use our service, you will receive better options of highly-qualified technicians, the most competitive prices in the market and brief details of the company for your references. With us, you can make the right decision without the hassle of interviewing every HVAC contractor just to find the best.  Our principle is to make the hiring process for HVAC contractors less frustrating – and that’s what we do. 



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