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Concrete countertops - Atvantage vs. disadvantage

They are also powerful, and fairly affordable in comparison to popular materials such as quartz or granite. But besides their obvious benefits, there are a couple of negatives to bathroom and kitchen countertops made from concrete. Let's take a close look at concrete countertops' pros and cons.


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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling and general renovation. Selectedly
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Everlast Construction is a General Contractor specializes in Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions 2ns story additions and remodeling contractor in San Francisco, CA Everlast Construction is Selectedly Top-10 Company.

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Concrete countertops - Atvantage vs. disadvantage

They are also powerful, and fairly affordable in comparison to popular materials such as quartz or granite. But besides their obvious benefits, there are a couple of negatives to bathroom and kitchen countertops made from concrete. Let's take a close look at concrete countertops' pros and cons.

Concrete Countertops: Experts
Particular Beauty
A significant benefit of concrete countertops is their beauty, uniqueness, and contemporary flair. Concrete may be attractively shaped, colored, and textured in an almost endless number of ways. Adding decorative elements or key features (for example, a built-in drainboard) will really personalize the appearance.

Based on the precise dimensions and layout of your countertops, you can attain a smooth seamless concrete coating.

Concrete countertops are easy to clean as long as they have been installed and sealed correctly. Warm, soapy water is the best way to wash up. For heavier cleaning, follow the instructions from your contractor or utilize a pH cleaner that will not damage the sealant.

Concrete Countertops: Disadvantages
Setup Issues
Before starting, you need to ensure your base cabinets are sturdy enough to support the weight of a concrete slab. If you decide to have concrete countertops poured in place, you will need to manage a mess. The choice is ordering countertops to be precast offsite and transported to your house, but especially thick or long countertops will be awkward and heavy to move.

Non-structural hairline fractures happen in almost all poured-in-place concrete countertops. Expert installation by a trusted concrete contractor will minimize those cracks, but cannot stop them altogether. Normally, the cracks are barely noticeable; some homeowners feel they improve the expression of the counters. Proper care and maintenance of your concrete countertops can help prevent hairline cracking.

Placing scalding hot pots or pans straight onto concrete countertops could damage the surface along with the sealant. Instead, maintain a trivet handy to protect your countertops. To avoid the issue completely, some homeowners have chosen to include built-in trivets for their concrete counters. Not only is it a practical alternative, but in addition, it adds a handsome customized appearance to the countertops.

Spills have to be consumed promptly, particularly if they're oily or acidic such as vinegar, lemon juice, red wine, etc.. Even exposure of only a couple moments is capable of causing a blot on some concrete countertops. Protect your countertops with a concrete sealer and reseal every 1-3 years.

Although concrete resists scratches due to normal wear and tear, cutting with a sharp knife right on the bare countertop isn't recommended. Knives can cut through the sealant and make weak spots. Much like trivets, cutting boards can also be installed directly into the countertop for a blend of design and functionality.

Wondering why there is a section called"Concrete Countertops: Pros AND Cons"? Ironically, a few concrete countertops' best advantages sometimes become important disadvantages.

Concrete is among the most durable of all building materials -- the foundation of our houses and roads. When you put in concrete countertops, you won't need to be concerned about replacing them for decades. But if in a few years you decide you don't care for the design or just need a new look, eliminating concrete isn't straightforward. It requires a group of several skilled people to uninstall the countertops without damaging the cabinets beneath. You are left with the issue of recycling or disposing of the cement.

Styling Options
From color to glow to stunning finishes, the design possibilities are endless using granite countertops. You can employ a concrete specialist to replicate the appearance of marble or granite or incorporate modest chips of glass, colored stone, or seashells, terrazzo-style. In addition, it is possible to create almost any shape you can dream of for the counters and their borders. The downside? While plain concrete countertops are less expensive than many other materials, the more elaborate your layout, the higher the cost

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How to Find the Best Countertop Contractors in Walnut Creek

How to Find the Best Countertop Contractors in Walnut Creek

Kitchen Countertop contractors in Walnut Creek is a work surface for the kitchen or other food preparation, for the lavatories, bathroom and another kind of workrooms in general. The top part is the work area while the bottom portion can be used as a cabinet for the accessories and other materials in the area. They are built with different materials and may have built-in appliances to fit the area.   

Kitchen countertops companies in Walnut Creek may include a detachable countertops surface to support structures. They are typically designed as well to fit for reaching other objects at the back of the counter. The surface and edges can be decorated with plain to a very elaborate design. They are also often designed with the sink, cooktops, ranges and or other cooking materials to fit every single corner of its design.

Laboratory countertops are used in the field of science by doing experiments and other science projects. The design of its countertop depends on how its purpose should work for a particular lab like a chemical lab, microbiology lab, food and science lab, biology lab and other labs. It should have the characteristics of being strong, water or chemical resistant, durable and able to resist acids and high temperature for doing experiments. 

What kinds of materials are used for countertops contractors in Walnut Creek?

Depending on the uses and purpose of the countertop, the materials needed are:

  • Natural stones like granite, marble, limestone or slate
  • Silicate materials like quartz and travertine
  • Wood like hardwood or softwood
  • Crafted glass
  • Laminates like soft-edge or wood-edge laminates
  • Tiles
  • Concrete materials
  • Solid surface materials
  • There are a lot of materials uses for creating the countertop design for a certain purpose. It will determine how it should work for a period and how it was built.
  • How to find the best countertop contractors?

It would be easy to decide on how to find the best countertop contractors in Walnut Creek when these categories are considered:

Ask for recommendation – a recommendation from a friend or family whom countertops are in great shape. This will help the client be at ease for the contractors when it is recommended by someone close to clients.

Compare different contractor – this will help the client decide who has the best offer in the market

Ask for estimation – the client should lay their budget and design to contractors so that both agree on how the countertop should be.

Look for credentials and permits – the contractor should comply with the necessary licenses for their business. It will determine that the contractor follows the regulations of their field.

Ask for the warranty – they should at least offer a guarantee to the project if specific problems exist within a period from its installation.

When the client has determined the necessary factors for categorizing the best countertop contractors, it will help them decide to choose the best contractor with the best offers in the market. If the client has trusted the company to build for them the project, at least checking with the above feature will also assure them that the project is done with high-quality and assurance. 

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