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Why Architects Are Paying More Attention to Sustainable Architecture/ Construction

Why Architects Are Paying More Attention to Sustainable Architecture/ Construction Sustainable construction is becoming famous more and more as time passes. Contrary to popular belief, this is not just a fad; instead, it's an emerging field that has all the signs of dominating the future construction industry. Hence, it is understandable that people from different professions are paying attention to the rising phenomenon. Among them, the architects are the leading figures, along with engineers.


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Why Architects Are Paying More Attention to Sustainable Architecture/ Construction

Why Architects Are Paying More Attention to Sustainable Architecture/ Construction

Sustainable construction is becoming famous more and more as time passes. Contrary to popular belief, this is not just a fad; instead, it's an emerging field that has all the signs of dominating the future construction industry. Hence, it is understandable that people from different professions are paying attention to the rising phenomenon. Among them, the architects are the leading figures, along with engineers.

Sustainable Construction:

What is sustainable construction? To summarize, it refers to the process of building an infrastructure from renewable and recyclable resources. Additionally, the structure will have the capability of preserving energy, and the carbon footprint should also be reduced. The end goal of sustainable construction is to protect the surrounding environment. Consequently, this leads to the decrease of the harmful impact the construction process leaves on the environment. Also, energy consumption has always been a big concern to be dealt with in these types of infrastructures.

Additionally, any waste or by-product produced during the whole process should be dealt with in the least harmful way possible. In other words, the wastage should be reduced.

Reasons Why Architects Are Paying Attention To Sustainable Construction:

  1. Decrease Of Energy Consumption And Relevant Costs:

Energy consumption has always been at the forefront of everyone's mind. This is understandable, considering that there are not many renewable energy resources being used at a mass-production scale. All the common energy resources produce a lot of emissions per year, which is heavily impacting the environment in a negative manner. Additionally, the more energy is consumed, the more it costs.

However, sustainable construction provides a working solution to all of these problems. According to recent statistics, energy consumption can be reduced by at least 25 to 50 percent. It doesn't stop there, though. By integrating the solar cells and other renewable energy initiatives for these individual buildings, the infrastructure will possess the ability to produce its own energy. In conclusion, the structure is not just sustainable, and it will also be self-sufficient. And what self-respecting architect doesn't want that?

  1. Reducing Emissions:

It is a well-known fact that global warming is a hanging sword on our heads. Even skeptical people will admit that air pollution still exists even if global warming is a hoax. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, the construction industry accounts for at least 40% of the total carbon emissions, which is a lot. For example, the seemingly harmless concrete is responsible for a whopping 2.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide emission. Reducing that number to a respectable level is a priority for engineers and architects, which is why they turn towards sustainable construction.

  1. Building From Recyclable Materials:

It is an unfortunate fact that many buildings are demolished every year due to one reason or another. The problem is, the materials used in the construction for the first time are, more often, not exactly sustainable. They can't be reused. Hence, all that mass becomes a weight. Additionally, these materials on their own produce enough harmful emissions that any sane man would balk. In short, construction materials are a source of dangerous emissions and can't be reused.

 Architects are not just responsible for designing, planning, and construction. They are also supposed to take into account all the available resources before producing the final design. If most of the material from the demolished building can be recycled, the strain will be lessened. 

  1. Beautiful Architecture:

Architects value beauty in their creations. For them, their buildings and projects are no less than art, and what artist doesn't want to produce a beautiful masterpiece?

At present, there are numerous sustainable infrastructures that are, to put it simply, a piece of art. Just look at the Pixel Building in Melbourne, Australia. The 4 story building is the first carbon-neutral building in the country. However, it's not just its sustainability. It is distinguished by its colorful façade, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also provides natural lighting and ventilation. To summarize, it is sustainable, but it is also beautiful.

If that is not enough, then check the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava created a masterpiece. Or look for Vancouver Convention Centre West, Vancouver, Canada.

What we are trying to say here is that architects always combine functionality and beauty in the perfect way possible. Sustainability has just opened more doors for them instead of creating any obstacles.

  1. Impressive Legacy Of The Architects:

Like we said earlier, sustainability is the way to achieve the goal of reducing harm to the environment. It also results in impressive masterpieces, which speak of the ability of their architects and builders.

The architect's projects are their brainchild. Hence, it is their legacy. Most of the past legacies of old architects are famous due to their beauty or historical value. In short, the completion in the past was about who could make the most significant or most beautiful infrastructure. Currently, being the largest or tallest might be impressive but not uncommon. However, achieving sustainability with success is much more impressive. Hence, the current sustainable constructions will be the tangible legacies of the present generation of architects. They are not just designing an infrastructure; they are opening the path to sustainability and green building initiatives. 

  1. Statistics For Sustainable Construction:

Sometimes, words are not enough to convince others. On the other hand, numbers do. By looking at the following statistics, you might realize why sustainable construction should be and is preferred by many architects.

  • 25% - 62% reduce in energy consumption
  • 11% reduction in water consumption
  • 50% improvement in of the overall project
  • 75% cases supported the fact that sustainability leads to better use of all resources
  • 19% lower costs for maintenance
  • 34% decrease in greenhouse emissions
  • 27% increase in occupant satisfaction
  • 87% customer retention
  • The expectation of saving up to $410 billion through green building and energy efficiency initiative

Keep in mind that the above information does not only refer to the business field; it also applies in residential areas. Right now, not many actual sustainable houses are available, but flat buildings are hotels are.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is An Architect?

An architect is responsible for planning a particular building or infrastructure in a given space. They have to make designs by maneuvering the surrounding structures while maximizing the best features of the new one. 

What Precaution Should I Take When Hiring An Architect?

Make sure that the architect is licensed. They are responsible for planning and designing a building, which means that their work has to be safe for the occupants. In other words, they are responsible for making sure that the structure will be safe for you and any other occupant. Thus, making sure that they are licensed is a must.

Why Is Sustainability Important In Construction?

It's straightforward. Currently, the construction industry is responsible for a lot of harm that is being done to the environment. Translating it in scientific terms, the industry accounted for 40% of carbon emissions and 36% of energy usage worldwide. Additionally, the waste produced during the construction, scavenging of raw materials, and manufacturing new ones put a lot of strain on nature. All of that harm can be reduced through sustainable construction. The carbon footprint can be reduced, energy and resource consumption can be significantly decreased, and the rate of emissions can be lowered. This will also lower the strain on the existing resources for both material and energy.

Are There Any Challenges For Sustainable Construction?

Unfortunately, there are. The first and foremost challenge is affordability. Building sustainable infrastructures are expensive. As a result, these buildings are used mainly by businesses instead of the general public. However, the operating expenses are lowered significantly. Thus, research is being done to achieve the first time construction at economical rates.


Sustainability is an emerging trend of the recent century that is here to stay. It is not just a science project done on a massive scale; it is a future requirement. Therefore, architects are also adapting to the relevant requirements, just like they have been doing throughout history. Research has clearly shown how sustainability is helping us in reducing the negative impact humans have on the planet. Like the professionals from other fields, architects also understand. As they play critical roles in the construction process, they have the most influence on the result after the owner. By incorporating sustainability, they play their own part as individuals in saving the planet's future.




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Best Home Trends of 20201

Best Home Trends of 20201

This year, there were good enough for inspiring decor and rebuild trends to invent every last one of you crave a complete house remake. However, not all of those trends are made to last. Before present you plan a restoration or oppositely purchase a piece of chic hardware, look into the future. Will that coloring make you happy a few years from right now? Or will it become a remnant of lamentable trends?

These ten 2017 house trends are virtually unending and worth the hype.

#1 The "Entertainment Center"

In-home bars aren't a new concept, but they are staggeringly liked with millennials. Craft cocktails are probably thriving. When you're entertaining visitors, you can make a big impression by stocking extras like bitters and brand-new herbs. Purchase a bar cart that can probably be moved around like-needed, or else make a permanent booze station into a wall.

#2 The Natural Look

Decorating with wood is close to always in fashion. Every year makes a new design innovation to explore. Right instantly, fake timber is in the spotlight, and it will likely stay put for decades. Why? It's a low-cost low-maintenance alternative to the actual thing and can probably be more eco-friendly. One and all of you can possibly find faux lumber in everything from tiles to timbers.

#3 Local-Minded Design

The past decade has brought a restoration of care in local business and culture. As a result, more local craftsmen and artisans have been able to thrive and build to make a profit. Right straightaway, there are makers and artisans in your own zone making special furniture and decor that will set your very own house apart. Discover the piece that is meant to reside in your own house. Or oppositely, commission one as a present or rather focal piece.

#4 Behind-Bold Accent Walls

Highlight walls are consistently upon-trend and designers are finding brand-new ways to create all of them more inventive. Classically, accent walls are one, bold coloring. This year, consider using a stylish and eye-catching wallpaper design rather. The pattern you make choice can perhaps make atmosphere–from olden-world royalty to amusingly contemporary. Other options include drawing it with paint blocks, stripes or rather stencils.

#5 Reuse and Recycle

Sustainable construction is a developing concern as homeowners become more environmentally conscious. There are lots of sophisticated ways to incorporate recycled materials. All of you can truly panel a wall or otherwise install floors using reclaimed wood, for example. Every last one of you may also buy vintage furniture and repurpose it.

#6 Tasteful Mixes

Blending textures and patterns is becoming something of an inner construction art. Be warned, not all patterns labor well together, but the right combine can likely make a tremendous perception. Try blending sleek metallics with plush, soft-colored knits. Complement your very own boldly patterned couch with equally bold accent pillows. If you want this type of design but fret that your own materials are clashing, ask advice of an interior architect.

#7 State-of-the-art Large House

The farmstead look has evolved over time. If you crave yours to last, keep it simple and functional. Think barn doors and obsolete-style farm goes down, rather than rooster wallpaper.

#8 Conversions of Convenience

In keeping with the job-from-home trend, homeowners want nooks where they can truly either get things done truly or otherwise relax. Everything from repair shops and top floors to cabinets are being converted into home offices and comfortable escapes. If you're interested in creating more livable space and adding to the resale value of thy home, think of renovations like turning an attic or oppositely finishing thy cellar.

#9 The Interior Jungle

Green was the 2017 paint of the year and what better way to incorporate it than with plants? Indoor vines were on the Pinterest 100 list for 2017. While tropical leaves on Millennial Pink backgrounds may certainly taper out of style, planting an indoor herbaceous plant garden is going to fetch a fresh smell and color to your very own cuisine. Or else, fetch great herbs into a well-burning bathroom or otherwise bureau to fetch the calm element of nature inside.

#10 Storage of Opportunity

Small-house living has come within the spotlight. As a result, people are arriving up with inventive suggestions for saving their stuff. Depot is always a fit investment–if one and all of you're adding closet spot or else building a bench to store winter gear. Purchasers will possibly be placed off if there isn't enough of it, and it may probably add to your own house's resale value. Start with built-in shelves or otherwise drawers under thy steps and install extra cabinets in your very own laundry chamber.


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Best ways to find the right architect for your home

Best ways to find the right architect for your home

The building of home requires tremendous effort and planning. The most important person who plays a crucial role in defining the way in which the home will look rests upon the shoulders of an architect. It is very important that there is a right fit between the architect and the customer. To conclude as to how to find the right architect the following points will help anyone.

Architect accredited universities and their member directories

Most of the countries around the world have certified colleges which impart courses in the field of architecture. Such schools are well reputed and have a rigorous course which an architect needs to go through. The customer can visit the websites of the respective universities and scan through the member directories. Moreover, the architect's themselves would promote their credentials through such avenues. In the case of United States, it is the American Institute of architects and in the United Kingdom; it is Royal Institute of British architect. Similar to these websites are the architect's referral websites which help to connect the customer with them.

Bio and Referrals

For the architects, the significant chunk of their work comes in the form of referrals. Word of mouth is essential when it comes to the work of home architecture and design. When customers like the work of a particular architecture word of mouth spreads and the architecture become well known in his or her circle. The customer needs to do some research and ask family and friends for any reference that they can provide. The more weight a particular architect carries in the industry; the more will be the waiting period and price for getting them in engagement. The architects also flaunt their work on their websites and referral websites as well. The customer can look for any awards and recognition that the architect might have got in his or her career. This sets a good precedence to determine the right architect for the job well done. 

Be prompt on what the requirements are 

Once the customer can shortlist the contact information of several architects. The next important step is to call them right away and secure a meeting date. As the architects are busy with a lot of projects, they might not be available on a short period notice. It is essential on the part of the customer to show professionalism when dealing with such matters. However, once the meeting is fixed the customer needs to be clear in his or her mind as to what they are seeking for. Moreover, the customer needs to have a clear path where there is no confusion with regards to the budget and the period within which their project needs to be completed. In light of the above information, the architect will be able to give a proper quotation and time required to complete a particular project. If everything is done according to the plan, then there are hardly any issues later on when completing the project. As building a home is one of the most critical aspects of one's life. A proper relationship with a good understanding between the architect and the customer is of paramount importance.

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How to find the best Architects?

How to find the best Architects?

Everyone has the dream when it comes to owning a home or remodeling the existing home. However, the factors like Money and Time would make things much harder for many to complete their dreams in quick session. Apart from that, getting right architects also plays a vital role in constructing or renovating your dream home with perfection.

Importance of picking right architects

To be frank, the success of almost every real-estate projects fully depends upon the quality and ability of the architects used for the constructions. Architects are the persons who own the prowess skill when it comes to delivering the creative designs and plans for the buildings. The role of architects has the direct impact on the safety of the building occupants.

In today’s market, you can find lots of architects in the directory; however, not all of them are fully qualified for constructing homes based on your plan or dreams. There are a few tips and criteria which needed to sort out the best architect from the market, and few of those criteria’s and tips are shared below.

  1. Picking architects with high reputation

Well, high reputation is the factor which plays a vital role when it comes to hiring all services, picking the service provider with the highest reputation would give you trust factor. Since they earned good names by offering quality works in the past.

  1. Architects with Passion and Integrity

Chosen architects must be willing to work hard in the field and should try all possible ways to sort out any difficulties arises during the constructions. Also, architects with qualities of honest and frank speaking would be a big plus for you. It will be beneficial when it comes to availing rough estimation quotes and about meeting the deadline criteria.

  1. Possessing Sound Knowledge on documentation and availing approvals

Professional architects for constructing building must have the ability to make documentation works with perfection so that approval from the councils will be availed without any delay. So, make sure the architects who about to be hired posses the required knowledge of making that documentation works at ease by checking the previous work.

  1. Building Design of Architect must be good and innovative

It’s the universal myth that designs given by the architect must be good and should be in practical along by being worth for money. Here the fact money points the calculation of the amount of time & money being utilized by the architects while planning designs and also stages involved during the constructions or renovation process.

  1. Architects who were willing to accept your plans & Ideas

It’s wise to pick architects who give importance to your ideas and suggestion while constructing or renovating the building. Picking architects with judgmental character would never satisfy you even your suggestions and ideas are not good. So, professional architects must be willing to accept the client’s suggestion and ideas while planning design and if it’s not suited well means clearing those facts with the client in such a way they can understand well.

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The present info for the TOP-10 Architects in Contra Costa County CA.

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