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 Selectedly - Research Step


Selectedly - Research Step

The local businesses that are selected from the many available companies are based on research performed by Selectedly and recommendations from clients.


Selection Criteria

All businesses are hand picked by Selectedly research team:

  • Online / Offline Reputation: A history of satisfied customers giving excellent recommendations
  • Reliability: Established in their industry with licensing, insurance, verified reviews, accreditations, and awards
  • Knowledge: Masters of their profession, based on years of practical experience and knowledge
  • Commitment: Available and responsive to clients and available for new business
  • Professionalism: Committed to providing consonant quality work and excellent customer service


Here’s how our process works:

  • Send an invitation or another way is when we receive a recommendation for a local business to take part in the research.
  • Ask the company to provide all business documents required, license, insurance, LLC/S-CORP, etc.
  • Conduct a phone conversation with the business owner, manager & employees.
  • Request that the local business shows us their client list for verification, so we can survey to establish the quality of their service.
  • Analyze the company score for each local business then we create a detailed report that will be posted on company profile.
  • Grant Local Business the Selectedly Awards, based on the results of our research.


Research Criteria:

  • Licensing information – The company must have a verified valid state license is required for their industry.
  • Insurance Verification - The Company must have full proof of liability insurance, with a minimum of 1 million dollars of coverage.
  • List of clients - The Selectedly will show real data from every customer.
  • Time In Business - The Company has to prove that it has been in business for at least one year in business with experience of more than 3 years for individuals.
  • Worker’s Compensation - Unless it is legally exempted, the company has to provide proof of active Worker’s Compensation insurance if they operate in an industry that requires them to perform work on the customer's property.
  • Complaints Record – the company must have no complaints at the research time – We regularly check with government offices.
  • Survey & Research Score – The company survey score must be 90% or higher all year long, this is done bi-yearly by our research team. Require a minimum of 20 clients a year.
  • Interview Process - In the interview we will gather information about the individuals who run the company. 

Selectedly Business Practices & Code Of Honor

  1. Maintain all types Of insurances require by law. (Liability, Workers Comp, Bond).
  2. Must have 0 complaints in the BBB & gov enforcement (CSLB, State Bar of California, Bureau of automotive, etc.).
  3. Treat client with professional courtesy.
  4. Keep in communication with your clients.
  5. Respond within 24 hours to a client inquiry. 
  6. Be fair to a client who has an issue with the quality of work, service, etc. & Solves it to the best of your ability. 
  7. Agree to the price with the client before start work & not before you sign contract.
  8. An ongoing employee business ethics and compliance training program.
  9. Teach all of your employees to know this Selectedly Business Practices & follow it.

Customer Satisfaction

We at Selectedly contact your customers to confirm the quality of work, service, communication, etc. We like to hear they are satisfied with the company's performance. 

Our main objective is to provide the consumer the top-10 companies we can find in the result of our research and screening process, we only choose the best 10 in every metropolitan area, we understand there may be a chance there are more good companies out there. We pick the top-10 out of hundreds of companies we interviewed. The company who carry our Certifed Club Award on their website, print advertising, vehicle, etc. Are the best in your area guarantee.


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Our research we’ll ensure you get the best top-10 companies in your county.