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Do you want your business to considered for Selectedly TOP-10 LIST?


Selectedly This process of hand-picking these business is a large part of what the people at Selectedly does. In turn, the Selectedly team is incredibly proud of the high-quality research that goes into the meticulous process of listing a new business on a top ten list. This process begins when the Selectedly team reaches out to a business and asks for their permission to be surveyed. Once the proposal is accepted, the business then sends official documents that detail its accolades, certifications, and more. From there the Selectedly team has a conversation with the business owner over the phone to get a more personal understanding of the business. Afterwards, the team contacts and surveys previous clients of the business and generates a holistic scorecard to be displayed on the site. Site is not active, we are inviting local contractor to take part of helping us testing the system 

Our research we’ll ensure you get the best top-10 companies in your county.