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I was searching through yelp trying to find someone to install insulation in my attic. I came across Attic Bright and saw the good reviews and decided to give them a try. I called them up and they were very helpful on explaining pricing and what exactly they would do. When Jonathan and Alex came over they greeted me with smiles and were very professional. I highly recommend them as they are highly qualified for what they do. I was very pleased with the results. Thank you guys!
We had a long-standing rodent problem in our house. Not only did we have a lot of areas where rodents could enter, the insulation in our attic had to be replaced. I carefully reviewed and met with several rodent-proofing firms in the Walnut Creek area. Ultimately, I decided to go with Attic Bright for a few reasons: 1) I found them to be flexible in working with me (no high pressured sales tactics) 2) they were very responsive to my questions and concerns and 3) offered me a fair price for the extent of the services.

I am very glad that I selected AtticBright. My expectations were met or exceeded. Isaac, the sales rep, was very responsive and accommodating. Jonathan and his crew did a really great job rodent proofing the premises - the attic and crawl space - as well as laying down the new insulation (high quality Batt). A few days later they came back -- we actually caught a rat (which, as I read, is quite common as they are "locked in" -- and they went through the whole house again. They found some two very obscure spots that were not initially closed off and fixed them. It has now been nearly three weeks. The house is rodent free and, with our new insulation, even in the 90+ degree weather we notice that we don't felt the need to run the air conditioner -- which was not the case with our old insulation.

I rarely post my reviews, so, I hope this is helpful to anyone who might be on the fence about deciding whether or not to hire Attic Bright. I strongly recommend Attic Bright. They are a good company, with fair prices, and stand behind their work. I would hire them again.
Growing up in Vietnam, I have seen pest around my neighborhood. Ever since immigrating into the U.S., I strived to not have it in my own home, which might affect other homes around me as pest problems are one of the biggest headaches as a homeowner. I'm glad I was referred to this company by a friend. The pest guy was great. He was upfront about service provided and his work show integrity. He did not rush through the process and was very experienced along the way. Great guy & great company! I would highly recommend to my homeowner friends. If something ever come up again I will definitely ask for the services . I appreciate honestly and it impresses me how professional they are.
Issac performed an inspection of my attic and crawl space recently when we started spotting some rodents in the house. He did a thorough job and walked me through the issues and the potential remedies including various options for attic and crawl space insulation, rodent proofing, etc. He's very knowledgeable and Is always available to answer follow up questions over text/phone. He's fair and explains the pros and cons of each option so the consumer can make an informed choice. His quote was competitive, and he's not pushy at all. If I decide on changing my insulation, Attic Bright is the company I'll go with due to my experience with Isaac so far.
I had seen few rodents loitering around in my garage, so I had contacted Attic Bright for a courtesy inspection. Issac had come for a inspection and I can't recommend him highly enough. He was very honest in his recommendations and it was a refreshing change after dealing with many unscrupulous companies.
Attic Bright cleaned my attic, rodent proofed it and then put down new insulation. I was happy with the complete job they did and their professionalism. They made sure my house did not get dirty. They were fast and efficient. I got several quotes and I felt best about Attic Bright. They weren't the cheapest quote but I had the most confidence in their work after the initial meeting.
Highly, highly recommend! Thank you!

I had Attic Bright clean my house's attic and crawlspace under the house,
They came with a team of six guys and a huge vacuum machine, dressed up with suits and masks and by the end of the day they vacuumed all the old insulation and mountains of dust from the attic, clean the crawlspace under the house spotless and installed new insulation in the attic and under the floor.
I highly recommend these guys to anyone!
They came out right away with a free estimate.
A crew of 5 men worked for 5 days to decontaminate, pest-proof our attic and replace our attic insulation. They did a very good and professional job. We are very satisfied.
I recommend this company for coming at such short notice and with great service! My dad was needing Insulation Installation for his home in Northern California. Jonathan is a very professional guy, He came through to fix our attic and did an amazing job!
This summer have been brutal for me and everyone else in the house. We keep the AC on literally 24 hours a day at 77 degree but it feels like the house never really reach that temperature. We were getting annoyed with the heat and the electricity bill until a friend recommended us to give this place a call because maybe it could be our home not being able to retain the heat/ cool air temperature. Johnathon came and helped us out.
He was professional, and easy to talk to. He explained to us what was going on. He said that if the attic is not properly insulated , warm air from outside can seep into the house easily and disrupt our cool indoor air. This made a lot of sense to why our house was never getting to that ideal comfortable temperature this whole summer when outside was like 106 and we are constantly blasting the ac to get to 77!

We got our estimate and compared it with other places and decided to go with this place because price, professionalism and quality. It have been about 3 weeks now and I am so mad that I didn't call this place and get my attic done earlier. We would have saved hundreds for the last couple of months when we were just wasting it electricity.

If you're wondering why your home is not retaining the temperature you want, I recommend giving Johnathon a call and have him estimate the place. It well worth it and eventually saving on the electricity bill pays for itself.
My husband and I just had the pleasure of meeting Isaic. He came to our home to do an inspection on our attic. There was a few things not done currently to the attic that Isaic pointed out. We appreciate him pointing those things out. But most importantly he was honest and he didn't just say anything to get us to spend money. I really respect that. When we are ready to get the things Isaic pointed out fix. We will most definitely call Attic Bright back. I recommend using Attic Bright for any attic service you may need. Thank you again Isaic.
Isaac responded promptly and helped take care of an issue with rodents. He was very honest and helpful. I would highly recommend him.
I sent out a request to a few businesses for help with rat/mouse noises in my walls, and Attic Bright replied within minutes and set up a time two days later to come over..

Isaac was super nice and seemed to know his business. He walked around the house identifying places rats and mice could get in, and gave me detailed suggestions about how to fix things. I really appreciated his willingness to give me advice without pushing services. I think my problem must not be too bad, because Isaac didn't do any treatment: instead, he told me exactly what to get at Home Depot and how to fix the ingress/egress points he'd identified in my attic (the fixes were things I would be comfortable doing myself, not super technical).

Really appreciate his help, the free inspection, and the free advice! Haven't made it to Home Depot yet, but will update this once I've implemented Isaac's recommendations.
I started hearing noises from our attic, so I start to online research to learn who can help. I couldn't find nothing so I asked our nigbore if he knew solution he told me to look up rodent proofing companies, and gave me recomandation for Attic Bright. When I research again I found them online as well. I decided to call couple companies. after one day of interviews and inspections we choose Attic Bright to do the job. our solution was cleaning the attic, vaccume old insulation and install new insulation in the attic. The crew was amazing they worked real hard.
We recently moved to new house we purchased. The home inspection never mention anything about rodent proofing. When we got in we heard this noise from our attic so I went up there and the things I saw... wow!! Immediately I called around to few companies then I check online for solutions I did intensive research on what need to do in this situation. Finally I found Attic bright the person over phone was not answering service like the other companies. I notice I am talking with person that understands what he is talking about I asked a lot of questions he answered all of them and took his time to explain me more about the solution and options. I then ask him to come for inspection he told me it's free of charge!!! Wow the second time! He came in did the inspection I got to see more then my first time that I was there he showed me pictures and show me where they coming from. The solution was straight forward cleaning the attic do air sealing and install insulation. They did it in just a single day! I lost only 1 day of work thanks to them and not couple of days like I read online.

I wanted to thank Jonathan for coming so fast doing the job the next day and finish in just one day.

Thank you
Elad. A
I called around to several companies they all do free inspection to the attic, I invite 3 companies including Attic Bright. Out of the tree companies. Attic Bright tech was much more professional and he took his time to explain the issues showed me pictures and explain how the solution going to work. I choose them to do the work they could start next day so it was great. The crew came in the morning just like they say. They cover all the walls floors etc. The work took all day they vaccum the existing insulation and clean the attic they did air sealing and install new insulation. All that was in just one day. I am very pleased from the work they did for us. I also got pizza to the guys who work so hard to make my house better and safer.

Thank you
I owe this review to Jonathan and his crew, they did above and beyond for me. The issue was in our attic we had rodents and bad smell from it came inside our living area. that was not very pleasant to be inside our home. So we had to have somone come real fast and do that job for us. Jhonathan came in and showed me several pictures of our attic and it was so clear why we have that smell. we had dead rodents and some other debris they left behind. The solution was to vacuum then clean and seal the wholes after it's done install new insulation. they did all that in one day alone. Crew of five people arrived in the morning they finished a little after 5pm. I am really impressed by the work load they managed to complate in just one day. I wanted to thank Jhonathan and the crew for job well done.
A couple of years ago we put in a new A/C system but with these recent heated waves this summer, we found that the two rooms that go direct sun on the side of the house, our two bedrooms, would not cool down. I did some research and we called Attic Bright.
Friendly. Timely. They did the drilling of the holes and filling all from the outside so no mess. They did a great job and were very efficient. I got a quick response on a quote and great communication from Attic Bright. I honestly was expecting to pay more! Don't hesitate to contact Attic Bright for you insulation needs!
Had Jonothan and his team out last week to clean and insulate my parents attic. They did a great job everything looks amazing and I dont see all the dust floating around anymore. Very professional team I will be telling everyone about these guys.
After finding out that we had rodents in our attic I contacted Attic Bright because of their five star rating on yelp and felt extremely pleased and confident in them after Isaac inspected our attic and explained in great detail how they would go about taking care of this huge problem. He was friendly, prepared, and made it real easy to decide to hire Attic Bright to do the work. He showed me pictures of how they would protect my house from dust and insulation particles while they did the work plus before and after photo's of previous jobs. I was sold!

Yesterday Jonathan and his team showed up on time and went right to work. Everything went just as Isaac said it would. They were efficient, clean, friendly, and I felt like I was in capable hands.

It was just yesterday so I will keep an eye out to make sure no rodents return but Jonathan has already scheduled a follow up appointment to check for himself.

These guys are great! If you have a rodent problem, this company will take care of you.

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