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David J. Cohen, the company's owner, personally manages and supervises your case.

In most circumstances, at exactly the exact same time, your case will be assigned to one of the energetic, experienced lawyers of the firm. Both Mr. Cohen and the associate lawyer will be available at the workplace, by email, and by mobile phone. This guarantees you that, unlike single attorney criminal defense practices, where the lawyer may often be out of communication, in court, or involved with a different matter, or customer, there's always a lawyer assigned to your case 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Criminal cases are life. Constant availability communication and listening, and advice with a legal staff is crucial. You deserve proper representation which gets the results you desire, and need to you.

BACL considers that a criminal defense case cannot be correctly handled without being ready, and accessible to always battle every pre-trial legal movement, and without being ready to fully investigate and present -- through expert testimony if necessary -- each important fact in your case.

Our capable, compassionate and skilled team, and our expertise and partnership with the investigators and experts makes sure your case, once we're hired, will be attended at all times, and that nothing will fall through the cracks.

A criminal case is a war, using a string of conflicts -- these conflicts include the bond hearing, pre-trial motions hearings concerning possible constitutional and other legal violations by the prosecutor, pre-trial preparation and analysis, trial motions, challenging and tough negotiation toward a favorable plea agreement if at all possible, and openness, readiness and expertise to do battle in a jury trial if appropriate. These conflicts themselves include appeals sentencing hearings, and post-conviction habeas writ relief.

Only an experienced and trusted criminal defense company, such as ours, whose proprietor, with over 25 years of experience and that is certified by the California State Bar as a specialist in criminal law, which exclusively practices criminal defense, and which is equipped with seasoned, energetic, understanding, compassionate partner lawyers and staff, available 24/7, and who associates with topnotch investigators and forensic specialists is ready to successfully represent criminal defense customers facing the deprivation of freedom and rights for lengthy periods of their lives

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