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Tips for Using Your “Selectedly–TOP 10” Certification

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 58
Giving a short explanation of the Selectedly Certification has proven to influence people’s spending decisions. The explanation can be as brief as:

How To Explain The Certification to potential clients

“We’ve been named as a TOP 10  Personal Injury Lawyers in The Selectedly. They interviewed us, and they did a complete check of our license, insurance, complaint status, and even called previous clients and verified that our clients are very satisfied with us.”

This works even if the potential clients are not already familiar with The Selectedly. The very name “Selectedly” gives them a sufficient idea that it’s about high quality and making the right buying decision. What’s key for the prospects is that some third party has verified the quality of the company and the claims it makes about itself.

When To Give the Above Explanation to Prospects

  • When answering every phone call to turn more inquiry calls into meetings and prevent those callers from saying maybe they’ll call you back, and then calling your competitors
  • Include it in the outgoing message of your voice mail, and in your hold recording to prevent people from hanging up and calling a competitor.
  • Include it in the auto signature of your email so that it’s always at the very end of all your outgoing emails.
  • During sales presentations or other conversations with prospects to increase the conversion rate and prevent losing them to competitors
  • In radio or TV ads to increase the response rate and get respondent's you otherwise would have missed out on
  • On your website to motivate more of those viewers to contact you and prevent them from moving on to your competitor’s website

Where To Include The TOP 10 Symbol

In your print advertising, including Yellow Pages, newspaper ads, and magazine ads as a differentiator from other ads and as reinforcement of your company’s position of high quality. Doing so captures responses you otherwise would have lost.

  • On your invoices to reaffirm the value of your service and increase the motivation for prompt payment to you and prevent late payments.
  • On your letterhead to reinforce your company’s position of high quality with potential customers, existing customers, and employees
  • In your direct mail to increase the response rate and prevent missing responses you could be getting but aren’t

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